A Separate Peace Essay

In the opening transition of A Separate Peace. John Knowles utilizes personifications. similes. and metaphors in order to make a glooming and brooding temper. At the beginning of the book. Gene Forrester is sing his old high school. The Devon School. and the school ironically looks newer and more improved. As he explores this new school. a temper of somberness and contemplation is created. A personification such as. “Now here it was after all. preserved by some considerate manus with varnish and wax” aids lend to the temper of somberness and darkness because Gene didn’t like the school’s new visual aspect. He says. “I didn’t wholly like this calendered new surface” at the beginning of his visit. This shows that he wants to hold a sense that clip has passed the unpleasant events when he was go toing high school.

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Therefore. he feels bothered at how new and varnished the school looks. as if it had been frozen in clip since the yearss when he attended the school. He wanted things to be different from when he was a pupil to the present as an grownup. The marble stairss besides are something that he finds every bit distressing. for it makes them look “the same as of all time. ” The most baleful point of view of these observations for Gene is what they imply about him: that the transition of clip hasn’t changed him either. The simile. “preserved good along with it. like stale air in an unopened room. was the well-known fright which had surrounded and filled those days” shows that there had been fear at Devon all along and there still is even while Gene visits the school. It contributes to the temper because as Gene walks around the school. he can experience that fright. and they triggered flashbacks of his school yearss taking to painful memories.

Gene says. “Looking back now. I could see with great lucidity the fright I had lived in” and that he felt “fear’s echo” which represents the recollection of the temper that overshadowed everything in those yearss. He is surprised to detect that. someplace along the manner. the fright has left him. without him even detecting. “The tree was enormous. an irate. steely black steeple” is a metaphor that describes the tree that Gene discovers after seeking for a piece. The tree played a major function in his high school yearss. It has stayed the same over the past old ages with its limb hanging over the tree. its other dilutant limb near by. and its surging black bole set with unsmooth wooden nog. As an grownup. he besides imagines it as a “huge lone spike” or an “artillery piece. ” and he realizes he has changed and grown past its ability to specify or frighten him.

It’s a symbol of the unworried joy and peculiar frights of male childs. and as the male child turn into work forces. they can go forth those frights behind. It is more important because of the alteration it represents. instead than the fright that it infuses into Gene. The tree is proof that “Nothing endures. non a tree. non love. non even a decease by force. ” Literary devices are used by the writer to assist set up temper in the beginning. A personification is used to assist explicate how daunted Gene is by the betterment of the school and how that reminds him that clip can’t alteration everything. The simile is used to demo the fright that lives inside the school and how it haunts Gene. The metaphor shows that nil stays the same. and that’s when Gene realizes that “the more things stay the same. the more they change after all” . These devices used by the writer overall helped develop a somberness and brooding temper.


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