ABO Blood Test to Determine Paternity Essay

The ABO blood trial was used in this lab to prove which of the three male parents is the blood male parent of Andrea. The blood trial that is closely related to the blood type of Andrea is the several blood male parent. Each blood sample was assorted with man-made anti-A. anti-B. and anti-Rh to prove for coagulating or non. Father # 3 and Andrea were the lone topics tested with Rh positive with all other topics Rh negative. ensuing in Father # 3 as the blood male parent.

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Table 1: Possible Child Blood Types
Table 1: Possible Child Blood Types

The intent of this lab is to find which male parent is the blood male parent of the kid. The female parent. Andrea. and three other male parents were tested by their blood type and Rh factor to find the blood male parent. The ABO blood trial determines the blood type of topics by the allelomorphs IA. IB. and I. The blood allelomorphs IA and IB are codominant over i. intending both of the allelomorphs are dominant over the recessionary I. The antigen with the Rh factor is determined by D as dominant or vitamin D as recessionary. with the Rh positive factor as dominant and the Rh negative factor as recessive. In the ABO blood trial. man-made blood samples and man-made serum of Anti-A. Anti-B. and Anti-Rh are assorted severally into a blood typing slide. If agglutination occurs as the samples are assorted. so the subject’s blood type is the respective A. B. or Rh factor. The male parent with the most closely related allelomorphs with Andrea is the blood male parent by proving June. the female parent. Andrea. and all the male parents.


The container phials with man-made blood samples each are severally the female parent. the kid. Father # 1. Father # 2. and Father # 3. Each of the several blood samples are used one time of all time round in the experiment. One of the blood samples is dropped into the blood typing slide under three labels ; A. B. and Rh. After using the blood sample. a bead of man-made serum blue ( anti-A ) is dropped into good A. Synthetic serum yellow ( anti-B ) is dropped into good B. Synthetic serum clear ( anti-Rh ) is dropped into good Rh. Using the respective colored toothpicks. each well is stirred and checked for agglutination ( coagulating ) . The blood typing slide is washed and re-used for the following blood sample.


Table 2: ABO Test consequences

In Table 2. merely Andrea and Father # 3 showed agglutination when anti-Rh was assorted with their blood sample. The June and Andrea both showed coagulating with anti-B serum. The kid showed agglutination in all of the undermentioned serums.

Table 3: Blood Group Determination Table

Table 3 resulted with Andrea’s blood type assumed as AB negative. Father # 3 was the lone 1 with a positive blood type. The Child has a Rh group of Dd incorporating the recessionary allelomorph vitamin D due to her mother’s Rh group being homozygous recessionary Doctor of Divinity. Father # 3 had a Rh group of D_ followed with an uknown allelomorph because no known factor can back up an exact 2nd allelomorph.


Father # 3 is the blood male parent of Andrea because in conformity to the lab consequences. Andrea was tested to hold a blood type of AB positive and the female parent as B negative. The lone possible blood types of a blood male parent from the consequences are blood types AB positive or A positive. Merely father # 3 showed a duplicate blood type to the following possible blood types. The lab consequences supported the fact that father # 3’s blood type was most closely related to Andrea’s blood type.


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Biology 240 Lab Handout. Lab 4: Multiple allelomorphs and the ABO blood type


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