Aarkstore – Whole Life Insurance in the UK, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2018

Aarkstore Enterprise
21th Novenber 2014Whole Life Insurance in the UK, Key Trends
and Opportunities to 2018
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Published: Nov 2014 | No. Of Pages: 58 Pages
PDF: $ 2795 | Site Licence : $ 5590 | Enterprise Wide Licence : $ 8385Synopsis
• The report provides market analysis and insights into the UK whole life insurance business.
• It also provides a snapshot of market size and dynamics.
• Furthermore, the report discusses key drivers, distribution channels and the outlook for the market.
• It also summarises deals, news and regulatory developments in the category.Summary
This report is the result of extensive research into the whole life insurance market in the UK, covering the
market dynamics, outlook and competitive landscape. It provides estimates of the market size and
forecasts for the whole life insurance market, and discusses key products and distribution channels. The
report also provides an overview of leading companies in the category, along with details of strategic
initiatives undertaken.Scope
• This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the whole life insurance market in the UK.Website : http://www.aarkstore.com/ Aarkstore Enterprise
• It provides historical values for the UK whole life insurance market for the report’s 2009–2013 review
period and forecast figures for the 2014–2018 forecast period.
• It offers estimates of new business premiums collected in the market.
• It provides an overview of market dynamics and drivers.
• It profiles top whole life insurers in the UK and outlines key challenges facing them.Reasons To Buy
• Gain an understanding of the UK whole life insurance market.
• Learn about the performance of market drivers, distribution channels and market dynamics.
• Explore types of products and key competitors in the category.
• Find out more on key deals and…

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