Advantages and disadvantages of using credit cards

In this modern epoch with the lifting of e-commerce in the universe, the use of recognition card is acquiring popular among the universe today. The use of recognition card has really spread towards the college pupil and has increasing visibleness ( Hayhoe, 2002 ) . Meanwhile, this is the best opportunity for the recognition card companies to set on mark at college pupils because college pupils are expected to hold higher of gaining power and this makes the recognition card companies believe that as a desirable market ( Warwick & A ; Mansfield, 2000 ) . Credit card can be best defined as a little plastic card issued by the bank to the consumers to buy goods and services in progress with a recognition bound on the disbursement ( eHow, n.d ) . With a recognition card, the users are able to buy goods without utilizing hard currency. Users will hold the ability to utilize it as on-line payment in cyberspace and uses it as monthly installment for big volume goods and services ( eHow, n.d ) . However, involvement charges are applied to the recognition cards.

There are many different types of recognition card associations presents. For illustration, American Express, Dinner Club, MasterCard, Visa and many more. Each month, the recognition card user is sent a statement by bank that indicated their purchases for old month. After the cardholder received the statement, he or she must pay the sum of their purchases otherwise may take to pay a higher sum when the recognition issuer charges involvement on the sum owed. Even recognition cards have higher involvement rates than most consumer loans ; many people still prefer to utilize it yet. This is because about every shop that we can see allows for payment of goods and services through recognition cards today.

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The increasing figure of Bankss that provides recognition card has finally increases the competition between Bankss in pulling the clients. Every bank has tried their ain manner to carry the clients to use the recognition clients. The worst portion is, they even attract college pupils by holding publicity in the college. Historically, the bank really started to knock into pupil recognition card market in the late of 1980-an ( Manning, 2000 ) . In the long tally, this will do many jobs to the college pupils. This is because most of the college pupils does non how to be after their money efficaciously. Harmonizing to Henry, Weber, and Yarbrough ( 2001 ) , most of the pupils will hold the recognition jobs is because college pupils do non pattern to hold a written budget. The research workers besides expected college pupils are “ vulnerable to fiscal crisis ” ( Henry, Weber & A ; Yarbrough, 2001 ) . The unbelievable addition of the use of recognition card really has demonstrated the crisis among the college pupils. The increased figure of recognition cards among college has seen a major growing since the past decennary ( So, Grable & A ; Bagwell, 2003 ) . Based on a research, 70 % of all undergraduates at four-year colleges have at least one recognition card today ( So, Grable & A ; Bagwell, 2003 ) .

Advantages and Disadvantages of utilizing Credit Card

Credit Card is an Automatic advanced card which people can utilize it to acquire the goods without paying the hard currency. Recognition cards are widely use by people all around the universe as a beginning of convenient to acquire what their demands. But, there are many advantages and disadvantages of utilizing it.

One of the advantages of recognition card is that with recognition card can extinguish the demand to transport big amounts of hard currency wherever we go. For illustration, if we are off from place for career, we do n’t necessitate to take big sum of hard currency in pocket. Besides, recognition cards may besides offer us extra protection if goods that we bought is lost, damaged, or stolen. This is where the recognition card company can cognize that the fact that we have made a purchase. In add-on, we can besides see that some recognition card companies offer insurance for the clients on big purchases. By this manner, the companies can protect their clients and give their clients the security of utilizing the card. With a recognition card can besides help us construct a recognition line. By holding a good recognition history is really critical, which meant that doing payments on clip and in full month, it help us non merely using a recognition card, but besides when using for the loans, rental, or even some occupations will more easy.

In concurrence to that, recognition cards can besides be utile in times of exigency every bit good. For illustration, pupils with a recognition card can take the necessary actions by assisting parents when they falls sick, a auto is damaged, or seeking to purchase a higher cost books in the university. Some recognition cards besides offer some excess benefits for their clients, such as price reductions from peculiar shops or companies, fillips such free air hose stat mis or travel price reductions. All of these benefits is helpful for us every bit long as we bear in head that out passing bounds.

On the other manus, the disadvantage of recognition cards is that they encourage people to pass money that they do n’t hold. The clients can pass any clip as they want even they have less money. Indirectly, the clients can non pay for the measure statements that what they had spent. By this manner, the more money the clients owe the recognition card companies, and yet they will bear down the clients on involvement each month on their disbursement. The other disadvantages of recognition card is that the recognition card companies will bear down the clients on high sum of involvement on each balance that the clients do n’t pay off at the terminal of the month. This is how the recognition card companies make their money and this is how many of recognition card users will acquire into large problems. And, recognition card fraud besides is one of the disadvantages. This is where the recognition card besides same as a hard currency, it besides can be stolen sometimes. They possibly be physically stolen from clients ‘ billfold or recognition card figure and usage as to trade the money. The good intelligence is that, when we realize our recognition card is stolen, rapidly we can describe to the recognition card companies. This is to avoid us by non being charged for any purchases that person else has made.

As decision, recognition cards can do life easier and convenient to the users as they utilize it sagely. But, if we use it wrongly, it will go immense fiscal load for us. If we decide to utilize the recognition cards, we must cognize some simple regulations such as bound our purchases, do n’t pass outside our budget, pay off the balance at the terminal of each month, and most significantly is do n’t give recognition card information to anyone else as the safety methods.

1.1.2 Development of recognition card in Malaysia

In old yearss, there was no such thing as money. Each individual would supply for his ain nutrient and vesture and besides shelter. As clip goes by, a system of swap by exchange of demands began. Barter trade nevertheless, was non that simple. Sometimes, it was hard to happen those who had precisely the point that was needed. Some goods were used for swap trade because they could easy be carried, have a common value and be easy divided. This trade good money became a medium of exchange shortly. Common goods such salt, staff of life, grain, baccy were among the point that had served as money.

The first money appeared when the swayer or king issued a changeless value. For illustration, in historical times in Malaysia, blocks and Sn were sort of trade good money.

As concerns developed, it became inconvenient to travel big amounts of coins around the state. In the in-between ages, people preferred to lodge their coins with trusty goldworkers, in exchange for paper grosss. Whenever a depositor wanted to do payments, he would interchange these acknowledge back for coins. Equally long as the goldworker was trusty, the paper reception was every bit good as coins. Therefore, the first paper money and first Bankss were developed.

In Malaysia, merely the Bank Negara Malaysia is allowed to publish coins and paper currency notes. The value of ringgit is legal stamp and is backed by gold and foreign exchange held by Bank Negara.

In presents, there are now 3 signifiers of money we can see in Malaysia. They are coins, paper currency, and dealing history which are checks and recognition cards. While coins and paper currency are used to reassign money at the present clip, checks and recognition cards commit money that will be earned in the hereafter. Cheques is the most common instruments used to reassign financess. And so, checks and recognition cards become more popular as they provide their holders with the power to buy without holding carried around big sum of hard currency.

Research Background

Credit card among college pupils has become a hot subject of turning presents. This is because college pupils are sing alone passage period in their lives. Financially, they are traveling through the procedure from fiscal dependance to independency. They may hold learned some consumer accomplishments in hard currency direction at place before coming to college. At this minute, pupils merely want to get down to larn on how to utilize recognition sagely and merely matured plenty to be able to subscribe legal contracts include recognition card contracts.

There are besides some other surveies that show that pupils are greatly involved with recognition cards. Yet, the usage of recognition cards among pupils has received much attending in recent twelvemonth from members of the fiscal community and policy shapers. Credit card companies grab this aureate opportunity to aim pupils because they are expected to hold higher norm gaining power and are seen by the recognition card companies as a desirable market ( Warwick & A ; Manfield, 2000 ) . Besides, we can see that assorted patterns among pupils ‘ recognition usage will do them hold a low cognition about recognition because they do non to the full understand the fiscal deductions of holding a big figure of recognition card debt. By this manner, this will do them to pass more. ( McNeal and Yeh, 1993 ) A research besides showed that at mean age of eight old ages kids, doing their first independent purchase every bit socialisation as a consumer begins in their early old ages.

Nowadays, as we know that a service revenue enhancement of RM50 will be charges on each principal recognition card in Malaysia start from 20l0. And, for every auxiliary card, a service with RM25 will be charged annually. The authoritiess enforce this revenue enhancement is because the users of recognition card is increasing twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours.

1.3 Problem Statement

This survey analyzes the factors that influence the use of recognition card among IPTA and IPTS pupils. The research will give the chance to roll up accurate informations from the designed questionnaire in order to analyse the relationship of the variables. The undermentioned job statement is back uping the research background of this survey:

“ To what extent do demographic, cognition, sort of purchases, recognition attitude, and household background influence the use of recognition card among IPTA and IPTS pupils? “

1.4 Research Aims

Students ‘ attitudes towards recognition card could play a critical function in finding its distribution. After calculating out the job statement of this research, allow travel to the aims of this research. The aim of this research is to administer a proper model and to analyse the factors that influence the use of recognition card among IPTA and IPTS pupils.

From the research survey besides, it could help to supply some suggestion to work out this job. The three chief aims of this research survey are:

To look into the function cognition of recognition card usage plays in compulsive purchasing among the pupils.

To prove demographic.

To compare the monthly use of recognition card among IPTA and IPTS pupils.

To find which factors is most important consequence towards use of recognition card among IPTA and IPTS pupils.

1.5 Significant of survey

It is of import to analyze that how the recognition card as a key of part to everyone no affair to bankers, users, society or among college pupils.

Every companies and Bankss will profit with having a recognition card. Largely are those Bankss doing money from the recognition card companies? This is how it goes. If a bank agrees to take their clients ‘ sedimentation, they do n’t maintain it all in the dorsum. This is because there are merely a little per centum of the bank clients will demand their money at any given clip, a per centum of all sedimentations ( overleap hard currency ) , is kept on manus. Some of this hard currency will loan out to recognition card companies so that they can finance the purchases their clients make, until the client pays the recognition card company back. Actually, most recognition card companies are organized as Bankss, so that they are regulated in a different manner than regular companies. As a consequence, the more money that is owed by bank or company, the more that bank or company is deserving. This is because of the manner the American accounting system works.

Meanwhile, the chief benefit to each client is convenience. A recognition card allows little short-run loans to be rapidly made to client who need non cipher a balance staying before every dealing, provided the sum charges do non transcend the maximal recognition line for the card. Credit card besides provides more fraud protection than the debit card for the users. Many recognition cards offer wagess and benefits bundles, such as offering enhanced merchandise guarantees at no cost, points which may be redeemed for hard currency, merchandises, and besides for the air hose tickets. This makes the users feel more satisfaction about their services of having a recognition card. Additionally, transporting a recognition card is more comfy to some users either than transporting a pail of hard currency in their pocket.

On the other manus, having a recognition card besides benefited to community. This is how they permit people around to do a big purchase, such as expensive stuffs or those for autos. This make the people can purchase those things easier. Yet, with recognition card be utile for exigencies use like medical measures. Besides, recognition card offer extra protection of purchases. Example, if the goods that already bought by people is lost or had been stolen, the recognition card company can turn out for the fact that people have made a purchase with original grosss. So that people do non necessitate to worry excessively much because some recognition card companies are offering insurance on recognition card. With a recognition card excessively, it can assist to make enterprisers. Many enterprisers who were unable to acquire the bank loan will hold to utilize recognition card as a manner to finance their undertakings. Although by this manner it is highly hazardous, there is no pick to assist some enterprisers become more affluent and successful in future.

Nowadays, we might see many recognition companies besides set up mark in campus countries to promote college pupils for mark up their card. They might give free gift such as t-shits, umbrella, H2O bottles for those who subscribing up the card. Some research shows that pupils are valuable clients because they are loyal for their first card and will go on to do their purchases in future. With the recognition card, pupils can do big purchases easy such as expensive text books, air hose ticket, hotel room engagement, garments, and etc.

1.6 Organization of survey

This research focal point chiefly on how recognition card usage by pupils of IPTA and besides IPTS.

This research undertaking compromises of 3 chief chapters. It consists of debut and background, literature reappraisal, and besides research methodological analysis.

The first chapter introduces the country of the survey that chiefly on the overview and background of the research and the construct of recognition card, its advantages and disadvantages, and overview of the old and current issues related to the subject, and followed by job statement of this survey. Problem statement is referred to a clear statement of the inquiry or issues that to be investigated with the end of happening and answer solutions.

The 2nd chapter is provides a reappraisal on the related literature on recognition card and the factors that can impact its use. Literature reappraisal is reappraisal of facts from past research workers who conducted theirs surveies on the same field ( use of recognition card ) in order to back up this research survey. The attempt to organize literature reappraisal was done by the information assemblage from the cyberspace, diaries article and other beginnings such as past researches diaries and articles that is critical to organize the literature reappraisal. The intent is to happen out all the facts, informations and information required to back up the subject selected. Besides that, this chapter besides includes the reappraisal of literature that explains the relationship between each independent variables and dependent variable.

The 3rd chapter presents the organized research methodological analysis by explicating the research techniques used in the aggregation and analysis of the study informations. It includes appellation model, country of survey, population sample size, informations aggregation methods are besides included, and placing the variables that consist of dependent variables and independent variables.


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