ALC board autoclave energy saving mehtods

ALC board in the production process, the full use of the waste heat autoclave became the companies to reduce waste and make full use of energy saving measures.
Autoclave manufacturer ZG gives the following measures ALC board autoclave equipment utilized in energy saving:
Make use of steam in the autoclave:
At the end of the constant pressure autoclave, yet maintain a high pressure, therefore, ALC board production, through the cycle “gas transfer” approach, the steam conversion from low pressure to high pressure inside the autoclave autoclave concrete the method can be adjusted by a single reactor gas, two kettle echelon conversion and jet pump casts are three ways to achieve.
Make full use of autoclave cold condensate:
ALC board autoclave curing process, with different volume autoclave, autoclave curing conditions and system products, etc., will produce different amounts of condensate. The use of condensed water can not only take advantage of a considerable part of the heat, but also can save water, condensate heat utilization, mainly for the production and domestic water heating through heat exchanger; and the use of condensate water is mainly used for grinding the ingredients and processes.
ZG as a professional industrial autoclave supplier and manufacturer, can produce the aac autoclave, aac block plant, autoclave for phc pile, sand lime brick plant, fly ash plant, etc. ZG AAC autoclave has won six national patents in the short term that is achieved excellent sales in the market the results, covering Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Europe and other countries.
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