An Applied Management Project Reflection report

This contemplation study is all about our experiences Applied Management undertaking ( AMP ) and larning from the experience of the undertaking. Reflection study helps us to better ourselves. We besides can larn from our errors which is besides an of import end of the study. We work separately and in a group for our Applied Management undertaking ( AMP ) . We go through within good and bad experience when making the study. We besides learn some new things separately and in a group. The chief mark is to larn from experience throughout the undertaking.

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Purposes and Objective

Aim of the study is to judge our work ourselves and better our lacking. Through this study we can besides hold an thought about our ain accomplishments and abilities. The chief aim of this study is to happen out the mistakes that I made to make the Applied Management Project ( AMP ) and take lesson from the errors.

What is Brooding Report?

Reflection study is analysis of our work done earlier. In a contemplation study a individual or a pupil reference the experience of his or her work to fix a undertaking or study. In a contemplation study one can include the procedure of utilizing the accomplishments and abilities he or she has. Greenwood ( 1993 ) said about contemplation ‘To think about what one is making whilst one is making it ; it is typically stimulated by surprise, by something which puzzled the practician concerned ‘ . Kolb ( 1984 ) besides said ‘reflection is cardinal to the procedure of turning experience into larning ‘ . So the manner of larning through experience is contemplation. Edgar Schon ( 1983 ) depict two manner of contemplation. One is contemplation in action and another is contemplation on action. Contemplation in action is about looking during the event and contemplation on action is looking back after the event. We are making contemplation on action because we are composing this contemplation study after we finish our Applied Management Project ( AMP ) . Harmonizing to Boyd & A ; Fales ( 1983 ) contemplation on action is ‘The procedure of making and clear uping the significances of experiences in footings of ego in relation to both ego and universe. The result of this procedure is changed conceptual positions ‘ . So from the contemplation procedure we non merely can larn but besides can better the lacking.

Remembrance of experiences

We have to make the contemplation study after we finish the Applied Management Project ( AMP ) . The chief purpose to compose the contemplation study is to larn from our experiences. We got 11 hebdomads to compose this Applied Management Project ( AMP ) . Within these clip period we had some good and bad experiences. Sometimes we got some times we got experience which is new to us. After completed the 2nd semester we had a hebdomad of larning how to compose the Applied Management Project ( AMP ) and the contemplation study. First two yearss we have given the thought about the procedure of Applied Management Project ( AMP ) . We got some information about the study authorship, plagiarism, Harvard citing and how to utilize the resources of the university. The first twenty-four hours we had three categories. The first category was for debut of the Applied Management Project ( AMP ) a, the 2nd 1 was all about study authorship and the 3rd one was for information beginnings and citing. The 2nd twenty-four hours was besides a busy twenty-four hours for us. Three categories besides held at that twenty-four hours. We had given information about plagiarism in our first category of twenty-four hours two. Then the following category is all about the contemplation study and the relevancy to compose the study. At last we had given our subject in the last category of 2nd they. We are divided into several groups and the group members had to make the study which is given for their group. We have made a group of nine people. We were excited about our subject. We were really happy when we were given the subject. Our subject was ‘Market cleavage and consequence of new engineering on market cleavage ‘ . The ground we were happy because this subject was really of import in selling and besides easy from other subjects. The category was finished and we had to go to in the coach support session which started the following twenty-four hours. In this session we had to sit in a group. As our group was made earlier we sat with our group members. At the first twenty-four hours of coach support session we had given thought about how to utilize the on-line resources from the university site. We could roll up information from the unfastened beginnings but all the unfastened beginnings are non dependable beginnings. That ‘s why we are taught how to us the educational diaries, magazines, e-books, articles etc. We had besides give thought about how we can acquire utile information about our subject. Then coachs gave us their sentiment about the subject. Tutor besides told us that as a coach what they are anticipating in the Applied Management Project ( AMP ) . There are five or six coachs who gave their sentiment about the subject. We besides got clip to discourse the subject with our group members. In the session we prepared a format of the study. One of the coachs asked us to roll up one article about our subject and convey the article at the following twenty-four hours. We got three yearss of tutor support session and after that session we could non acquire the support from the coachs so that three yearss was really of import for us to fix the study. After that session we set a meeting with our group members to acquire started the study. We meet three times and discourse about our subject and gave our sentiment about the subject. Then we started to work separately.

I start to roll up informations about my subject utilizing university resources. At first I find books about cleavage. I found some books which is really helpful for my Applied Management Project ( AMP ) . My program was to roll up the information about my subject and so get down reading. First few yearss I use to happen information about my subject. I search for article, journal, magazines which is related with my subject. I used university library and digital library to happen the information. When I feel that the information is adequate for my subject I started reading. Then I started to compose the Applied Management Project ( AMP ) . This is the first clip I was composing a undertaking and long study of 12000 words. Sometimes I get stuck about different subject. Then one take aid of my friend and discuss with them about the job.

Personal feeling and acquisition from the experience

The Applied Management Project ( AMP ) is developed to demo our accomplishments and ability learned from the Msc Marketing and Business direction. To compose the study I learn some new things and I use my accomplishments and cognition. Throughout the study composing procedure I besides did some errors.

Harmonizing to Gibbs ‘ theoretical account of contemplation ( 1998 ) , we must travel through a rhythm to finish the study.


The first 1 is description. In this portion what is happened throughout the study composing must be described. This is my first clip to compose a undertaking. So I was a small spot nervous. But when I started composing the study I get assurance to compose the undertaking. And I besides learn procedure to compose a undertaking. The undertaking is all about secondary research. We does non necessitate the primary research procedure.


In my head there are some inquiries about the Applied Management undertaking ( AMP ) . –

Can I make the undertaking?

Can I finish the undertaking in clip?

How will be the undertaking?

Will I acquire a good class in the undertaking?

When I start composing the study I realized that the clip is adequate for the undertaking because we do non necessitate to make primary study. Applied Management Project ( AMP ) was a immense study with 12000 words. I was confused about the timing of the undertaking. When I completed the undertaking my feeling besides changed. I besides get the reply of my inquiries clip to clip.


I started to compose the study 20 yearss earlier. Sometimes I want to work in the university library for long clip but the university made a short timetable for the summer clip. But when I search information I get more cognition about the searching of information and clip direction. I besides developed my authorship accomplishments. I spent tonss of clip to seeking and composing the study. But I did non spent adequate clip to read the books, articles, diaries and magazines. So If I do any undertaking or study in future I will utilize the proper usage of clip to seek information, read them and composing. I besides use mentions in the undertaking which I think non plenty for the research. I can include more mentions for my undertaking which can do the undertaking more effectual. So I learn several things. Some are good, some are bad. I must better my accomplishments and take lesson from my errors.


To compose the Applied Management Project ( AMP ) I made a program and work harmonizing to my program. I set a clip to analyze which is one of the of import portion of my program. I besides give myself some remainder because if I work ungratified my work may be non every bit good as I want. I made a agenda for my undertaking. I divided the subject into several parts. As illustration Segmentation methods, different types of cleavage, consequence of new engineering on market cleavage etc. I start to work portion by portion. At a clip I concentrate merely one portion of the undertaking which helps me to acquire read of work loads. So I can complete my undertaking seasonably because of the planning.


During the undertaking composing I developed my accomplishments. I was slow in typing but because of the Applied Management Project ( AMP ) my typing velocity addition. My composing quality besides developed during this clip. But I must better my information hunt activities because sometimes I get confused about the information which is of import for my undertaking. I besides use my clip decently. But if I can pass more clip in university library so my study might be better.

Action Plan

For following clip I will finish my undertaking before 15 yearss. Because if I can acquire clip to revise the undertaking so I believe the study will be more improved. But this clip I get merely one twenty-four hours to revise the study. When I revise the study some points which I can compose more but because of the clip I could non make this.

Gibbs ‘ theoretical account of contemplation ( 1988 )

So from the above treatment I can state that I improve some accomplishments during the undertaking composing. But I besides have some lacking every bit good. If I get any chance in the hereafter I will seek to avoid the errors and do my program decently for the study.

Group kineticss and larning from the experience

Working in a group or squad is more effectual than working entirely. Peoples normally can execute better when he or she work with a group or squad. Peoples who work in a group or squad can portion their feelings and experience about their work. Sometimes people learn and improve themselves from the advice of other people. We besides get the chance to work in a squad. For our Applied Management Project ( AMP ) we have to do a group. We made a group of nine people and start work in a group. Working in a group or squad is a learning experience to me. Harmonizing to Guirdham ( 2002 ) people within the group must hold some features. Peoples must hold good behavior, norms and co-operation. Without co-operation a group could non go successful. There is a opportunity to conflict within the group. But people of group must hold job work outing attitude. Crainer ( 1998 ) said that in a group different people perform different their accomplishments and abilities. We are besides working as a squad when we have given the subject of Applied Management Project ( AMP ) . Working in a group is effectual for us. Within a group all group members must listen to each other. Without this listening behaviour one can non execute good in the group. In a group every one must give importance to each other. If person disregard or underestimate anyone it may harm himself. Every one has different ideas and different apprehension. So within the group we start to listen each other. Everyone told to discourse their ain position about the subject. We get some new and interesting thought about our subject after the treatment session. This treatment session take long clip but it was truly effectual for everyone. Belbin ( 1993 ) introduced most effectual analysis about single function within a group or a squad. Harmonizing to Belbin ( 1993 ) a successful group must hold different scope of functions which is set abouting by different members of group. Mullins ( 2005, p.557 ) Belbin said for successful group or squad member must hold nine squad functions. Which are-


Resource research worker



Monitor judge

Team worker




So people within the squad must hold these nine features team functions. In our squad different members has different attitude. We have a squad leader who really co-ordinate the plants between the squad members. At the first meeting we are told to roll up some articles and diaries about our subject. One individual of our squad was given the duty to pull off the meeting among us. In our 2nd meeting all of us collect some articles and diaries about our subject. Then we all asked to portion ain sentiment about market cleavage. We all try to portion what we know about the cleavage. We take note from the treatment. Some of them are truly helpful for our undertaking. We try to split the work every bit within the group members. Working in a group was really good experience for me. I do n’t cognize everything. Different people have different manner of thought. We portion our sentiment and learn from other people of group. Although the group work is clip devouring, we can larn tonss of new things from the group. Working in a group gives me more confident. But sometimes group work can thwart us. In our group meeting two members ever came late. We ca n’t get down our work in clip for them. This thing makes a bad impact within the group members. Some group members want to get down work without them. But one twenty-four hours when we start our work and they came, we have to discourse the affair once more to them. So it kills our clip and some members become angry. Our group was formed on the BASIC of friendly relationship. That ‘s why we ca n’t state anything to the members who come tardily. If our group was formed harmonizing to work, the group was more effectual than this group. I besides learn a lit about my single public presentation and personality. Within a group I judge myself with the other group members who help me to cognize my ability and public presentation. I besides learn one thin about the group work and that is people act otherwise when they work entirely or in a group. Because when I use to speak to one individual of my group I act different manner and my talk within the group is besides different. This is an interesting feature of human nature. So as a member of a squad I learn so many things which will assist me in my hereafter when I work in a squad or group.

Belbin ‘s nine squad function

( Belbin, 1993 )

Lesson for future undertaking

We learn many things during the Applied Management undertaking ( AMP ) . I point out some of import things which will assist me in my hereafter to make a project-

Time direction: Use my clip decently to fix the study.

Do non detain: Sometimes when we get long clip we slow down our work which truly harms our work. So I will non detain my work in future.

Revise my work: In future if I get an chance to make a undertaking I will complete the undertaking before 3 to 5 yearss of deadline. So that I can revise my work.

Evaluate: If possible I will demo my work to any coach or senior who have the cognition about undertaking which will do my study more effectual.


From above treatment it may be conclude that – during the procedure of Applied Management undertaking ( AMP ) I learn so many things. I besides better my composing accomplishments and ability. I evaluate myself through the brooding study which will assist me to make better and take lesson from my errors. Brooding study gives me an chance to cognize about my acquisition and experiences during the 11 hebdomad of my work.


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