A study on the Hershey Food Company

The Hershey Food Company was founded in 1905 by Milton S Hershey and went into populace in 1927. The Company has it ‘s headquarter in Hershey, Pennsylvania an unincorporated small town within Derry Township and employed some 6200 of the township ‘s 21,000 occupants.

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Aims of the Company

Twin ends behind the creative activity of the Hershey Food Company

1. To be a Pioneer in the mass production of cocoa.

2. To Create Utopian Community.

Milton Hershey Goal – To Make “ Sweetest Topographic point on Earth ”

Company trades in..

Following Chart Depicts the merchandise groups in which the company deals with.

Some of the popular trade names of Hershey Group in…

Control on the Market

Hershey Food command a big part of cocoa market, nevertheless since 2001 there is

increasing competition from Mars and Nestle, but still the company is determined to keep

it ‘s market portion.

Rivals at a glimpse

Red planets and Nestle are the rivals to the Hershey Food, in 2002 Mars a private

limited company holds about 27 % of the market whereas Nestle a populace

limited company holds 12 % of the market.

Both are more diversified companies dealt in cat and chase nutrient merchandises among non

cocoa points, had gross revenues of $ 64.3 billion and $ 16.2 billion in 2002.


Strategic Posture.

Strategic position of the company can be studied and analysed under four major caputs viz,

Current Mission

Current Aims

Current Schemes

Current Policies


Strategic position of the company can be studied and analysed under four major caputs viz,

Current Mission

Current Aims

Current Schemes

Current Policies


Keeping big part of Chocolate Market

In 2002 – Had Increasing competition from Mars and Nestle, but determined to keep

its market portion

Hershey Trust Company – Responsible for M S Hershey Foundation, the Milton S

Hershey School and the Milton Hershey School Trust

Puting off of 400 employees.

Refusal to let the school to publicize on Hershey Candy bars.


Current Mission: – To be pioneer in the mass production of cocoas

Positive Factors:

There is no alteration in the Mission of the company.

Mission statement paves the manner to take the production of cocoas in the cocoa industry.

Negative Factors:

Mission statement would hold included much more wide range, the same is confined to production of Cocoas


Adequate Attempts were non put-in to carry through Mission

Change in the strategic bearings has adversely affected the company in accomplishing its mission

Current Aim: To Make a Utopian community

Positive Factors:

An Overall development of the town

Negative Factors:

The Objective was strictly based on the premises


Less Practical to be after an Ideal Community.

Making a Utopian community is a imaginativeness of a community with some of the illusional factors which will ne’er be brought into being.

Current Scheme: – Addition in the “ Shareholders value ”

Positive Factors:

Addition in the Company ‘s Net income

Addition in the returns to the stockholders

Negative Factors:

Share holders going Board of Directors


Complete dilution of Board of Directors Authorities.

Company can non run on “ Whims & A ; Illusions ” of all the members.

Biased attack – menace to the development.

Current Policy: Cost Cutting and outsourcing.

Positive Factors:

Decrease in Administrative Cost

Decrease in Labor Cost

Decrease in Fixed Cost

Negative Factors:

Lay-off of the Employees ( Reducing the % age of Township-6200 )


A measure against the mission of the company




Board of Directors of the Company

Jon A Boscia, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lincoln Financial Group in Philadelphia, PA

Robert H Campbell, Chairman of Board and CEO of Sunoco, Inc. In Philadelphia, PA.

Gary P Coughlin, Senior Vice President and CFO of Abott Laboratories.

Bonnie G Hill, President of B Hill Enterprises in Los Angeles, CA.

J Robert Hillier, Chairman of the Board and Founder, The Hillier Group, Princeton.

John C Jamison, Chairman of Mallardee Associates, Williamsburg.

Richard H. Lenny, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Hershey Foods Corporation.

Mack J Mc Donald, Chairman, President and CEO of VF Corporation.

John M Pietruski, Chairman of Board of Texas Biotechnology Corporation.

Positive Factors:

Learned & amp ; Experienced Board of Directors

Board of Directors from different subjects

Negative Factors:

Relationship of the Company with the Trust

Devotion of Board of Directors

Payment and Status of the Directors


Company ‘s Board of Directors failed to keep good relation with Hershey Trust.

Lack of Willingness to postpone for the trust

Highly paid, possessing high position.


Positive Factors:

Top direction of the company consist the most experient and competent personals in their several Fieldss.

Top direction maintained the unity and trusts in the beginning of the old ages and builds up the elephantine imperium.

Negative Factors:

Top direction did non win in retaining the Board Member, as we can see the quitting of some of the experient managers.

Losing of the trust of the community in big and Board in specific, as ballots were casted to take Wolfe and Dick Zimmerman.


Top direction is responsible for the direction of daily concern, if we see the ratio analysis company ‘s top direction had non performed the duties casted on them.

Top direction has to reexamine some of the determinations made on puting off of employees in the name of cutting down the disbursals.



Positive Factors:

Provided Employment to most of the people of the Derry town

Governed by the School established for leaving instruction to Orphans.

Contributions made to the society of Derry Town ship by set uping different Entities, some to mention-Hershey School, Museum, Garden, Theatre & A ; community achieves.

Negative Factors:

Breakdown in the relationship between Community and Trust

Puting off of the Employees for cost film editing


Trust should recover the trust of the community


Corporate Structure

Positive Factors:

1.Diversified construction

2.Includes Non-Profit Organizations, such as Hershey School & A ; Hershey Foundation

Negative Factors:


Corporate Resource

I. Selling

Positive Factors:

Strong and dedicated selling squad.

Marketing scheme adopted by the company took it to the planetary degree.

Negative Factors:


Widespread popularity of the merchandises throughout the universe indicates that the selling schemes of the company were relevant and accomplishable.


Positive Factors:

Recruitment of competent employees.

Employment chances to the people of the town

Negative Factors:

Laying-off of the employees created pandemonium in the community


Healthy environment maintained by the Founder Mr. Hershey was non continued


Net Net income Ratio

Why we do profitability analysis?

An analysis of costs and gross to find whether or non a venture will do a net income, if so so how much. This is of import information in make up one’s minding whether to do an investing. The length of clip required to refund the initial investing can be a critical factor.


It measure the profitableness of a concern through an addition in ratio over the old period indicates the betterment in the operational efficiency of the concern provided the gross net income ratio is changeless.


Net Net income after Taxes/Net Gross saless



Addition in After-tax net incomes shows addition in the net income generated by each dollar of gross revenues every twelvemonth.

It besides indicates company ‘s concentrated and focussed attempt to increase the profitableness.

Changeless addition in the above ratio, twelvemonth after twelvemonth is definite indicant of bettering conditions of a concern.



It measures the rate of return on the entire assets utilised in the company.

It besides measures the direction ‘s efficiency.


Net Net income after Taxes/Total Assets



Decreasing tendency in the ratio of return on investing shows there is no optimal use of the assets of the company

It besides depicts direction ‘s in-efficiency in properly steering the company ‘s resources.



It measures the figure of times that average stock list of finished goods was sold

during a period of clip normally a twelvemonth.


Net Sales/Inventory



Analysis shows that, there is a addition in inventory gross revenues in the twelvemonth 2000 as

compared to the 1999, further in the twelvemonth 2001 the sale is increase, meaning

the company ‘s efficiency to increase the gross revenues.



It indicates company ‘s ability to pay its short term liabilities from short term assets


Current Assets/Current Liabilitiess



The ratio equal or near to 2:1 is construed as normal or satisfactory ratio, but in this instance current ratio is below the criterion.

High current ratio indicates that the company ‘s liquidness is satisfactory and it has the ability to pay its current duties in clip, whereas a comparatively low current ratio represents the liquidness place of the company is non good and therefore non able to pay its current liabilities in clip.

On an mean company ‘s current ratio is near to 2 and the same is non comparatively low, meaning satisfactory ratio of the company.



It measures the stock list balance, it besides measures the extent to which the shock absorber of surplus

current assets over current liabilities may be threatened by unfavorable alterations in stock list.


Cash + Cash equivalent/Current Liabilitiess




Measures the use of the company ‘s plus

Measures how many gross revenues are generated by each dollar of plus.


Sales/Total Asset



It is obvious from the graph there is increasing tendency in plus turnover ratio, that the assets are decently utilised for the intent of the bring forthing the gross revenues.

Higher the ration, greater is the concentrated or thorough use of the assets.

Company has proved its efficiency and net income earning capacity by optimal use of assets.

Average COLLECTION Time period


It indicates mean length of clip in yearss that a company must wait to roll up a sale after doing it.


Histories receivable/Sales ? 365



The mean aggregation period is runing from 28 yearss to 33 yearss, this is good mark,

as the debt aggregation period is short and besides implies that the debitors are prompt

is payment.



Indicates mean length of clip in yearss that the company takes to pay its recognition purchases.


Histories payable/Purchases ? 365



The mean payment period is runing from 18 to 22 yearss, it signifies that the company

is non taking the full advantage of recognition installations provided by the creditors.



It indicates the rate of return on the book value of shareholders’total investing

in the company


Net net income after taxes/Shareholders’equity.



Tax return on Equity ratio is a meaningful ratio the stockholders who are acute in cognizing the net incomes earned by the company and besides those net incomes which are made available as dividends.

The same is used for inter house comparing, to find whether the investings in the house is attractive or non, as the investors would wish to put merely where the return is higher.



It measures the cost of operations per dollar of gross revenues.


[ ( Cost of goods sold+operating disbursals ) /Net Gross saless ] *100



Operational ratio depicts the operational efficiency of the company.

Lower operating ratio shows the higher operating net income and frailty versa

An operating ration runing from 75 % to 80 % is by and large considered as criterion for fabrication concerns.

In the above instance the ratios are above the criterion, it means the company has good operational efficiency.


The Net Net income of the company has decreased continuously from 1999 to 2001 continuously. The ratio was 0.12 in the twelvemonth 1999 and it has come down drastically to.05 in the twelvemonth 2001.

In the instance of return on investing the ratios were 0.14, 0.10 and 0.06 from the twelvemonth 1999, 2000 and 2001 severally, it has besides been decreased significantly, raising a inquiry on the efficiency of the direction with regard to under use of the assets of the company in coevals of the net incomes.

Inventory Turnover ratio shows the figure of times that average stock list of finished goods was sold during a period of clip normally a twelvemonth, a consistent growing in the ratio was noticed twelvemonth by twelvemonth in stock list turnover ratio, The ratios were 6.59, 6.97 and 8.90 for the twelvemonth 1999,2000 and 2001 severally.

Current ratio of the company lies near to the standard ration of 2:1, the ratio being 1.80, 1.69 and 1.93 for the twelvemonth 1999, 2000 and 2001 severally. This indicates that company needs to heighten its ability to pay its short term liabilities from the short term assets.

The stock list to networking capital has well decreased in the twelvemonth 2000 as compared to the ratio in the twelvemonth 1999 and once more it has increased to the same ratio in the really following twelvemonth i.e. , 2001, The ratios are 0.19, 0.04 and once more 0.19 for the twelvemonth 1999,2000 and 2001 severally.

It is been ascertained that there is increasing tendency in plus turnover ratio, bespeaking the proper use of the assets for the intent of the bring forthing the gross revenues. The ratios are 1.19, 1.22 and 1.40 demoing a uninterrupted addition for the old ages 1999, 2000 and 2001 severally.

Average aggregation period ratio indicates mean length of clip in footings of yearss that a company must wait to roll up the sum of sale taken topographic point after doing the same, The mean aggregation period in the instance of Hershey Foods Company ranges from 28 yearss to 33 yearss, this is good mark, as the debt aggregation period is short and it besides implies that the debitors make the payment quickly, without any hold.

There is triangular fluctuation in instance of Accounts collectible ratio, being 21.17, 22.04 and 18.22 for the twelvemonth 1999,2000 and 2001 severally, in the last twelvemonth of operation in the period considered, the same has drastically come down from 22.04 to 18.22. The mean payment period adopted by the company in dispatching the creditors ‘ liability ranges from 18 to 22 yearss, it shows that the company is non using the full advantage of recognition installations provided by the creditors.

There is deep diminution from 0.42 to 0.18 with a periodical distance of 1 twelvemonth that is from the twelvemonth 1999 to the twelvemonth 2001. This ratio in peculiar is of much concern to the portion holders who keep an oculus on the profitableness of the company since the same forms the base for the dividend distribution. In this instance company has failed to keep the consistent profitableness ratio since it has experienced the diminution in the return on equity ratio.

Although operating ratio has experienced a autumn in the twelvemonth 2000 but the same has recovered in the really following twelvemonth 2001, the value in 1999, 2000 and 2001 are 85.94, 85.25 and 86.36 severally.


Hershey Food Company has got good range to be a prima cocoa maker in the universe as it controls major portion in the cocoa market, holding accelerated chocolate productiveness and production.

Areas of Concern in peculiar recommended.

The countries on which company should specially concentrate can be listed as below.

Decrease in the administrative, selling & A ; Distribution and other disbursals.

Reappraisal of the determination taken with regard to the divestment.

Reappraisal in the determination taken for shuting the workss.

Use of the company ‘s assets in the best possible mode as mentioned and discussed above.

Addition in the recognition period available from the creditors.

Enhancement of company ‘s ability to pay or dispatch its short term liabilities.

Some of the other related recommendations would be this administration being a innovator in cocoa fabrication industry functioning the society in a larger graduated table and diversified concern which includes non net income doing administration like school for orphanhood. The company confronting crunch in the profitableness we recommend that the company should work to at least increase the portion holders ‘ value. In position of the same, the undermentioned recommendations are made.

If the company has got any idle capacity, it is advisable to use the same to pitch up the earning capacity. Recover the assurance and trust of the community of Derry Township.

The company should seek to the degree best to cut down the disbursals heightening the company ‘s profitableness and return on investing as both the factors have an considerable impact on the portion holders and prospective investors determinations, since the company is looking frontward to increase the stockholders value.

Though the return on investings is non satisfactory, the company has got ample of capital assets which can be utilized to rectify the inauspicious state of affairss faced by the company.


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