Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Computer.

In our present life everything is connected with computer technology. We use computers at home, work and we are often assisted by them in shops, banks, offices and many other places. People often do not see any disadvantages of having computers; I will try to show you good and bad sides of using them. In the first place, a computer is a really comfortable, convenient and helpful thing; it often makes lots of work for us which normally consumes plenty of time.

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Another useful thing is that computers now are often small and we can take them wherever we want. We can use them f. ex. in planes, restaurants or in same waiting rooms. An additional advantage of using the computer is that we can develop our computer skills and we can learn in this way. Now, there are many programs for learning, especially languages. On the other hand, computers have disadvantages too; the most important one is about destroying our eyesight. Computers do harm to our eyes, if we use them too much.

As a result, we can lose our sight and become blind. Although we can keep in touch with many people by computer it is possible to become a bad thing. People need to see others, we like being in groups and talking face to face. By communicators we cannot feel, touch and see our interlocutor. Summing up, computers are really comfortable and useful for us, but we must remember to use them in a reasonably way. Now, our world is so modern and we have to become friends with new technology even if we don? t want to.


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