Actions Speak Louder Than Words English Literature Essay

What you say and what you do can coexist or belie each other. Speech and actions define who a individual is. Peoples speak what they believe and act upon their values. Speech and actions can besides uncover a individual ‘s desires, purposes, and motives. Transfering these human emotions and looks to a drama are of import for character development and the realistic facets of the drama. These besides contribute to the formation of the secret plan. Without a drive force behind a character ‘s actions and address, the drama would function no intent. It would go an ground forces with no 1 to take it, for the book would merely roll aimlessly. The character Othello, Othello the Moor of Venice, and Hellena, The Banished Cavaliers, both display powerful forces driving their address and actions. Othello wishes to deliver his lover, Desdemona, from herself while Hellena is trying to get away the life that society is seeking to coerce upon her. Both characters ‘ desires, purposes, and motives contribute to the creative activity of the struggle in both dramas. This struggle leads to the flood tides and declarations. The driving force ( s ) of a character are what all dramas have in common, and what all people can associate to.

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In Act V, Scene II of Othello the Moor of Venice, the chief character Othello is contemplating whether or non he should take his dear ‘s life. He presents two statements before himself in order to warrant the picks he will do subsequently on. The first statement is his love for her. Part of him can non convey himself to believe that she has betrayed his love for her by demoing fondness towards Cassio. He states, “ It is the cause. Yet I ‘ll non cast her blood… ” ( Jacobus 249 ) . However, straight after this he presents himself with the 2nd statement: “ Yet she must decease, else she ‘ll bewray more work forces ” ( Jacobus 249 ) . He is torn in two between snuff outing her “ light ” and allowing her live. He wants to salvage non merely other work forces from Desdemona, but besides save her from herself. This is because he feels she is destructing the life they have constructed. He feels that this act of killing her is responsibility, but it so turns to jealousy: “ And mak’st me name what I intend to make a slaying, which I thought a forfeit ” ( Jacobus 250 ) . What starts out, in his head, as good purposes shortly leads down the way of devastation and sorrow. He ends up destructing the object of most importance in his life, his love for Desdemona. Othello is besides seeking to continue the love between them by stoping the “ wickedness ” he suspects. Although to him the love is already tainted, he feels that he can still salve the wreckage. This can be seen as the motive behind the murdering of his beloved. His desire is that Desdemona will atone and inquire for forgiveness of her “ wrong-doings. ”

Soon after Othello slayings Desdemona, he begins to repent his determination for uncertainty is gnawing at him: “ My married woman! what married woman! I have no married woman… Methinks it should be now a immense occultation of Sun and Moon, and that Thursday ‘ affrighted Earth should yawn at change ” ( Jacobus 250 ) . Soon after he discovers the truth, that Desdemona did non bewray his love but was setup by Iago. This acknowledgment of the truth signals to Othello that his clip is short: “ Here I my journey ‘s terminal… when we shall run into at compt ( concluding accounting, last judgement ) , this expression of thine will hurtle my psyche from Eden, and monsters will snap at it ” ( Jacobus 252 ) . Othello has determined that his life is at an terminal for the Acts of the Apostless he has committed. His slaying of Desdemona now motivates him to seek justness upon Iago and stop his ain being. However, he does non kill Iago, for he merely wounds him: “ ‘Iago: ‘I bleed, sir, but non killed. ‘ Othello: ‘I am non regretful neither. I’ld have thee live… ‘t is happiness to decease ‘ ” ( Jacobus 253 ) . Othello wishes Iago to populate, wounded, so he can non get away the hurting. Just as Othello can non get away the emotional hurting of his actions except through decease, Iago can non get away the penalty of his actions. Not much later Othello pang himself, stoping his life. Othello sees decease as an flight from the hurting and torture he will digest for his actions.

In Act I, Scene I of The Banished Cavaliers, Hellena has a treatment with her sister and brother about love. Her sister Florinda is to be married to Don Vincentio upon her male parent ‘s wants. Her brother wishes Florinda to get married the boy of Vincentio, Don Antonio. Hellena protests to this because both picks are against Florinda ‘s true desire: to get married Belvile. “ Pedro: ‘But what gems will that Cavalier ( Belvile ) nowadays you with? Those of his eyes and his bosom? ‘ Hellena: ‘And are non those better than any Don Vincentio has brought from the Indies ‘ ” ( Jacobus 321 ) ? Hellena is to go a nun within the yearss following a carnival. Although she will confront a life of vows and purdah, she counts it better to go a nun alternatively of being forced into a life ( matrimony ) she does non desire, like her sister. “ Is’t non plenty you make a nun of me, but you cast my sister off excessively, exposing her to a worse parturiency than a spiritual life ” ( Jacobus 322 ) ? She feels it is better to be entirely than to be with person you do non love. This is the ground for her choosing to go a nun.

Hellena and Florinda are seeking for true love and to do their ain determinations about their hereafters. They view the carnival as one last flight: for them to be themselves and do their ain determinations. They are traveling to make “ that which the universe does ” and “ be every bit huffy as the remainder and take all guiltless freedoms ” ( Jacobus 323 ) . Hellena ‘s address lines up with her actions in that she protests the determinations being made for her and her sister, and she decides to withstand her brother ‘s wants and go to the carnival for one last dark of freedom. Hellena ‘s motivations are to get away the appreciation society has on her life and her desires are to do her ain determination when it comes to love.

Both characters displayed strong volitions and motivations throughout the entireness of the dramas. Their motivations and desires drove their address and actions. Some actions they made led to feelings of sorrow and some satisfaction. The bulk of the clip, they spoke what they believed and acted upon what they said. A job that plagues many people today is moving upon what they say. Broken promises and lip service are merely two illustrations. There is something to be said about a individual who non merely talks the talk but besides walks the walk. It is easy for person to state they believe something, but it is harder to move upon that “ belief. ” Acting upon what is said reveals the truth.


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