A Rose for Emily: the Metaphor Like the Fallen Monument Essay

Emily Grierson is described as little and fat aged adult females. She seems to be angry and baffled. She’s ever been a alone individual. she ne’er went outdoors much. She is a really cryptic character. Colonel Sartorisis the former Mayor of Jefferson. His is really generous because after Emily’s father died he does non coerce her to pay revenue enhancements. Tobe is Emily’s retainer. He is African American. his voice is rusty for the deficiency of usage. For old ages he took attention of her and her demands. After Emily dies. He leaves and ne’er returns. Judge Stevens is the Mayor of Jefferson. He feels bad for Emily. and he does non nother her with the ailments. He merely sprinkles calcium hydroxide on her pace at dark. Homer Barron was known as a amusing adult male in the town. He helped with the building. The townsfolk said he was non a adult male to get married. but he took Emily out on roadsters drives on Sunday Afternoons. He is killed by Emily. Part two:

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1. The metaphor used in the first paragraph to depict Miss Emily is “A fallen memorial. ” 2. The house is personified in the 2nd paragraph by when the writer describes it as coquettish. 3. In 1894. Colonel Sartoris told Miss Emily that she did non hold to pay revenue enhancements because her male parent had given money to the town. 4. On the following twelvemonth the new coevals of town leaders mailed her revenue enhancement measures. 5. In the 6th paragraph. Faulkner describes Emily has a short. fat aged adult female with a cane. He describes her as bloated and pale with coals as eyes. 6. At the beginning of Part two. Emily’s male parent had been dead for about 30 old ages. 7. The neighbours are kicking about a ghastly olfactory property. Judge Stevens said its likely from a rat or snake her retainer killed. 8. Miss Emily told her visitants after the twenty-four hours her male parent died. that he was still alive.

9. Homer Barron started to day of the month Miss Emily. He was in town for building. 10. The townsfolk thought she was traveling out of her category dating Homer. but in a manner they were happy to see her with person. 11. Miss Emily purchased a silver lavatory with his initials on it and a dark gown to convert the townsfolk they were acquiring married. 12. The last tie the townsfolk saw Homer Barron was when he is seen come ining her house on eventide.

13. The work forces had sprinkled lime around her pace in portion two because they intended to acquire rid of the olfactory property and thought the acids would assist if there was something decaying in the pace. 14. In the certain room that no 1 has been in 40 old ages. the townspeople find Homer Barron’s break uping organic structure and the room is frozen in clip. 15. Miss Emily poisoned Homer Barron with Arsenic that she bought to “kill rats. ” I believe the writer decided to go forth a 2nd pillow with a strand of Emily’s hair on it to go forth the reader believing about how the hair got at that place.


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