Ahold Has A Company Wide Business Model Marketing Essay

Ahold has a company-wide concern theoretical account, it works with net income. This theoretical account helps to drive the scheme. The theoretical account consist a virtuous circle that helps Ahold to work on lower cost to put in monetary value, value and the merchandises and services they give. By agencies of this circle it helps to raise the gross revenues, win new clients and new capital for the farther grow of the concern. That the circle has been a success is proven in 2003 there was a successful repositioned of all the concern. To the repositioned Ahold increased the value and service that they provide the clients. From 2003 until 2008 Ahold was able to diminish the cost and made a modesty from a‚¬ 800 million across our concerns. 1.


Ahold operates from two Continental platforms, Ahold Europa and Ahold USA, both of the continental are led by a Chief Operating Officer. The construction helps Ahold to equilibrate local, Continental and world-wide decision-making.

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Ahold Europa consists of Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall & A ; Gall in the Netherlands. Albert/Hypernova in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Each operating company in Europe, has a director who repost all the needfully things to the COO of Ahold Europe.

Ahold USA is organized into four small retail companies: Giant-Carlisle, Giant-Landover, Stop & A ; Shop New England and Stop & A ; Shop Metro New York. Each company has his ain divisional president who reports to the CEO of Ahold USA and this reports back to COO of Ahold USA.

Ahold has besides a 60 pro cent of involvement in ICA AB ( Swedish retail ) and besides 49 % involvement in Jeronimo Martins Retail.



In Amsterdam are Ahold ‘s international central office based. Corporate Centre is responsible for the Group scheme and maps that support the concern with contains the scheme office, interneal audit, legal, conformity, insurance, human resources, communications, corporate duty, amalgamations & A ; acquisitions and information direction. Ahold has besides a Corporate Centre located in The United States of America and Switzerland.


Corporate Executive Board managed Ahold, They get supervised and advised by a Supervisory Board.

The diagram bellows shows the administration construction of Ahold and besides its companies. These companies are answerable to the General Meeting of Shareholders. Ahold is structured to put to death its scheme and to equilibrate local, Continental and planetary decision-making. Ahold consists of a Coporate Center and operated from two platforms, Ahold Europe and Ahold USA. Both platforms contains a few of companies.

The Diagram bellows shows the administration construction of Ahold and its companies.


Shared Valuess

All of the companies who belong to Ahold portion the five common values who divine how they are, what is of import to them and how they do things. These values are

Puting the clients foremost

Making what is right

Loving what we do

Making thoughts happened

Geting better every dekagram


If you work at the Albert Heijn you must work hygienic and besides quality and safety are really of import, non merely for the employee ‘s but besides for the clients. Knowledge about the merchandises albert Heijn gross revenues is besides really of import. If clients have inquiries so you muss rede them. You work together in a squad, so the ambiance must be good. A good ambiance in the company is really of import for the enthusiasm and productive of employees. The ambiance at Albert Heijn is really good. They besides organize activities to better the working atmosphere.


In 2011 there worked 213.000 employees. Ahold comprise a diverse group of employees they are working in a batch of states. Underneath all of the employees there are legion of different nationalities.

At Ahold it is really of import that at each degree of the administrations some diverseness is valued, this is a portion of a concern civilization. Diversity is a really of import factor at each subject of the company and it regarded every bit hole to our success. Our focal point is that every employee had a honorable alteration to better their egos both personally and professionally. At Ahold they strive to hold a diverseness of employees. Ahold is traveling to work at mobility for all the employees and a good workface that is a contemplation of the clients we serve.

All employment determinations are with understanding of menu chances. They look at the competences of the new employees and non at the race, coloring material, faith, sex, age, disablement or national beginning. At Ahold everyone has a alteration.


The accomplishments and competences of the people working in the shops are basic, about everyone can work at that place. The directors who manage the shops are most of the clip older and they have more experience. The employees who will work for Ahold need a batch more accomplishments and competences. Employee development is a cardinal precedence for Ahold. Ahold has a Leadership Academy in partnership with Harvard Business School and Oxford University ‘s SaA?d Business School and besides a Retail Academy tally in partnership with Cornell University.

Five Forces Model of Porter

Ahold is based in the Netherlands and is an international retailing group. They operate in a batch of formats and channels but there nucleus concern is selling great nutrient and supermarkets. Ahold has 14 trade names in Europe and the U.S. In this chapter you can happen an analyze of how the company is positioned in the subdivision because Ahold has so many company ‘s we merely utilize for this analyze merely Albert Heijn. hypertext transfer protocol: //notesdesk.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/porters-five-forces-model.jpg

For this analyze we use the Five forces theoretical account of Porter which you can see in the figure antonym. With this theoretical account you can see an overview of the industry competition viewed from four different points of position. 4.

Menace of new entrants

In Europe the supermarkets do non hold a batch of menaces of new entrants. It is really difficult for enterprisers to get down a new supermarket because when they do get down a new supermarket the other bing supermarkets lower the gross revenues monetary value of their merchandises. The new supermarket is non able to take down their sale monetary value because he has more production costs and initial costs than the already bing supermarkets.

Dickering power of clients

Customers are a menace for the Albert Heijn. When the clients are pleased about the supermarket they will purchase their merchandises an come back every clip they need to purchase food markets but when Albert Heijn sells merchandises that the clients do non like, they will travel the another supermarket.

For illustration: Albert Heijn sells the merchandise COCA Cola. Albert Heijn wanted to salvage on the cost monetary value of their merchandises so they called COCA Cola. Albert Heijn demands a price reduction on the cost monetary value of 2 % . COCA Cola did non accept that so they stopped to present their merchandise to Albert Heijn. After a few hebdomads the clients complained a batch and the did there food market shopping in another supermarket where they did sell COCA Cola. Within a month the Albert Heijn did sell COCA Cola once more and they were paying the original cost monetary value.

Menace of replacements

There are non a batch of menaces of replacements for Albert Heijn. One of the menaces are the eating houses. When people eat at a eating house they do non hold to purchase food market for diner. However most of the people do non eat invariably in a eating house and when they do, they have to purchase food market for the remainder of the twenty-four hours.

At the Albert Heijn you can purchase about every trade name from expensive boulder clay the cheapest trade names. Most of the trade names are besides sold in the other supermarkets in the state. So for the replacements the consumers do non hold to travel to another supermarket.

Dickering power of providers

The providers do hold a batch of dickering power when they are with a batch of different providers as a group. For illustration Albert Heijn in the Netherlands lower the purchase monetary value to take down their costs. The providers did non agreed with this and take action against the Albert Heijn. The providers won so the Albert Heijn needs to pay the original monetary value.

One provider has non a batch of dickering power and he merely fundamentally has to make whatever the Albert Heijn wants.


Beginnings 7-S Framework

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Image 3:


Beginnings Five Forces Model of Porter

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Image 4:

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