A Review Of Wal Mart Marketing Essay

For doing this assignment I have selected Wal-Mart as my subject. Wal-Mart is one of the big renewed concatenation ace stores. Wal-Mart serves clients and members more than 200 million times per hebdomad that is more than 8,159 retail units under 55 different streamers in 15 states. During financial twelvemonth 2009 holding gross revenues of $ 401 billion, Wal-Mart employs more than 2.1 million associates worldwide.

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1.2 Company ‘s Principle:

Wal-sMart has been basking success by adhering to three basic rules after its beginning in 1962. The first rule is the construct of supplying value and service to their clients by offering first-class ware at low monetary values everyday. The 2nd rule is corporate committedness to a partnership between the Company ‘s associates ( employees ) , ownership and direction. The 3rd and last rule is a committedness by Wal-Mart to the US and the communities in which shops and supply lopes are located. Wal-Mart battles to carry on its concern in an attack that reflects these three basic rules and the attendant primary values.

1.3 Company ‘s Profile:

Wal-Mart was established in 1962 by the Walton brothers, former employees of Ben Franklin supermarket, at present Wal-Mart is the top supermarket group in the universe. With what has become a existent imperium of more than 5,300 superstores, supermarkets and shops, Wal-Mart gives out every merchandise we need in life ( from nutrient to beauty merchandises, jointly with apparels, electronics, domestic contraptions, athleticss equipment and so on ) whether it be under the Wal-Mart name or under that of SAM ‘s Club, a members-only shop dedicated to SMEs and the general populace, or that of ASDA in Great Britain. Not to advert its online gross revenues service. Originally aiming at set up shops in moderate-sized towns in the United States, Wal-Mart has since taken on the planetary market, from Mexico, Brazil, and Canada to Great Britain, every bit good as Japan with the 2002 take-over of Seyu, the fifth-placed Nipponese supermarket concatenation, without burying Europe with the Great-Britain and the Germany.

1.4 Company Product ‘s:

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. like most big retail and food market ironss offers shop trade name by and large referred to as house trade names or generic trade names, which are low-cost options to call trade name goods. Wal-Mart has assorted shop trade names, each catering to a different consumer demand or desire. About all merchandises offered under Wal-Mart trade names are private label merchandises, and can be found in about every class at Wal-Mart.

1.5 Company ‘s Mission:

Through careful hunt, I have found that Wal-Mart does non officially have a mission statement. In retrospect, the mission statement is its ‘ motto, “ Always low monetary values, ever! ” The CEO of the company has said that people are non concerned with their mission statement every bit much as they are their monetary values.

Here is Wal-mart ‘s mission statement: “ Wal-mart mission is to heighten and incorporate our supplier diverseness plans into all of our procure

Practices and to be an advocator for minority- and women-owned concerns. ”

‘To give ordinary common people the opportunity to purchase the same thing as rich people ‘

1.6 Company ‘s Structure:

Sometimes I find myself reading through the tribunal paperss for cases filed against Wal-Mart. Generally those paperss are filled with a clump of refuse sitting as factual information. Rarely, though, some interesting information is found. Below is a description of Wal-Mart ‘s operating construction that was published in a tribunal papers in the twelvemonth of 2003. The lone advantage reading the text here is that I removed all of the legal cross mentions and footers to do the text that is clear. The followers should be taken with a grain of salt in that this information was produced from an anti-Wal-Mart case and does non come from the company ‘s official filings.

1.7 Company ‘s Vision:


Approximately 1,000 oculus hurts occur in American workplaces each twenty-four hours, caused by employees because of non have oning oculus protection or have oning the incorrect sort of oculus protection for the occupation. Flying atoms, winging or falling objects, or objects singing from a fixed or attached place ( like tree limbs, ropes, ironss or tools ) are merely some of the jeopardies that show the manner to accidents.


Detect a simple, cost-efficient manner for a company to supply vision benefits for the employees of a company without the complexnesss of an insurance vision program. The Opti-Direct plan can intend an mean nest eggs of more than $ 70 per twelvemonth, per employee in comparing to a customary vision insurance program.


This plan is planned for the employer interested in the traditional funded vision insurance plan. It comprises comprehensive oculus tests, a quality aggregation of lenses and frames or contact lenses, and paperwork-free covering out for participants who use services within the web.

1.8 Company ‘s Features:

Wal-Mart is about surely non an case of pure competition. Pure competition is characterized by a really big figure of Sellerss – each with an about infinitesimally little market portion – selling a non-differentiated merchandise. Wal-Mart ‘s market portion is tremendous and they distinguish their merchandise through stigmatization steps that include mundane low monetary values, convenient hours, etc. There can be difficult competition in every market construction ( except monopoly ) but that does non intend that the market meets the definition of pure competition.

2.1 Selling Environment:

Wal-Mart concern policy is based on the selling environment, that ‘s why they think about the selling environment and that focal point on the micro-environment and macro environment and after analysis the environment Wal-Mart established their concern worldwide.

The micro-environment: Suppliers, selling mediators, client markets, rivals, and populaces are the chief component of micro-environment. Demotes to the forces that are non merely related to the organisation but besides holding an consequence on its service its clients. Aspect of microenvironment of the company demotes to the domestic environment of the company.

The macro-environment: Macro environment drama a impotent function and that can be demotes to all forces that are portion of the larger civilization and influenced by the microenvironment. Macro-environment is mail focal point on human ecology, economic system, natural forces, engineering, political relations, and civilization are included by it. Demography which refers to analyzing human populations in footings of size, denseness, location, age, gender, race, and business. There is another facet of the macro environment that is economic environment.

2.2 Wal-Mart few scheme are match with Porter ‘s five forces: 2.2 Wal-Mart few scheme are match with Porter ‘s five forces:

Porter ‘s has given five forces that include – 1.three forces from ‘horizontal ‘ competition: menace of replacement merchandises, the menace of established challengers, and the menace of new entrants as good ; and 2.Two forces from ‘vertical ‘ competition: the dickering power of providers and the bargaining power of clients excessively.

This five forces analysis is merely a portion of the completed Porter strategic theoretical accounts. The other elements are thevalue concatenation and thegeneric schemes.

Conventionally, the tool is used for designation whether new merchandises, services or concerns have the possibility to be profitable.

The menace of entry: The menace of entry:

Wal-Mart follows the Economicss of graduated table. The handiness of natural stuff and Wal-Mart ever concern about natural stuff, easiness of entree to provide channels of depends on. The high or low cost of entry.

Cost advantages non related to the size of the company.

The Power of purchasers: The Power of purchasers:

Power of purchaser means the ability of client to by the merchandise, if the cost provider is low. This is high competition to bring forth maximal choice merchandise with minimal cost.

The power of providers: The power of providers:

Power is high where the trade name is powerful e.g. Wal-mart, Cadillac, Pizza Hut, Microsoft.

Where the shift costs are high e.g. exchanging from one package provider to another.

Customers are fragmented ( non in bunchs ) so that they have small bargaining power e.g. Gas/Petrol Stationss in distant topographic points.

There is a possibility of the provider incorporating frontward e.g. Brewers purchasing bars.

The menace of replacements: The menace of replacements:

Competitor ever try to bring forth replacements at sensible monetary value, that ‘s why Wal-Mart should be believe about the replacements merchandise.

2.3 Product Life Cycle: 2.3 Product Life Cycle:

‘Product Life Cycle ‘ is normally known as the phases through which single merchandises develop.

The authoritative merchandise life rhythm has four phases: The authoritative merchandise life rhythm has four phases:

( 1 ) Introduction, ( 2 ) Growth,

( 3 ) Adulthood, and ( 4 ) Decline.

PLC illustrated in the diagram below-

Introduction Growth Maturity Decline

2.4 Boston Consulting Group ( BCG ) matrix: 2.4 Boston Consulting Group ( BCG ) matrix:

There is a simple tool given for measuring a company ‘s topographic point relation to others in footings of its merchandise scope. This is a 2×2 matrix plotting market portion against market growing.

In this Matrix Quadrants, the home base is divided 4 classs named

A. Star B. Cash Cow C. Question Mark D.Dog

Why usage it?

A company can be helped by the BCG matrix believing about the portfolio of merchandises and services which it offers and do determinations.

In initial audit audience to place merchandise development chances.

The company so plans its merchandises on the matrix – for an case a merchandise in a fast lifting market in which it has a low portion would look in the top left manus country, whilst one in which it had a high market portion but where the market was turning easy would look in the bottom right.

To assist the analysis and excite the subsequent treatment the BCG theoretical account offers four descriptions of the product/market combinations which might be found:

Stars: Is stand for a raising place for the selling and that is giving a positive mark for the company. In this status finished merchandise and service which the company has a high portion of the market and the market is turning.

Cash cattles: In this status company already chapter the market and make a place and supply a result, that can be the company has a high market portion but where the market is mature and slow growth or even worsening. Than the state of affairs is come to do determination.

Dogs In competitory keeping star place is really hard, when market is merchandises where the company has low market portion and where the market itself is non turning. These should be dropped from the portfolio to let go of financess for investing in more attractive chances.

Question Markss are those merchandises in which the company ahs low portion but where the market is get downing to take off or has important growing potency. They need to be watched closely and investing maintained to maintain a presence since they could go tomorrow ‘s starts – but every bit the dedication should non be excessively high since they could besides turn out to be tomorrow ‘s Canis familiariss!

2.5 An off matrix: Harmonizing to this theory wal-mart ever utilize this that why they try to show new and bing merchandise and bing market.

Showing that:

Basically lower hazard options are merchandise or market add-on

And highest hazard option is variegation.


Wal-Mart ever tries to show something new for their client, that ‘s why they maintain promotional scheme and analysing the market demand ever thinks about their rival. Because wal-mart market is more environmentally friendly organized every bit good as to increase the benefits of its workers. The attack is possible even more publically than other retail merchants in the industry.

2.6 SWOT analysis:

SWOT Analysis OF Wal-Mart:

SWOT stands for strengths, failings, chances, and menaces. Strengths and failings are internal factors. Opportunities and menaces are external factors.

These are shown in below.











Wal-Mart is a powerful retail trade name. It has a repute for value for money, convenience and a broad scope of merchandises all in one shop.

Wal-Mart has grown well over recent old ages, and has experienced planetary enlargement ( for illustration its purchase of the United Kingdom based retail merchant ASDA ) .

The company has a nucleus competency affecting its usage of information engineering to back up its international logistics system. For illustration, it can see how single merchandises are executing country-wide, store-by-store at a glimpse. IT besides supports Wal-Mart ‘s efficient procurance.

A focussed scheme is in topographic point for human resource direction and development. Peoples are cardinal to Wal-Mart ‘s concern and it invests clip and money in developing people, and retaining a developing them.


To take over, merge with, or organize strategic confederations with other planetary retail merchants, concentrating on specific markets such as Europe or the Greater China Region.

The shops are presently merely trade in a comparatively little figure of states. Therefore there are enormous chances for future concern in spread outing consumer markets, such as China and India.

New locations and shop types offer Wal-Mart chances to work market development. They diversified from big ace Centres, to local and mall-based sites.

Opportunities exist for Wal-Mart to go on with its current scheme of big, ace Centres.










Wal-Mart is the World ‘s largest food market retail merchant and control of its imperium, despite its IT advantages, could go forth it weak in some countries due to the immense span of control.

Since Wal-Mart sell merchandises across many sectors ( such as vesture, nutrient, or stationary ) , it may non hold the flexibleness of some of its more focussed rivals.

The company is planetary, but has a presence in comparatively few states Worldwide.


Bing figure one means that you are the mark of competition, locally and globally.

Bing a planetary retail merchant means that you are exposed to political jobs in the states that you operate in.

The cost of bring forthing many consumer merchandises tends to hold fallen because of lower fabrication costs. Manufacturing cost have fallen due to outsourcing to low-priced parts of the World. This has lead to monetary value competition, ensuing in monetary value deflation in some scopes. Intense monetary value competition is a menace.



Selling is the key to derive success in concern so it is really of import to be after selling construction and implement them decently as the organisation can accomplish their ends and aims.


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