Aire valley breweries plc

Aire Valley Breweries plc.


Aire Valley Breweries plc. Is a UK based brewing company which specialises in the production of five trade names of Beers based on three discrepancies viz. lager, dark bitter and stout.

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Over the old ages beer ingestion tendency in the UK has remained reasonably inactive and assorted grounds have been given to explicate the diminution such as decrease in the figure of males between 18 and 24 ( Pohl 2004 ) , authorities limitation on smoke in saloon houses, hapless excursion of the state ‘s football squad in competitions ( Euromonitor 2008 ) . This explains the importance of our mission in happening new chances overseas and in peculiar China.


Using the strategic trigon of 3C ‘s proposed by Kenichi Ohmae ( 1982 ) it will be of extreme importance to analyze our company, rivals and clients in order to do valuable determinations on our entryway manner to the Chinese beer market.

Our Corporation:

Using the SWOT Analysis credited to Albert S Humphrey ( ) I took an inward expression into our company and found the following on our current public presentation in the UK beer market.

SWOT sum-up

Our Strength lies in the fact that we have a host of merchandises in our portfolio thereby giving us the chance to distribute our net incomes and get a sensible market portion both in the off-trade and on-trade market ( Table 2 ) .

Our failing is exposed in our high cost construction, inasmuch as this is non a major concern, the fact remains that in recession merely companies that can pull off their cost decently will last ( Welch 2009 ) .

There are host of chances opened unto us as a company and participant in the industry one of such is decidedly the chance of being a participant in the international market every bit good as chance to encompass new ways of cutting cost such as repackaging our merchandises.

As an company we are straight affected by the planetary economic recession and as an industry we are faced with menaces from the authorities through the revenue enhancement construction ( Cleary 2009 ) which takes one tierce of the monetary value of a pint and there are programs to increase in March 2010. This has greatly reduced the gross revenues volume of beer in UK ( British beer and saloon association 2009 ) see figure below. The planetary recession which swept across the universe is besides altering how concern is done.

Prospective Customers ( China ) :

The clients are critical in our analysis of the Chinese market and looking at informations sourced from Euromonitor International ( 2010 ) the undermentioned can be deduced:

  • Favorable young person population
  • Addition in instruction
  • Addition in Disposable income
  • Increasing urbanisation
  • Changing Taste

The 2007 population figure for people aged 20 – 44 old ages of age shows that there is an active vernal population even though there is a lessening in the 2013 projection ( Table 4 ) it is non of much difference.

Population Distribution. Euromonitor International estimations.

There is a turning demand for instruction, with noteworthy addition to the melody of 500 % ( Table 5 ) in consumer outgo on instruction. The long tally impact of this will be the addition in Disposable Income ( Table 6 ) for the mean citizen because better occupations will be available which in bend means more to pass on consumer goods like beer.

Average Annual DisposableIncomeby Education and Gender: Euromonitor International.

There is besides a immense thrust for urbanisation with immense possibility of a convergence ( Figure 1 ) in the nearest hereafter this will evidently take to dumbly populated metropoliss with everything that comes with it such as saloons, amusement mercantile establishments, supermarkets etc.

There is a new push for non-alcoholic beer evident in the growing in gross revenues ( Table ) and this can be attributed to the wellness consciousness of the present twenty-four hours consumer. The tendency was strengthened in 2005 when a research carried out by a squad from Okayama University in Japan revealed that Alcohol-free beer ‘stops malignant neoplastic disease ‘ ( BBC 2005 ) .

Our Competition:

The Chinese beer market is really competitory with over 40 companies touting of assorted trade names of beer but like every other market there are major participants and in China the top four breweries takes a humongous 54.1 % of the market portion ( Table 7 ) .

Top 4 Breweries in China: Euromonitor International.

A speedy expression into China Resources Enterprise Co Ltd which has maintained the figure one place four old ages running ( 2006-2009 ) reveals that Its best known trade names include Snow, Blue Sword, Singo, Zhonghua and Sun Sings. The latest add-on to their merchandise line is Snow beer which is now the universe ‘s second-biggest beer trade name by volume, replacing Anheuser-Busch trade names, Bud Light and Budweiser ( The Irish times 2009 ) . Its Unique Selling Point Includes

  • No Paper Packaging ( Label )
  • Low-calorie content
  • Highly alimentary laager

Their recent scheme has been to capitalize on market chances, spread outing via acquisitions, Greenfield investing and capacity upgrading ( Euromonitors 2009 ) .

Eight out of the top 10 beer makers in China have some degree of foreign ownership, runing from bulk ownership to minority retentions reveals The Irish Times ( 2009 ) , in the instance of China Resources Enterprises Ltd. 49 % is owned by SABMiller originally a South African company.

The Chinese market utilizing the PEST analysis:

The PEST analysis is of great importance because it takes a whole expression at the external factors that can impact our operations in the Chinese market.

Political Factors

The political environment is stable due to the Communist construction of authorities harmonizing to Global penetrations ( 2009 ) hazard evaluation there is average hazard of 2.75 out of a entire 5 when seting political relations to consideration.

The state ‘s political category have a strong control of the manner concern is done for illustration S McDowall, T. Lee ( 2009 ) study on China reveals the complexness in the state ‘s revenue enhancement system as a immense mark of authorities reforms.

Economic Factors

China ‘s economic system is soon flooded with stimulation from Government due to the planetary recession. The two old ages economic stimulation bundle was introduced in November 2008 and this has made fund accessible for illustration it is reported that new loans rose by an amazing 6.6 trillion kwais, 200 % more than the loan addition in the same period 12 months before ( Global Insight 2009 ) .

The importance of this to us is that the economic system is picking up and we will hold easy entree to loans.

Sociocultural Factors

There is a long tradition of intoxicant brewing and imbibing harmonizing to ( 2009 ) Baijiu, a Chinese distilled alcoholic drink by and large about 40-60 % intoxicant by volume day of the months back to c.2100 BC -c.1600 BC.

In 2009 there were beer festivals in 10 metropoliss harmonizing to “ beer festivals in China should non be an anomalousness ” because China is now the biggest consumer of beer worldwide. The festivals are largely held during the summer.

Technological Factors

China has a rich background in technological development. Hopefully there will be new ways of brewing in old ages to come.

Selling Plan

Our mark market will be the immature work forces and adult females between the ages 20 to 44 and this decision is drawn from the fact that this is the ‘active age group ‘ with whom most of the disposable income will be earned and they besides makes up the highest age group in the population.

Our focal point will be on the urban Centres with recent inflow into metropoliss ( see figure 1 ) many old aged people will be left in the rural countries and merely the immature and vivacious will be able to manage the bunco and hustle of the metropoliss.


Our long term aim is to be amongst the top 4 participants in the market with a minimal portion of 10 % in 2years.


Using the 4P ‘s of selling


I would rede that we push in our full merchandise portfolio this will assist us in distributing our hazard and be participants in both the off-trade and on-trade sector.


Engagement in sociocultural activities such as Beer festivals which are going more popular with assorted metropoliss in China and it would be the best clip to present our merchandise to the consumers because they occur during summer and the 2010 editions will co-occur with the World Cup taking topographic point in South Africa. I believe the support for the athletics of Football will assist hike gross revenues.

Advert arrangement in the mass media will besides be of import such as Television, Radio and the Internet.


Based on the figures in Table… . Cost of beer per 33cl is 40pence. 1ml = 0.1cl therefore 500ml=50cl, 260ml=26ml and 240ml=24cl. Using the expression ( merchandise in cl/ 33cl * & A ; lb ; .40 ) I arrived at the assorted monetary values for our 5 merchandises in Pounds

Ark Royal and Pot of Gold both 500ml in content will travel for about & amp ; lb ; 0.60

Hostenbeck ( 260ml ) = & A ; lb ; . 32

San Bernardo ( 240ml ) = & A ; lb ; . 30

Place/Distribution Scheme

The off-trade sector is immense and turning faster than the on-trade Figure6, Harmonizing to Data proctor ( 2009 ) the off-trade sector histories for 70.5 % of the entire distribution channel shared between specializer retail merchants and supermarkets.

As seen in Figure1 the inflow to the urban countries are bound to jump up relaxation musca volitanss, supermarkets and saloons. With strong focal point on the off -trade sector it will be of extreme importance to strike a trade with the major supermarkets.

Budgets Analysis

Marketing Budget:

Advert cost on Television: Based on information from China Central Television ( CCTV ) the national Television station of the People ‘s Republic of China which analyst such as Richard Ji of Morgan Stanley referred to as a “ Television human dynamo in China, ” ( The New York Times 2008 ) .

Puting a 30 seconds advert in the News Bulletin goes for a upper limit of 69800 Yuan per twenty-four hours ; an advert in plans that promote Chinese Culture could be every bit much as 24100 Yuan. See Figure below.

Production Cost:

“ The China monetary value ” They are the three scariest words in U.S. industry ( Business hebdomad 2004 ) this is so because it helps in cut downing cost thereby giving an border but in recent twelvemonth at that place have been Increase in cost of production ( natural stuffs, electricity and transit ) and sing the fact that one of our country of betterment is in cost decrease, I would rede that we get mills alternatively of constructing it saves clip.


Even though the UK market for beer is non at its best accessing fund should non be a immense job because right now there is easy entree to loan in China due to the state ‘s pecuniary policies to rush up recovery besides harmonizing to Euromonitor 2009 TheUK market is anticipated to better in the twelvemonth 2010 this partially due to the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa ( the fact that the host state is on GMT means that kick-off times will suit good withUKdrinking forms ) .


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