A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

“A Walk to Remember “

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Nicholas Sparks, one of the New York Time Best Selling Author wrote his 3rd novel entitled “ A Walk to Remember. ” It had been published in the twelvemonth 1999 of October under Warner Books. The book is about the narrative of a 57 twelvemonth old cat, and how he found his greatest love back when his 17. He tells how this love changes him in a manner he did n’t believe he should be.

The novel is written dedicated to his household, particularly to his sister Danielle Sparks Lewis who become his inspiration in composing the novel. The narrative is fictional but some scenes are based on existent life state of affairs. He applied the experience of its ain sister.


The narrative is about a cat named Landon Carter, who is at the age of 57. It’s about how his life alterations back when he was 17. He was Landon a recluse cat, but everything alterations when he asked Jamie Sullivan to be his day of the month on their school party. Jamie is a good miss. She ever carries a bible and ever wore her ugly sweater. They are wholly different but love is truly great. The twenty-four hours he came to inquire Jamie, he did n’t cognize that it will be the start of something new. Something he did n’t look frontward to go on. On how he fall in love with person named Jamie Sullivan.

Chemical reaction:

The first clip I ‘ve got interested about A Walk to Remember is when I ‘m in my 3rd twelvemonth of high school. I ever read narratives in wattpad and the writer ever reference it. They said that it was a great film which inspired them to compose their ain narratives. That clip I did n’t cognize it was a novel because they ever mentioned it as a film. I got a opportunity to watch it during my senior high, so it was great. Now, I needed to critic its book. At first, I did n’t desire to read it because I already know the flow of the narrative. What ‘s the usage right? But as I ‘ve read the book, I realized that I was so incorrect. The film is genuinely different from the book. Yes, it has the same construct but the flows of the scenes are wholly different. There are besides some scenes that are informational which was n’t shown in the film. Reading the novel is better than watching its movie. You merely need to conceive of that you ‘re on the narrative, and conceive of everything that is go oning.

I was astounded on how this novel makes me experience the same emotion when I watch its film. I even think I ‘ve shown more emotion now that I read it. It feels like it was all trade name new. I can still retrieve this citation from the book, “Love is ever patient and sort. It is ne’er covetous. Love is ne’er ill-mannered or selfish. It does non take discourtesy and is non resentful. Love takes no pleasance in other people ‘s wickednesss, but delectations in the truth. It is ever ready to pardon, to swear, to trust, and endure whatever comes. ” This has been my favourite line from the novel. That was n’t a simple citation, it has a deeper significance. It gives as an thought on what we need to make with our life. We must cognize the existent purpose why we are populating here, in this topographic point. We are non here to concentrate on ourselves but for us to be portion of the others life. To give them happiness, hope, and wisdom is our function in this universe.

A Walk to Remember wants us to remind that everything has its ain intents. Our life is ever on God’s manus. You merely necessitate to hold faith in him and give up everything to him. For certain, everything will takes topographic point.

This narrative demo how great can love is. Nothing is impossible that even miracle do come true.


A singular book had been written once more by Nicholas Sparks. He truly knows how to touch our Black Marias. He has showed us the kernel of life. On how powerful what we call love, that it can even make some miracle. This novel is a must read one. It has a subject that everyone can associate with.

Film Review

“Dead Poet Society”

Dead Poets Society is a movie directed by Peter Weir. This play movie was shown during 1989 starring Robin Williams. The narrative shows on how a instructor can populate a great impact to his pupils. And how can he alter the perceptual experience of his pupils. He besides tells his pupil on why they need to prehend the twenty-four hours.

Fictional characters:


Robin Williams as Mr. John Keating

Ethan Hawke as Todd Anderson

Robert Sean Leonard as Neil Perry

Josh Charles as Knox Overstreet

Dylan Kussman as Richard Cameron

Allelon Ruggiero as Steven Meeks

James Waterston as Gerard Pitts

Gale Hansen as Charlie Dalton


Norman Lloyd as Gale Nolan

Kurtwood Smith as Mr. Perry


The narrative started during the clip 1959. There is this cat named Todd Anderson who will take his senior high at Walton Academy. Walton Academy is a school for elite which offer prep get oning. Fortunately, his roomie is one of the most promising pupils at their school. Neil Perry became his roomie and the friend of Neil accepted him in their group. They are Calm Knox, Richard Cameron, Steven Meeks, Gerard Pitts, and Charlie Dalton.

At the first twenty-four hours of their category, they were surprised by Mr. John Keating. He is their new instructor in English which is an alumna of Walton. This pedagogue has a different manner of learning his pupil. While holding their lesson, he asked his pupils to stand on the desk, he even allow them walk in a courtyard with their ain manner. Keating besides instruct them to harvest out the pages of their book in poesy. He was the 1 who motivated the male childs to see the universe in a different position and prehend every twenty-four hours of their life.

Chemical reaction:

“ Gather ye rosebuds while ye may ” . The Latin term for this is carpe diem means seize the twenty-four hours. An extraordinary life to be with, an abundant life. A film that turns some of my perceptual experiences upside down. Not a merely movie but a wake-up call for everyone. A call for makeover. I adore Dead Poets Society for the ground that beyond the visual aspect is the idea of passion and a intent goaded life.

It thought me that accomplishing all of my ends in life is non merely the centre of everything because if there is a great things certainly there will besides be greater and greatest things in life. Invisible by bare eyes but clearly seen by the bosom. Just what Mr. Keating said, “ Yes so it is a conflict of war and the casualties could be our Black Marias and psyches ” . I was amazed at every scene because it was my first experience watching a movie wherein my focal point is non on the characters but what they want to import. I was besides caught by this inquiry, “ What will your poetry be? ” Truly, I meditate these words and asked myself if what poetry I can lend to this drama. To larn from the experience of the yesteryear, to bury what is behind and to enjoy every minute. Poetry is more than poesy, beyond them is the life. One of the lessons I learn is that we do hold different voices and I must endeavor to happen my ain voice.

Possibly some people find the Dead Poets Society movie a eldritch one but for me as I focus my attending on it, 1000s of my emotions is on slide and I ca n’t explicate it through words but all I can show is that it is glorious. We must prehend every measure we take. In our concluding minutes we all realize what life is all about. Do n’t wait until you ‘re on your deathbed to calculate out what matters most. To look things in different manner, it’s non truly a hazard but an escapade and possibly by seeking the things we thought is cockamamie can be the better 1. Stop playing and show who we truly are and what the desires of our Black Marias are. We can travel anyplace and can make anything and were non trapped in this life.


I have watched many movies but this one is something different. Tough I may state that the quality of the film is non that good, possibly because it has been shown long clip ago, but the message they want to convey is clear. It is something we need to retrieve and use in our day-to-day life. It was so interesting, affecting, and knowing. As a hereafter wise man, we must truly watch this sort of film. This film will assist educator to understand his/her pupils. It will give us thought on how to manage and how to hold a good relationship with your pupils. Someday, when I become a instructor, I will seek my best to be Mr. John Keating to my category.


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