An Online Gifts Store analysis


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Online Shopping, Online Gifts, Online Purchase.


After Internet growing, most of the dimensions of our lives such as instruction, concern, communicating, etc. , were surpassed by this new phenomenon. One of these dimensions is to cover with on-line purchasing of different merchandises and services. This paper describes the assorted methods of shopping and directing gifts online. This paper will besides discourse the assorted web advertisement techniques and tools used to convey traffic to the web site.


In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee created the first World Wide Web waiter and browser. It opened for commercial usage in 1991. In 1994 other progresss took topographic point, such as online banking and the gap of an on-line pizza store by Pizza Hut. During that same twelvemonth, Netscape introduced SSL encoding of informations transferred online, which has become indispensable for unafraid online shopping. Besides in 1994 the German company Intershop introduced its first online shopping system. In 1995 Amazon launched its online shopping site, and in 1996 eBay appeared. [ 1 ]


The construct of grab and wrap has established to ease the clients who do n’t hold much clip to travel in the market and hunt for different points to endow their loved 1s. This web site will convey all the gift points wrapped and delivered at your doorsill. All you need to make is merely grab the gift and travel to the party without being indulged in fuss of go forthing your topographic point, range to the required store, acquire the point, acquire it wrapped and so travel to the party. This whole procedure is even worst when you are involved in office and household affairs. But still, you ca n’t disregard this event. We will besides help in doing your particular yearss like i.e day of remembrance, birthdays, events a memorable 1. We will supply the secure and trusted shopping and cargo mechanism by carry throughing the right orders at right clip.


In this research, we have three aims.

First Objective: The first aim of our research is to happen out all the demands of clients refering to online shopping.

Second Aim: The 2nd aim of our research is to supply such a selling mechanism that would convey adequate traffic into the web site through affiliate plans, Google Ad sense and other societal selling webs.

Third Objective: The 3rd aim of our research is to plan a theoretical account to supply the clients a secured online shopping experience.


In this research, we have analyzed different ways of online shopping and focused peculiarly on endowing the merchandises and their wrapping stuff. This research is applicable in Pakistan and other states similar to it in which online shopping is effectual and most common manner of purchasing. Our merchandises will chiefly consists of the assorted classs that the people normally purchase for endowing intents.

The proposed theoretical account application can be implemented through Google web sites, different web site designing platforms, or utilizing programming linguistic communications such as HTML, ASP.NET, C # , Dreamweaver etc. The size of sample in our study is 100. The distribution of questionnaire was done merely in Karachi which might be another restriction for the research.


In on-line purchasing security is one of the major concerns of most of the people.

Through our proposed theoretical account in this research paper, clients can easy execute an on-line dealing. They can purchase different gift points for their loved 1s. This web site will include assorted merchandises from different trade names and classs. Customer can besides choose the assorted wrapping documents to acquire their gifts wrapped. Furthermore, this web site will include assorted ways of selling and will supply a platform for persons to run into online and portion their experiences around the points they have bought in the yesteryear and which types of gifts are suited for which events.

We have besides included payment mechanism through recognition cards utilizing PayPal, as this is considered as the most sure mechanism for on-line payments by the people across the Earth.


Because of the legion Benefits of Shoping Online more and more people these yearss prefer Online Shopping over conventional shopping. There are many grounds why I think on-line shopping is the best excessively.

1 ) Convenience: The convenience of this method of shopping is what I like best about it. Where else can you make shopping even a midnight have oning your dark suit? You do non hold to wait in a line or delay till the store helper is ready to assist you with your purchases. You can make your shopping in proceedingss even if you are busy apart from salvaging clip and avoiding crowds. Online shops give us the chance to shop 24 ten 7 and besides honor us with a ‘no pollution ‘ shopping. There is no better topographic point to purchase information merchandises like e-books. Immediately after the payment is made one can download the information. And downloadable points purchased on-line eliminate the demand for any sort of stuff goods at all.

2 ) Better Monetary values: Another thing which fascinates me is the inexpensive trades and better monetary values I get from online shops because merchandises come to you direct from the maker or marketer without jobbers involved. Many on-line stores offer price reduction vouchers and discounts. Apart from this, the Online Store is merely required to roll up gross revenues revenue enhancement if they have a physical location in our province even if we buy from a shop across the universe.

3 ) Assortment: The picks you can acquire for merchandises are astonishing. One can acquire several trade names and merchandises from different Sellerss at one topographic point. You can acquire in on the latest international tendencies without passing money on airfare. When you shop on-line, you can shop from retail merchants in other parts of the state or even the universe without being limited by geographic country. These shops offer a far greater choice of colourss and sizes than you will happen locally. Apart from that, How many times have it happened that you spend your money making a local store merely to happen that the merchandise you need is out of stock? Some online stores have a proviso to accept orders without stock and ship it across to you when the stock becomes available. You besides have the option of taking your concern to another online shop where the merchandise is available.

4 ) Send Gifts: Online Shopping makes directing gifts to relations and friends easy, no affair where of all time they stay. Now there is no demand of doing distance an alibi for non directing a gift on occasions like Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Marriage, Valentine ‘s Day, Mother ‘s Day etc.

5 ) Fewer Expenses: Many times when we opt for conventional shopping we tend to pass a batch more than the needed shopping disbursals on things like eating out, going, unprompted shopping etc.

6 ) Comparison of Monetary values: Online stores make comparing and research of merchandises and monetary values possible. Online shops besides give you the ability to portion information and reappraisal with other shoppers who have firsthand experience with a merchandise or retail merchant.

7 ) Crowd: If you are like me, you would wish to avoid the crowds when you do the shopping. Particularly during Festivals and Particular events the crowds can truly give a caput aching. Crowds force us to make a hurried shopping most of the clip. For me grumpy or annoying people and those who smell bad are a immense bend off. Crowds besides create a job when it comes to happening a parking topographic point nearby where you want to shop and traveling back to your vehicle subsequently loaded with shopping bags.

8 ) Compulsive Shopping: Many times when we go out on Shoping we end up purchasing things which we do non necessitate because of the store keepers up selling accomplishments. Sometimes we even compromise on our picks because of the deficiency of picks in those stores.

9 ) Buying Old or fresh Stuff at low monetary values: Online Shops make it possible for us to purchase old or fresh material at stone underside monetary values. If we want to purchase old-timers there is no better options than on-line shops.

10 ) Discreet Purchases: Some things are better done in privateness. Online stores are besides best for discreet purchases like grownup playthings, sexy intimate apparel and so on. Online Shops enable me to buy under garments and intimate apparel without the embarrassment that there are several people watching me and my picks. [ 2 ]


Primary research has been conducted in two parts.

Website planing considerations and gross bring forthing mechanisms searched from the different web sites and besides what has been taught in our E-Commerce category.

On-line diaries, articles, e-books, and web site web logs.

Survey through questionnaire were conducted with a sample of 100 respondents of different sections such as concern work forces, retail merchants, bankers, professionals, etc. convenience sampling is used for trying and MS Excel is used as a tool for analysis.


Secondary research has been conducted by mentioning assorted research documents mentioned in the literature reappraisal & A ; mention subdivision. These documents are concentrating on online shopping, gift points that are normally purchased & amp ; its security. We have utilized these documents to suggest our theoretical account, turn toing security issues, and how it can be a best tantrum for our environment.


In recent old ages, online shopping has become popular ; nevertheless, it still caters to the center and upper category. In order to shop online, one must be able to hold entree to a computing machine, a bank history and a debit card. Shopping has evolved with the growing of engineering. Harmonizing to research found in the Journal of Electronic Commerce, if one focuses on the demographic features of the in-home shopper, in general, the higher the degree of instruction, income, and business of the caput of the family, the more favorable the perceptual experience of non-store shopping. , Enrique. ( 2005 ) The Impact of Internet User Shopping Patterns and Demographics on Consumer Mobile Buying Behaviour. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, An influential factor in consumer attitude towards non-store shopping is exposure to engineering, since it has been demonstrated that increased exposure to engineering increases the chance of developing favorable attitudes towards new shopping channels.

Online shopping widened the mark audience to work forces and adult females of the in-between category. At first, the chief users of on-line shopping were immature work forces with a high degree of income and a university instruction. This profile is altering. For illustration, in USA in the early old ages of Internet there were really few adult females users, but by 2001 adult females were 52.8 % of the on-line population. [ 3 ]


More than a Labor of Love: Gender Roles and Christmas Gift Shopping

EILEEN FISCHER and STEPHEN J. ARNOLD, discussed on how Cultural influences on ingestion are increasing attending. The nature and deductions of links between gender and Christmas shopping are explored here through a conceptual treatment of the relationship, an analysis of interviews with gift shoppers, and a field survey of gift-buying patterns. The parts of the research are threefold. First, it sheds new visible radiation on the stereotype of gift shopping in the Christmas context as “ adult females ‘s work. ” Second, the research shows how single differences in gender-related variables have an consequence on the traditional significances associated with Christmas shopping. Third, the deductions of gender for general consumer activities are developed-gender-related variables ( sex, gender-role attitudes, and gender individuality ) and their influence on gender-typed consumer behaviour are clarified. This research explores purchasing behaviour of both ( male and female ) , It was concluded that people with more feminine gender individualities are slightly more involved in shopping activity. Communally oriented work forces start shopping earlier and pass more clip shopping per receiver. [ 4 ]

Markets Gift Card games

Jennifer Pate Offen berg suggested that the gift cards can research the operation of single markets. Forms of behaviour in markets for specific goods and services offer lessons about the determiners and effects of supply and demand, market construction, strategic behaviour, and authorities ordinance. As gift cards are dining in popularity, we can associate this to our research undertaking by supplying voucher verifier for consumers sing our web site and buying valuable merchandise and service, this verifier would be based on certain sum that is spend on different merchandise classs. This scheme will besides assist to convey adequate traffic to our web site. [ 5 ]

Dynamic Conversion Behavior at E-Commerce Sites )

Wendv W. Moe and Peter S. Fader, explored how this paper develops a theoretical account of transition behaviour ( i.e. , change overing shop visits into purchases ) that predicts each client ‘s chance of buying based on an ascertained history of visits and purchases. They offer an individual-level chance theoretical account that allows for different signifiers of client heterogeneousness in a really flexible mode. This theoretical account is based on 6 stairss:

Baseline chance of buying

Positive visit consequence on buying.

Negative purchasing-threshold consequence on buying

Heterogeneity in visit effects and purchase thresholds

Evolving effects over clip

Hard-core never-buyers

As this theoretical account captures the cardinal behavioural elements underlying the transition procedure and can be readily adapted for theory proving utilizing richer datasets as they become available. By using this theoretical account we can distinguish our existent clients, as client have different grounds for sing a retail site, therefore it is of import to understand and account for assorted forms in the relationship between sing and buying. [ 6 ]

The Role of Online Buying Experience as a Competitive Advantage: Evidence from Third- Party Ratings for E-Commerce Firms

Suresh Kotha, Shivaram Rajgopal ( University of Washington ) , & A ; Mohan Venkatachalam ( Duke University ) examines whether the quality of on-line purchasing experience represents a competitory advantage for Internet houses focused on concern to consumer ecommerce, This article is based on Five Dimensions of Online Buying Experience Tracked by Gomez ( Advisors ) , which are: [ 7 ]

Web Site Usability ( EASE )

On-site Resources ( SELECTION )

Customer Confidence ( TRUST )

Relationship Services ( REL )

Price Leadership ( COST )

Making a hearty cyberspace shopping experience via atmospheric variables

Letecia N. McKinney ( University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Consumer Science, and Madison, WI, USA ) explains the atmospheric variables that contributed to satisfaction for internet consumers with different orientations toward shopping. This survey provides a better apprehension of internet consumers and their behaviour in the market place. Specifically, there is a demand to measure the influence of the cyberspace shopping environment on consumer behaviour. The cyberspace shopping environment communicates image through merchandise and site offerings and frequently influences consumers ‘ satisfaction. Furthermore, the demand for research affecting shopping orientation consequences from differences between consumers. If all consumers were the same there would be no demand for cleavage nor different merchandises and services because all stimulations could be indistinguishable. As it is helpful in placing schemes to fulfill cyberspace consumers based on their sentiments and feelings about shopping. More significantly, it identifies specific mark markets for which merchandise offerings and services are differentiated. [ 8 ]

Probabilistic Goods: A Creative Way of Selling Products and Services

Scott Fay, Jinhong Xie Department of Marketing, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611, defines a alone type of merchandise or service offering, termed probabilistic goods, and analyzes a fresh merchandising scheme, termed probabilistic merchandising ( PS ) . A probabilistic good is non a concrete merchandise or service but an offer affecting a chance of acquiring any one of a set of multiple distinguishable points. Under the probabilistic merchandising scheme, a multi-item marketer creates probabilistic goods utilizing the bing distinguishable merchandises or services and offers such probabilistic goods as extra purchase picks. However, under probabilistic merchandising, the marketer can utilize the probabilistic good to efficaciously travel some consumers with weak penchants to devour the “ inferior ” merchandise, which saves capacity of the “ superior ” merchandise for consumers with strong penchants. [ 9 ]

Consumer Decision Making in Online Shopping Environments: The Effectss of Interactive Decision Aids by Haubl and Trifts

Gearld Haubl and Valaries Trifts, have researched the effects of synergistic determination tools in on-line purchasing or electronic shopping, and found that these two interactive tools are really of import, RA ( Recommendation Agent ) and CM ( Comparison Matrix. They have proved that these synergistic determination tool are good in e- shopping and leads to an additions in e-shoppers. RA helps test the legion merchandise options, contracting it to the shoppers penchants, and CM provides an in deepness comparing of the selected options and their properties before a determination is reached..

E-retailers are offered infinite shelf which provides the user with the advantage of legion merchandises, therefore increasing the trouble for e- shopper to do accurate shopping determination, these Interactive determination tools helps capitalise tremendous merchandise information hence change overing many traditional shoppers to e-shoppers. [ 10 ]

The influence of college pupils ‘ shopping orientations and gender differences on on-line information hunts and purchase behaviors

Yoo-Kyoung Seock and Lauren R. Bailey, have researched that at present high velocity wide set cyberspace is more easy accessed at places and offices, Yoo Kyoung Souk and Lauren Bailey recognized the importance of such a engineering hence carried out study ‘s and elaborate probe, into the relationship between college pupils shopping orientations, and the differences between male and female college pupil ‘ s shopping orientation, information hunts and purchase behaviours in the context of Internet shopping. Convenience and recreational orientations were strong predicators for online shopping compared with individual channel offline shoppers, and among the seven shopping orientations identified, shopping assurance and monetary value consciousness received the highest mean mark for both male and female, connoting that on-line purchasers shop online to compare monetary values and trades chiefly. [ 11 ]


We will prove the hypothesis that there is a immense range of on-line shopping in Pakistan and other states provided the right things are delivered to the right client at right clip utilizing a secured medium. We will chiefly concentrate on gift points.


hypertext transfer protocol: //


Website user will execute the undermentioned stairss:

Sign up for an History

Choice merchandise ( s )

Choice Wrapping Material

Enter Source and Destination ( This will besides include sender and receiver electronic mails )

Enter Payment Details

Send the Gift!


Sign Up Section

New users are required to sign-up for the first clip to chew the fat and take thoughts from available users. In order to purchase merchandises, one should hold an history with the web site.

Merchandise Categories Section

This will be a domestic web site holding multiple merchandises related to different industries e.g.














Wraping Material

Glossy Documents

Card games

Wraping Types

Cash Gift Coupons

( Note: Merchandises will besides be filtered based on the different occasions )

Merchandises Filtration

Following events subdivisions will be included to contract down the clients search based on the events:





Valentine ‘s Day






Other: ______________




Reminders Section

Reminders for assorted events will besides be sent to the members of Grab N Wrap. This will assist the member in make up one’s minding about the gift points and necessary agreements in progress.

Thank You Section

This web site will besides hold a “ Say Thank You “ subdivision where the receiving system of gift can state Thank You to the transmitter. This will assist other people to look for the thank you notes and can see the impact of different gift points on the receiving system. This will assist the transmitter taking their choice.

Chatter Section

Sender and Receiver will log in to the Chatter subdivision and will be able to chew the fat with each other and discourse more about the available merchandises.

Payments Section

Payments will be made through recognition cards utilizing PayPal which is considered as a sure mechanism.

Recent Products Purchases and Best Sellers Section

This subdivision will demo the recent treatments on assorted merchandises that can be gifted on assorted events. This will besides hold the list of all the best marketer points in order to increase the assurance of purchasers.

Complimentary Section

This subdivision will include the free gifts, verifiers, price reduction vouchers that we will give to our frequent and majority purchasers.


Google Adsense Website Designing and Website Hosting will be used to plan a web site and topographic point Google Ads in the web site to bring forth gross on chinks.

Affiliations plans can besides be used to bring forth gross.

WEB Selling Motto

Our Shops serve a assortment of merchandises ; Dresses, Jewellery, Chocolates, Bags, Perfumes, Makeup and so much more.

Are you bored with all the typical threads and boxes? ? ?

We offer particular wrapper for any juncture that would do your present “ Out of the ordinary ” ! ! !

We are much more than merely a shop! ! ! We ‘ll offer you the gift you ‘ll ever retrieve.




Future work can be done by adding an “ E-Auction ” Section on the footing of regions/countries. This would assist the clients in executing gross revenues and purchase of their merchandises. Social networking techniques can besides be embedded to convey the users of this website closer.


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