Advantages and Disadvantages of Oligopoly Essay Sample

When the market is dominated by a few providers. it is termed as oligopoly. It can be observed in the telecasting industry of the United States. where the market is governed by a smattering of market participants. The advantages and disadvantages of this market signifier can be clearly demarcated.

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Oligopoly market signifier exists in the telecasting and media industry. wellness attention insurance industry. and cellular phone service industry of the United Sates. This is because each of these industries has a smattering of providers which portion the market. For illustration. around 89 % market of the cellular phone service industry is governed by four service suppliers viz. . T-Mobile. Nextel. Verizon Wireless and AT & A ; T. Rest 11 % is shared between other small-sized service suppliers. Before acquiring into the advantages and disadvantages. allow us foremost understand what an oligopolistic market agencies.

Oligopoly market construction involves few providers or houses which are comparatively big in size as compared to other houses in the industry. thereby developing significant market control. Due to this market control. these houses have the ability to act upon the full market. Predominating market participants are able to make barriers of entry for new entrants. thereby doing it hard for them to acquire into the concern. Even though the dominating participants are rather a few in an oligopolistic market. they do non hold the freedom to do their ain determinations. A house needs to take into consideration the reaction of other major participants in the market. Suppose. if a house decides to cut down its product’s monetary value to increase its market portion. it is rather possible that other major participants will besides cut down their monetary value. thereby haltering the scheme of the old house. Therefore. houses are mutualist on each other. Decisions made by one house are affected by the response of other participants. A firm’s success lies in its custodies every bit good as its rivals.

Advantages of Oligopoly
Large houses holding strong clasp over the market are able to do immense net incomes as there are few participants in the market. In oligopoly. many times. merchandises of two different competitory companies are derived out of one big house. Therefore. whichever company makes the net income. it eventually ends up as a net income of the parent house. Since companies in an oligopolistic market have full control over it. they are capable of make up one’s minding monetary values as per their pick. Though this pattern is illegal. it works in favour of these concerns. Dominant market participants normally make long-run net incomes in an oligopolistic environment. This is possible because the market does non let an old concern to increase its portion. It besides prevents new participants from come ining the market through several barriers of entry.

High net incomes generated by the companies can be used for invention and development of new merchandises and procedures. Oligopoly helps in take downing the mean cost of production of goods. as houses bring forthing similar goods can fabricate merchandises in coaction with each other. For clients. oligopoly is advantageous because they can easy do monetary value comparings among the few participants bing in the market. Easy monetary value comparing forces companies to put their monetary values competitively which is a positive point for clients. Stable monetary values in the market helps clients program and stabilise their outgo. which in bend may take to stabilisation of trade rhythm. Disadvantages of Oligopoly

Puting of monetary values may be advantageous for the houses. but if done unrealistically. it may turn out to be a great disadvantage for consumers. Creative thoughts or programs of little concerns in the oligopolistic market fail to recognize because they can non get the better of the control of major market participants. Their realisation is merely possible when one of the major participant adopts it for usage. Small concerns in an oligopolistic market fail to set up themselves as a trade name because most of the market is captured by larger houses. With the presence of small competition. dominant companies may non believe of bettering their merchandises.

Firms can non take independent determinations and ever have to see the positions of other dominant participants in the market. New houses can non come in the market easy due to assorted barriers of entry. The micro-economic end of just wealth distribution is non fulfilled as maximal net income is made by major participants merely. and little participants are left with small net incomes. Oligopolistic markets leave clients with less pick. However. if the industry is regulated by the authorities. consumers can rest assured that monetary values will be low-cost so as to accommodate a common man’s pocket. Oligopoly exists in many concerns. If used rationally. it can be advantageous for the clients every bit good as the concerns involved in it.


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