Advantages and disadvantages of communications technology Essay Sample

Communication Technology is term that describes any communicating device or application embracing any of the followers: nomadic phones. Television. wireless. computing machine and web hardware and package. satellite systems. every bit good as videoconferencing and distance acquisition. Communication Technology is more prevailing in our lives than of all time before in both personal and concern state of affairss. It is estimated that if Facebook was a state. it would hold more citizens than People’s Republic of China. It has to be noted that in today’s universe. people rely more to a great extent on electronic mail or facsimile than more traditional channels such as regular station. Companies use teleconferencing and e-mail extensively in order to pass on both: rapidly and expeditiously in order to prolong their competitory advantage. It goes without stating that communicating engineering has legion advantages ; nevertheless. it does non come without its costs. Advantages:

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Time: Employing communicating engineerings saves clip for both: persons and concerns. In concern universe clip peers money ; therefore it is indispensable for any company to hold a dependable and efficient communicating channel. Email ticks all the boxes as it is speedy. effectual every bit good as cost efficient. Equally. it is widely used by 1000000s of people worldwide in their societal environment Access: Communications engineering brings limitless possibilities in footings of entree to quality instruction. cost effectual shopping every bit good as anytime banking.

It is particularly of import to those who would usually be excluded from traditional signifiers of those activities such as the handicapped ( e-learning ) . business people with feverish agendas ( on-line shopping and teleconferencing ) or persons working long hours ( anytime banking. societal media such as Twitter or Facebook ) Costs: Employing communications engineering can significantly cut down cost to persons and concerns. Sending an electronic mail costs no more than a monthly broadband subscription whereas postal costs can be rather inordinate. Similarly. shopping online is likely to be cheaper than traveling to traditional high street stores. Furthermore. most e-colleges offer cheaper tuition fees and increased flexibleness compared to traditional universities.

Information security: We all know that computing machines and smartphones are prone to viruses and hacker onslaughts. Using communicating engineerings can compromise our personal and sensitive informations such as recognition card or bank inside informations or companies’ rational belongingss and confidential information. Everyone can increase their on-line safety by puting in quality antivirus package and a good firewall. Social isolation: Increased on-line presence means that traditional signifiers of contacts such as personal visits are greatly reduced in Numberss. Psychologists have already warned that deficiency of societal interaction among kids can adversely impact their societal and rational development. It can besides take to decrease interpersonal accomplishments among grownups. Malfunction: Like any modern engineering. computing machines. waiters or webs do halt to work from clip to clip. Equipment malfunctions can be particularly dearly-won to concerns. If airline’s web site clangs for a twenty-four hours. it can potentially take to 1000000s worth of lost gross.

To reason. communications engineerings are both utile and of import in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives at present. As discussed. they have the possible to do our lives easier and more convenient. There are ; nevertheless. certain hazards associated with this modern engineering and those include informations safety and societal isolation. I believe that it is of import to happen the right balance between communications engineering and traditional communicating channels to guarantee that we can both: benefit from the advantages and limit the hazards.


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