Advertising And Sales Promotion Of Hyundai

It is obvious that the construct of selling is being applied in every field of the society along with the concern. Selling is acquiring increasing importance with the necessity of it in every field. So, we can state that this is the age of the selling. Today ‘s market is feeling the hyper competition since the concern is being operated in globalize economic system.

Many of the companies are going failure as they could n’t implement the appropriate gross revenues publicity and advertisement tools to their concern. This research will follow out the failing of publicity and advertizement in order to accomplish its ends and aims. Customer ailments process, failure to implement consistent image, non sing the selling Return on Investment, are the frequent errors in concern process.

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Selling is typically seen as the undertaking of making, advancing and presenting goods and services to consumers and concerns. Sellers are skilled in stimulating demand for a company ‘s merchandises. Sellers are responsible for the demand direction. Selling directors seek to act upon the degree, timing and composing of demand to run into the organisation ‘s aims. Marketing trades with identifying and meeting human and societal demands, selling attempts help to accomplish organisational ends. It helps organisation to happen out what their clients need and want and to make up one’s mind what merchandise or service to offer so that the client ‘s demand and desire can be best satisfied. It is concerned with attaining and retaining clients and winning long term client trueness.

“ Selling is a societal and managerial procedure by which persons and groups obtain what they need and want through making, offering and interchanging merchandises of value with others. ” ( Kotlar, 1994 )

Marketing consists of publicity and publicity consists of advertisement. These three selling footings are interrelated. These three footings are devoted and oriented towards the concern publicity, growing and success.


Selling can be defined as “ The procedure of planning and put to deathing the construct, pricing, publicity and distribution of thoughts, goods, and services to make exchanges that satisfy single and organisational aims. ” ( Peter, 1995 )

The above definition implies that the full system of concern activities should be entirely client oriented. Customers ‘ demands and wants must be identified and fulfilled efficaciously. Marketing procedure should began with the thought of a new merchandise, good, services, topographic point, individual and go on till the demands and wants are satisfied. So, the selling ever attempts to run into the satisfactions of client.


Promotion is a portion of selling. Today the range of selling is turning so quickly due to the enlargement of the market. As market demand increases along with the altering trial, new and new merchandises are being introduced in the market. Due to the unsmooth competition and sophisticated market the companies are bound to confront new and of all time altering selling worlds.


It is a portion of publicity as mentioned before. The word advertisement is being pronounced everyplace. The word “ Ad ” itself is being advertised. Here are some of the definitions of advertisement given below.

“ Ad is any paid signifier of non-personal presentation and publicity of thoughts, goods and services through aggregate media such as newspapers, magazines, telecasting or wireless by an identified patron ” . ( Kotler and Armstrong, 1995 )

“ Ad is the agencies by which we make known what we have to sell or what we have to purchase. ” ( Agrawal, 2008 )

Above definitions of advertisement emphasize on the merchandising aim of the company. It says that the advertisement planning and execution are done to procure more gross revenues with less cost part. But unlike the salesman who sells in a face-to-face or even voice-to-voice state of affairs, advertisement is merely a broadcast manner to Numberss of chances whose individuality may or may non be known. And who may be near at manus on distance.

Advertising Trend in Nepal

It is non declared that from when the advertizement tendency got started in Nepal. However, it is said that to convey male monarch ‘s references to the state from the really beginning, a media was used. It is assumed that after some clip this tendency became the media of advertisement. Above mentioned tendency was the advertizement for the non-business advertizement began with the trader concern.

In 1908 B.S. the Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana had brought a imperativeness in his visit to England, which was called “ Gidde Press ” . But further this imperativeness was used to publish envelops, tickets, and authorities bulletins merely so, this imperativeness could non run the concern in the field of advertizement. ( Rathor, 2003 )

“ Gorkhapatra ” was started on printed on hebdomadal footing from Baisakh 24th 1958 B.S. In the first edition of “ Gorkhapatra ” , in the editorship of Pundit Nardev Motikrishna Sharma published by “ Pashupati printing imperativeness ” , an advertizement was printed. Then after, different magazines in Nepali linguistic communication appeared. ( Rathor, 2003 )

Since 20th Chaitra 2007 B.S. Nepal Radio now name changed to Radio Nepal started its transmittal. After that clip transmittal of commercial advertizement started. Initially “ Ratna Recording Corporation ” was supplying the advertizement services and used to lodge the accrued amount of money to Nepal Radio. Nowadays Radio Nepal has its ain advertizement services. ( Panthi, 2006 )

From 29th Shrawan, 2042 B.S. , Nepal Television has started its ril transmittal. It may be assumed that from that twenty-four hours telecasting advertizement is started in Nepal. The clip period of test transmittal of Nepal Television was up to 14th Poush, 2042 B.S. From this twenty-four hours “ Nepal Television Corporation ” was formed and started its transmittal on a regular basis. Now “ Nepal Television Corporation ” is 15 old ages old and out of its entire transmittal clip 9.5 % of clip is taken by advertizement. In this telecasting 58 % of national and 32 % of foreign advertizement are transmitted. In these old ages of clip, advertizement in Nepal Television has obtained great trade of success. ( Panthi, 2006 )

“ Some transnational companies with foreign coaction have a good and attractive advertizement like the advertisement of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cola, Liril, etc. In Nepal a little per centum of the population ain telecasting set because of their hapless economic status. It can be said that merely 39 % of the entire population can merely watch the national plan on N.T.V. ” ( Panthi, 2006 )

Effectiveness of Ad

The effectivity of advertisement can be understood by the altering attitudes and behaviour of the clients. Ad has become the powerful device for increasing gross revenues and at the same clip, big amount of money are spent on it. In the face to mounting advertisement costs, on the one manus, and a squeezing on profitableness, on the other, top directions are progressively concerned about the cost benefit of advertisement in the operation of a concern. The value of advertisement can non be determined unless its function and map are understood. The unaccountability of advertisement, in most instances arises from a deficiency of grasp of what advertisement can or can non make. ( Dahal, 2001 )

Ad should be viewed as a portion of entire selling attempt of a company. The glib reply to the inquiry: why do companies publicize? Is: To sell merchandises. But in recent times, increasing figure of advertisement forces has been honestly stating that advertisement can non really sell merchandises. However the aim that involves an addition in immediate gross revenues is non operational in nature in many instances for two grounds. ( Dahal, 2001 )

Ad is merely one of the many factors act uponing gross revenues and it is hard to insulate its part to those gross revenues. The other forces include monetary value, distribution, packaging, merchandise characteristics, competitory actions, and altering purchaser demands and gustatory sensations. It is perfectly hard to insulate the consequence of advertisement. Evaluation publicizing merely by its impact on gross revenues is non practical. ( Dahal, 2001 )

Promotion Mix

Ad, gross revenues publicity, personal merchandising and public dealingss the reciprocally reinforcing elements of the promotional mix, have as their common objective the successful sale of a merchandise. Once a merchandise is developed to run into mark market demands and is decently distributed, intended clients must be informed of the merchandise ‘s value and handiness. Ad and publicity are basic ingredients in the selling mix. All the elements in publicity mix are lending to each other ‘s public presentation towards successful selling and merchandising.

Review of Some Previous Related Studies

There are some similar surveies which had been conducted antecedently about advertisement and gross revenues publicity. The advertisement research has really short history in Nepal. Professionalism and extremely advanced selling and advertisement patterns have non institutionalized here in Nepal. However, the Nepalese concern environment is besides influenced and the enterprisers have recognized the demand of advertisement. For this, some research surveies are conducted on Ad and Gross saless publicity.

The first survey on advertisement field is conducted in 1980 by P.R. Pandey. The survey named as “ Advertising in Nepal ” is focused on the aims of placing the bing place of advertisement patterns in Nepal. The other aims of this survey were to happen out the bing form and blends of advertisement and the restraints predominating in advertisement patterns in Nepal. His survey was confined to the descriptive analysis of the state of affairs of advertisement concern. It was natural to set about such research on advertisement field at that clip as the advertisement was still infant phase of development. Therefore, his survey did non touch the originative facet of advertisement. ( Pandey, 1980 )

The major findings of the survey province that the advertisement is the chief method of publicity practiced in the state. Ad in the company is handled by individuals at the senior degree, when there is a separate advertisement section in the company. Sing to the services rendered by the advertisement bureaus, none can offer full services decently.

In 1981, S.K. Upadhyay on “ Radio Advertising and its impact on buying Acts of the Apostless in consumer goods ” conducted a survey. As wireless was merely the dependable medium of advertisement in Nepal, he conducted the research on the wireless advertisement and its lively impact on buying Acts of the Apostless in consumer goods. In his survey he has listed twenty different findings sing the wireless advertisement and its impact on buying determination. The aim of this survey were to analyze the handiness and comparative cost of different signifiers of advertisement in Nepal to happen out the impact of wireless advertisement on consumer purchasing behaviours and to analyze the influence of wireless advertisement on gross revenues of the advertised merchandise. Thus his survey is purely confined to the impact of advertisement on gross revenues and consumer purchasing behaviour. ( Upadhyay, 1981 )

The other survey conducted by Laxmi Prasad Baral is found in advertisement field. He conducted the survey on the “ Communication consequence of advertisement and trade name penchants of instant noodles ” . His survey has been contributed to the rating of communicative map of advertisement and its impact on trade name choice in the instance of consumer non-durable goods. The aim of the survey was to research the consequence and communicating of merchandise trade name properties and its likely impact on consumer trade name choice sing the instant noodles instance as the basic merchandise. Therefore, his survey specifically dealt with communicative facet of advertisement. ( Baral, 2001 )

Mr. R.K. Shrestha has done one more effort to advertisement research. The survey named “ The Role of Advertising in Brand Choice and Product Positioning ” has been conducted to happen out the function of advertisement on trade name pick of low involvement consumer goods. It is the survey seeking to demo the importance of advertisement on trade name pick of low engagement merchandises. The aim of this survey was to happen out if advertisement plays any supportive function in trade name pick determination, if the consumers trade name picks for low engagement goods are wholly, partly or non impressed through advertizement, if there exists other promotional tools which have more weight in trade name pick determination than advertisement. ( Shrestha, 2004 )

However, there are no old research studies found on marketing surveies of Nepal ‘s Automobile sector. Researcher has attempted to fix and show this study with her fullest attempt. All possible primary and secondary beginnings of informations are collected, analyzed and presented here in suited mode.

Industry Background

Hyundai Motor Company is the parent company of Hyundai Motor India Limited. Hyundai Motor India Limited is bring forthing and selling assorted lines of autos along with Santro autos on which this survey focuses. Hyundai Motor has scaled legion obstructions and get the better of the odds to gain planetary acknowledgment for the advanced engineering and quality of its cars. The company is pressing in front to accomplish its end of fall ining the ranks of the universe ‘s elect automakers-the planetary top five-backed by its sophisticated R & A ; D capablenesss, state-of-the-art production installations at place and abroad plus aggressive market schemes. So every bit long as Hyundai Motor abides by its committedness to offer high quality merchandises with advanced, environment-friendly engineerings and which are sold through a competitory planetary selling web that takes full advantage of inventions in information engineering, Hyundai Motor ‘s aspiration is to go one of the planetary top five car manufacturers within 10 old ages.

Execution of gross revenues publicity and advertisement without sing client ailments, consistent image on advertizement, marketing return on investing are the most common error that many companies do. So in this undertaking, larning from errors made by others and by itself plays a critical function in concern success.

The funding of merchandise besides plays a of import function in Nepal. Hence the along with the execution of advertisement and gross revenues publicity, funding option will be the implemented. The exchange offer and free service of car will besides be implemented in order to increase gross revenues gross.

Research purpose, research inquiries or hypotheses and aims

Research Purpose:

The survey will concentrate on the effectivity of advertisement and gross revenues publicity of the car auto in order to increase the sale gross and long term success.. The patterns of advertisement and gross revenues publicity are acquiring increasing importance and range in the selling direction. At the same clip it is acquiring huge with the competitory environment of the topic, i.e. , advertisement and gross revenues publicity. So, it is of import to construct strong and affluent selling scheme & A ; policy to understand, win & amp ; retain the market for the merchandise or service. And once more the execution of such policy and scheme should in optimal mode. Hence the survey is to depict the effectivity of advertisement & A ; gross revenues promotion particularly concentrating on car motor universe. The survey will concentrate on the advertisement and promotional behavior of the concern houses who are managing car concern in Nepal, and how they are being active in achieving and retaining the market portion here in Nepal.

Research Question:

This research is wholly concentrating on heightening the gross revenues of Hyundai Santro Zip Plus Car with the aid of selling tools. How do the gross revenues publicity and advertisement tools play of import function in gross revenues of Hyundai Santro Zip asset auto in Nepal? The analysis of the advertisement media, gross revenues publicity tools available in Nepal plays a critical function in this undertaking.

Research Aims:

The research aims are as follows:

To measure effectivity of advertisement and gross revenues publicity for achieving and retaining the market concentrating on car concern in Nepal.

To analyze the trade name consciousness of client for cars.

To analyse the importance of publicity in constructing company ‘s repute

To reexamine the market position of Hyundai motors.

Research Methodology

Research methodological analysis is concerned with assorted methods and techniques which are used in the procedure of research surveies. It includes broad scope of methods, including quantitative technique for informations analysis and presentation.

The present survey has its nonsubjective to analyse, examine and depict the application and faultiness ‘ of selling and gross revenues publicity schemes and techniques. The research methodological analysis will be followed to achieve the basic aims and ends of this research work.

Research Design

The aim of the survey is to measure effectivity of advertisement and gross revenues publicity for achieving and retaining the market and to reexamine the market position of Hyundai Motors and the research design is developed to suit the survey.

The research design of this survey is descriptive every bit good as analytical. This is the survey of practical usage of selling and gross revenues publicity tools and their effectivity, so the appropriate research designs are followed harmonizing to the demand of the survey.

Population and sampling

Population consists of the entire Santro auto proprietor in Kathmandu, Nepal for this survey. It includes chiseled figure of the auto proprietor. Population is called existence in other words. Sampling is choosing certain figure of respondents out of population. Sample is taken out of whole existence. The truth of research extremely depends upon the informations provided by the trying unit. The respondents in sample are believed to be the true representative of the population.

Beginnings of Data Collection

Both primary and secondary informations and other beginnings are used for the research survey. Primary informations are collected from field study, questionnaire and personal interview. Secondary informations are gathered from the published stuffs, books, brochures, diaries, magazines, publication of Nepal Automobile Dealers Association ( NADA ) and Department of Transport Management and similar old thesiss and other publications.

Data Analysis Tools

Graphs, tabular arraies, chart and per centum are used to analyse and show the collected informations and information to do it more easy understood. Baronial descriptive analysis and presentation will be made.

Method of Data Analysis

The informations collected from different beginnings are classified, tabulated and analyzed harmonizing to the demands of the survey. Necessary tabular arraies are constructed to suit the informations obtained from different beginnings.

Data aggregation technique


Observation tools are the most dependable tool to roll up the information from the user of car in Nepal.

Telephone Interview

This is the most dependable two manner communicating of informations aggregation method. This is one of the most dependable primary informations aggregation method and the feedback from the client of car besides play a critical function to find the demand of the client.

Online feedback

In this method the inquiry related to the Hyundai Santro Zip plus auto and its characteristics and the inquiry about advertizement effectivity are placed to the user and via electronic mail and the informations feedback are analyzed in order to pull up the decision.


The questionnaire about the gross revenues publicity and advertizement will be sent by station and the responses will be analyzed

. Timescale:

Timescale helps to make up one’s mind on the viability of the research proposal, which helps to split research program into phases. This undertaking will be based on estimated clip frame. The entire continuance for this research undertaking will be about 5 month. The allotment of clip is presented in tabular array and gantt chart below.



Start Date

( estimated )

End Date

( estimated )

Duration ( estimated )

( hebdomad )







Reappraisal of Literature





Research Methodology





Data Analysis and Presentation





Summary, decision and Recommendation




The Gantt chart:






2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24


A Symbols:

B Introduction

C Review of Literature

D Research Methodology

E Data Analysis and Presentation

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation


This is another aspect of viability. The resource for this research are categorized as finance, informations entree and equipment. I have entree to computing machine hardware and package entree to roll up informations and analyze.

Primary resources and secondary resources will be used for informations aggregation. Primary resources include formal Interview, informal interview, observation, questionnaire, and field study where as secondary resources such as diaries, National study informations, published informations and media besides play the critical function to analyse the car market.

Primary Resources:

Primary resources are the informations that are collected for the first clip. The Interview method is the echt beginning for the information. For informations aggregation the sample unit of Kathmandu, Nepal will be interviewed. Telephone interview and on-line interview is helpful for this undertaking.

Secondary Resources:

The secondary resources besides play a critical function in informations analysis. The diaries, National study informations, media, books are used as secondary resources in this undertaking.

Finance Resources:

Conducting a research costs money. Hence Finance resource plays a critical function. To form telephone interview, Online interview, Postage for questionnaire, entree to the secondary informations, travel, subsistence, finance resource is indispensable for this undertaking.

Time Resources:

One of the of import resource for this undertaking is clip resource. And the estimated clip for this research undertaking completion is 5 month which is adequate to transport out its aims.


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