An analysis of Prison Reform in the US

As of this twelvemonth California is confronting a 25.4 billion dollar shortage. Sounds like a large figure right? Well, the California Corrections Department consumes about 10 % of the one-year province budget. With such a high shortage and more people functioning longer sentences the one-year cost to run the corrections section will merely lift every twelvemonth. Presently the major job confronting the CDCR is prison overcrowding and the province does n’t hold any money to work with. Were really 208 % over capacity sense the California prisons were merely designed to house 100,000 inmates ‘ entire. The mean captive costs 35,000 a twelvemonth and aged captives cost 70,000 and more a twelvemonth due to more medical interventions. So how do we work out this overcrowding?

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The governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, proposed a 10.9 billion dollar addition in order to make new beds for gaols and prisons. Of this, 4.4 billion went into our prison system making over 16k beds, new preparation installations, and made a new modernized decease row at San Quinton. New medical, dental, and mental installations were besides constructed under this proposal. Sounds to me that he merely wants to throw money at the issue and trust it gets fixed.

Some possible solutions that I believe will repair the current system is reforming the 3 work stoppages jurisprudence, let go ofing all non-violent drug and little clip wrongdoers, behaving all illegal inmates, privatize prison wellness attention, and construct more prisons. All of the solutions I offer would salvage the revenue enhancement remunerator more money and do more beds available for future felons.

The 3 work stoppages jurisprudence was established in the 90 ‘s with an overpowering sum of support in California. The three work stoppages Torahs are legislative acts enacted by province authoritiess in the United States which call for the province tribunals to manus down a compulsory and drawn-out period of captivity to individuals who have been convicted of a serious condemnable discourtesy on three or more separate occasions. The jurisprudence was supposed to lock up hardcore felons such as rapers, slayings, slayers, and kid molesters. Alternatively it has locked up felons for junior-grade offense and drugs than it has unsafe people. The first portion of the jurisprudence is the 2nd work stoppage constituent. That is one prior serious felony or violent felony plus any felony gets you duplicate the prison sentence. The 2nd portion of the jurisprudence is the 3rd work stoppage constituent. That is 2 prior serious or violent felonies plus any felony ensuing in you acquiring 25 old ages to life. There is no good clip recognition offered under this jurisprudence, 2 work stoppages can come out of one instance, juvenile work stoppages carry into big life, and wrongdoers ca n’t be eligible for word until they have served their full sentence. Did you besides know that 2/3rds of the people locked up under the jurisprudence are non- violent? As of 2008 there were 41,284 captives locked up because of this jurisprudence.

My solution is to allow most of the non- violent drug and little offense wrongdoers out and direct them to a boot cantonment installation like tent metropolis in Arizona. There will be 2 sorts of installations, one focussing on drug rehabilitation and the other implementing concatenation packs. The end would be to rehabilitate the people in for drug charges so they do n’t go repeat wrongdoers. For the others, utilizing a concatenation pack sets an illustration for the populace to see demoing that prison is n’t fun and this would be a great hindrance. I know if I saw people chained up connected to one other cleaning the street I would n’t of all time desire to perpetrate a offense. Why should we pay for them to hold Television, java, and other things when they are at that place for penalty? They can eat boloney sandwiches, live in military excess collapsible shelters, and do community service if it was up to me. Remember this is your revenue enhancement dollars here. I think that this is a good solution alternatively of holding them sit in our prisons blowing revenue enhancement dollars and raising the shortage.

Below is a narrative told by a 3 striker of his last and concluding offense: ” IA was standing about 30 pess from a friend who was transacting a $ 20 cocaine sale.A I was found guilty of helping and abetting and received a 25 twelvemonth to LIFE sentence.A The individual who conducted the sale was found guilty and received a four twelvemonth sentence.A He served merely two years.A My old work stoppages were committed against my ain household and neighbors.A My Mom practiced “ tough love ” and made me turn myself in for these burglaries of ware under $ 1,000 in value with the hope I would acquire intervention for my drug addiction.A I did non acquire intervention and these burglaries were counted as work stoppages under California ‘s Three Strike Law so I was given what is, in world, a life sentence. ”

When people go to prison I think they should be there for penalty. But many of these people come out without being rehabilitated and they commit another offense seting them right back in prison. A

In November of 2007 a Bakersfield adult male, Robert Fostbender, was confronting prosecution for 77 old ages after stealing a bundle of doughnuts. He was on his 3rd work stoppage and now he may really good travel off for 77 old ages and most likely dice in prison. I think that he should be punished but should we hold to pay for him to sit in prison that long merely for doughnuts! Most of the people arrested from this jurisprudence are in-between aged anyways intending we will besides hold to pay for their health care rises when their older.

Another job is the prison health care system. In 2007 functionaries were pressing either a tribunal coup d’etat of the prison wellness attention system or handing over the system to private pattern because of the distressing province of prison infirmaries in California. Harmonizing to the province section of finance, one-year wellness attention disbursement has risen from $ 2,714 in 1995 to $ 13,778 in 2009 for each of the province ‘s inmates. Recently the University of Texas research workers found California norms $ 6,935 yearly on each inmate ‘s direct attention, while Ohio and Texas each spend less than $ 4,300 an inmate. New York besides spends $ 5,813, while Florida averages $ 4,330 on inmate wellness attention, merely about the same as the federal prison system. The overcrowding in our prisons is besides the chief ground for hapless unequal health care. So why is California passing more than others? Overall we spend more due to unneeded interventions and over-hospitalization, administrative waste, and misdirecting drug company selling.

A manner to work out the job is to utilize private infirmaries. By altering province jurisprudence to allow prison director ‘s contract with full-service private infirmaries, clinics and physicians would take down cost and better the quality of inmate care.A Many other provinces are already utilizing private contractors to cut down costs and better flexibleness and public presentation. Today in Illinois there are three viing companies running the full province system.A As a consequence, the province ‘s wellness costs, at merely under $ 1,700 per inmate a twelvemonth, are lower today than they were in 1991 and are the 2nd lowest in the whole state. If it is proven to work so why do n’t we give it a attempt? Competition is a good thing.

Another major subscriber to our overcrowding that people do n’t recognize is illegal ‘s. In the 1980 ‘s, less than 9,000 condemnable foreigners were in U.S. prisons. Now we house over 267,000 non U.S. citizens at our disbursal as of 2006. That survey was done over 3 old ages ago so the figure has likely risen closer to 300,000 as of 2010. That ‘s 1/3rd of the entire prison population non being American citizens. Illegal ‘s besides cause 21 % of the offense in the U.S. Over all it costs provinces and the federal authorities 1.6 billion a twelvemonth to pay for their captivity as of 2008. So why are we paying for them to hold a free shelter, bed, nutrient, and healthcare? Many people fear that if we deport them back to their ain state they wo n’t confront any prison clip or prosecution at that place so they need to function their sentence here. I understand at that place logic on this but a immense waste of money!

In order to salvage one million millions of dollars every twelvemonth we need to instantly behave them back to their state and do certain they get prosecuted by their ain authorities or complete their sentences in their ain state. In order for this to go on we need to hold a signed understanding with other states and an oversight commission to do certain these wrongdoers are being prosecuted. It is a batch cheaper to behave them and get down a commission than paying for them in our prisons. Another thought I had was to hold illegal inmates help construct a boundary line fencing at their ain pick of being deported or work and so after completion get deported. The fencing wo n’t halt but will cut down the sum of illegals in the state and prison system.

A simple solution that politicians largely talk about is the thought to construct more prisons because that would certainly work out the job for now, but what about the old ages to come? Lawgivers say constructing a new prison would be around 2 billion and where would we acquire that money? I ‘m certain Obama would n’t mind increasing the shortage but I do! Others say to sell the old prisons like Alcatraz which is deserving near to 2 billion while others say if we sell it would be the same sum we sold it for or even more to construct a new prison to take its topographic point. And even if we did construct more prisons functionaries say that they would be at full capacity by 2015 and so were at the same state of affairs we ‘re in right now.

Meanwhile if you watch the intelligence so you have likely heard about the inmates on decease row. Inmates on decease row in California cost the prison system approximately 90,000 dollars a twelvemonth. With our decease row population at 670 inmates it costs 63.3 million yearly to maintain them at that place while most of them sit for 11 to 15 old ages before being put to decease. We either need to utilize the decease punishment or acquire rid of it. We ca n’t hold captives cost revenue enhancement remunerators 3 times the sum of an mean inmate when they do n’t set the established system to work. Last twelvemonth in Texas they executed 24 people on decease row and California has merely executed 13 since 1976! With merely 690 people sitting on their presently since July 2010. The longer they sit the more it costs us in the terminal. I support the decease punishment but if it is n’t traveling to be used so there is no ground for us to pay for the care of it.

As you besides know guiltless people are sitting in prison waiting for their twenty-four hours of freedom. The Innocence undertaking is a non- net income legal clinic committed to liberating the wrongly convicted through DNA proving. By supplying excess support to the clinic more people will be released salvaging us money in the terminal that were paying to imprison them and besides compensation. Compensation should be given to the wrongly convicted but if we can cut down the figure of guiltless people we besides cut down the opportunity of a case and million dollar compensation.

Taken as a whole, California ‘s prison system needs reform. By giving it a complete inspection and repair we can repair a batch of the issues disturbing the system such as overcrowding and hapless medical attention caused by the 3 work stoppages jurisprudence, illegal immigrants, and decease row. By repairing the jobs within we can cut down the disbursement and halt the shortage from increasing. I think that people should compose to the governor and set force per unit area on the politicians because until so we will merely maintain on throwing off our money or the tribunals will take over the system finally. I believe my solutions can work out California ‘s prison crisis and put us on path in the right way.


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