Across a Hundred Mountains Notes and Quotes Essay

• Eleven-year-old Juana lives with her Ama and Apa in their small hovel at the outskirts of their small town in Mexico. • On the dark of a inundation. which enters their hovel. her female parent leaves Juana on top of the tabular array keeping the babe. Anita. to travel expression for her hubby.

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• Juana falls asleep and loses clasp of the babe. which drowns. Now in debt once more to the wealthiest adult male in the small town. Don Elias. who paid for the funeral. Apa decides to put on the line everything and travel to America to gain the money to pay off Don Elias.

• When no word comes from Apa – Miguel Garcia – the other villagers taunt Juana and her female parent. Lupe. with the horrid word: abandoned. But there’s still Don Elias to pay off. and there’s merely one thing he’s inquiring for and one thing Lupe can give: her organic structure.

• As her female parent declines further into guilt. depression. daftness and intoxicant. Juana ne’er gives up hope that her male parent is merely across the mountains. that he hasn’t disregarded or abandoned them. Her finding to happen him sees her travel to Mexico City. where she meets Adelina. who helps her discovery the prairie wolf that helped her male parent cross the boundary line Fictional characters

• Juana: A 12 old ages old miss with black hair. she was thin. really guiltless. hapless. aggressive and honest. She had a difficult life and ever felt guilty of the decease of her small sister. Her intent was to happen her male parent in “El otro Lado” . She is the chief character of this book and she will populate the hardest times of her life seeking to happen her losing male parent.

• Adelina: A more less 17 old ages old miss. she works as a cocotte. she lives in Mexico. She run off from his house because she fall In love of her fellow. and he was the 1 who introduce her in the harlotry concern. she is a friendly. good. honest and hapless individual.

• Miguel Garcia ( Apa ) : He was a campesino and he worked in the Fieldss seting and reaping harvests. He felt guilty of his small girl dead. He wants a better life for his household so he decided to travel to “El otro Lado” . and he died seeking it.

• Lupe ( Ama ) : A spiritual adult female who follows the Mexican traditions and prays a batch to the Virgen de Guadalupe. she has a long hair. loves her household. she was with a batch of score with Juana because of Anita’s dead. Later she became an destitute adult female. alcoholic and with mental

• Don Elias: A fat hog adult male who is the richest adult male in the town. everybody is afraid of him. he is the 1 who pay for Anita’s funeral. and the Garcia household owns him money. Is a abhorrent adult male with no values. he don’t attention of cipher. he merely attention of himself and he will make the necessary to acquire what he wants.

• Don Ernesto: A really good adult male who helped Adelina ( Juana ) . when she arrives to Los Angeles metropolis. subsequently he became like some sort of male parent figure to Adelina ( Juana ) . He offers the shelter as a impermanent house. but she breaks her concluding promise to him when she denies giving a opportunity to be happy with Sebastian.


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