Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Primary Care Physician Essay Sample

1. A doctor is called to the intensive attention unit to supply attention for a patient who received second- and third-degree Burnss over 50 per centum of his organic structure due to a chemical fire. The patient is in respiratory hurt and is enduring from terrible desiccation. The doctor provides support for two hours. Subsequently that twenty-four hours the doctor returns and provides an extra hr of critical attention support to the patient.

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2. A 23-month-old baby with a bosom status presented to the ED. The doctor examined the baby and. after reexamining the patient’s history of a bosom status. ordered a conveyance to a forte cardiac infirmary. This forte infirmary is 150 stat mis off from the current infirmary. The physician accompanies the patient in the ambulance to supervise blood force per unit area and pulse oximetry and to reexamine portable ECG tracings. It takes 1 hr and 44 proceedingss to transport the patient to the cardiac infirmary.

3. A full-term male born with birth weight of 1400 gms is being monitored in PICU for respiratory and cardiac jobs. This is the 2nd twenty-four hours of his stay in PICU. and the baby is making good on O therapy. Code this 2nd twenty-four hours.

4. 75-year-old adult male with a medical history that includes BPH. HTN. and NIDDM nowadayss to his primary attention doctor for his six-month check-up. The patient is taking all prescribed medicines and needs a refill of his hypertensive medicine. The physician counsels the patient at this session on ways to cut down his prostate hypertrophy that include laser surgery and microwave therapy.

5. A 16-year-old outpatient who is a new patient to the office complains of terrible facial acne. The history and physical scrutiny are expanded job focused. The doctor must see related organ systems in add-on to the integumental system in order to handle the status. With minimum figure of diagnosings to see and the minimum sum of informations to reexamine. the physician’s determination devising is straightforward with respect to the intervention of this patient.

6. Dr. O’Donnel treated a 42-year-old male in the infirmary exigency section. The patient complained of right lower quarter-circle hurting and of experiencing swoon. Dr. O’Donnel documented a main ailment. a brief history of present unwellness. and a systemic reappraisal of the GI system and respiratory system. Dr. O’Donnel besides documented a complete scrutiny of all organic structure systems. which included all needed elements. Medical determination devising was of moderate complexness.

7. A full-term babe miss was born at a local community infirmary on 07/08. at which clip the infant’s APGAR tonss were 9 and 10 and the normal baby was examined prior to her admittance to the baby’s room. On the 2nd twenty-four hours of admittance ( 07/09 ) . the normal neonate was discharged place with her female parent. Code the discharge.

8. Dr. Williams treated a 9-month-old new female patient in the office for nappy roseola. An expanded job focused history and test were performed. and MDM was straightforward.

9. A 72-year-old patient with a history of chest malignant neoplastic disease has a leery mass in her womb. A biopsy was done. The finding was that the patient had a carcinoma in situ of the womb. The doctor who conducted the surgery called a face-to-face meeting with his fellow sawboness. the patient and the patient’s household and discussed the instance and the patient’s result for 30 proceedingss.

10. Dr. Martin provided 1 hr and 20 proceedingss of critical attention services to Jack Smithton. age 64. who is in the Intensive Care Unit with acute respiratory hurt syndrome 11.


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