A Space Odyssey Film Analysis English Language Essay

A Space Odyssey revolves around the subject of development. This is a narrative about how adult male is overwhelmed by engineering. The narrative follows the development of adult male from adult male ape. The movie besides takes into history worlds evolution in to the hereafter which involves worlds making Artificial intelligence. This thought develops out of worlds use of the tool and finally germinating beyond their biological demands. HAL represents this development but besides warns of the jobs that can originate when adult male creates unreal life. HAL ‘s malfunction is one such job that warns of the promotion of engineering where worlds do non hold full control. HAL begins to believe on its ain and digress from its original scheduling. HAL besides shows marks of development as he begins to demo emotion that he was non programmed to hold. HAL becomes cognizant of himself and acts to do picks. This can be seen as HAL acts to support himself for his continued being. Stanley Kubrick is able to turn to the thought of development through particular effects. This can be seen as the effects for the clip of the movie were realistic with the representation of outer infinite. This was one of the first movies to picture no sound in infinite. This movie raised inquiries about the relationship between worlds and unreal life. Kubrick is besides able to carry through a manner of acquiring the relationship between human and engineering across with small to no duologue in the movie. He attempts to portray events visually or with sounds that would hold normally been used through duologue.

The footing of 2001: A Space Odyssey is that adult male has reached a point technologically with their tools that the following development measure would be consciousness of unreal life. This can be seen through the HAL 900 computing machine. HAL is an unreal intelligence and an onboard computing machine of the starship Discovery. HAL is capable of address and emotion. HAL 9000 ‘s voice is soft but is able to mime human emotions which is really eerie. HAL maintains the ships functionality while the crew act as mechanics make the crew seem about disused as Kubrick intimations at the terminal of human development through engineering.

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The movie ‘s effects add to the subject of human development. The images of people walking upside down inside the Windowss of the winging starship gave great usage of the camera angles. This image was a favourite of mine that added to the subject of human development. The movie besides used the effects of the monolith as a turning point in the history of adult male. The realisation of this monolith gives manner to the devising of arms finally taking worlds into infinite. As nature is replaced with engineering a sense of individualism is lost and worlds have no emotion. This movie demonstrates a universe that has sacrificed wisdom for cognition. The monolith shooting gives the spectator an illustration of utilizing lines to direct the oculus to a specific point. This is a good particular consequence that stood out. The music adds to the imagination that emphasizes how large the universe truly is. The first scenes of infinite are enhanced by a classical soundtrack. When interior, the soundtrack is lively. However, outside things are soundless.Kubrick ‘s pick of music ranged from conventional to odd. As a consequence, the music fit the plot line. The character public presentations in the show are robotic. The spacemans seem to merely be janitors and seem unneeded to the overall mission. This does add to the consequence in the film. The first characters are of prehistoric Earth and are apelike. An foreigner monolith appears to them and they rapidly evolve to utilize tools and arms. The movie pioneered front projection in mainstream film production. This can be seen with the weightless scene unpluging HAL. The disjunction of HAL was one of the cardinal shootings in the film. The movie was a innovator in front projection in mainstream film production. This can be seen with the weightless scene unpluging HAL. The disjunction of HAL was a memorable screen changeable worth observing. All in all, the many effects in 2001: A Space Odyssey add to the subject of development.


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