Explore product promotion in traditional and new advertising media
Advertising is a part of promotion, contain other types of promotional communication, including: social relations; consumer behavior and other direct marketing techniques (Hackley,2010). McFall(2004) says that without advertising, the information of products or services cannot convey from sellers to consumers. The channels of advertising are become more and more abundant with media development and traditional media are facing more challenges. Customer segment may help sellers find a suitable media. The essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and new advertising channels, give an example of new advertising channel and explore the importance of customer segment in advertising.Traditional advertising channels, such as television, still play an important role in advertising. As the most traditional and common media, television has a large mixed audience range and audio visual impact, which contains a lot of product information. It also owns the authority to demonstrate products and well display the messages that you are going to show to customers. However, the weaknesses are obvious. High production costs and short exposure let many advertisers keep away from TV advertisement. A 30-second advertisement in the break of famous TV shows can cost incredibly. For example, Hackley(2010) outlines that in the UK, advertising in commercial break of Gtanada TV’s soap drama Coronation Street may be the most expensive because of over 10 million audiences. And the most expensive advertising time is possibly the break between the Superbowl American football final. Apparently, the larger audience needs the higher advertising expenditure. In general, the potential benefits for TV advertising are high but the expenditure is also great. Other traditional media like newspaper has the advantages of source trustworthiness, immediacy and periodical exposure. But the advertising cost…

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