A Review Of The Environment Analysis Marketing Essay

The current market is dining with possible consumers for a merchandise of our sort. In Phagwara there are 896,344 people with 185,951 located in Jallandhar. 340,597, or over 40 per centum of the population, are High School alumnuss and 91,722 are college alumnuss, approximately 11 per centum, which proves that this is a significant market of educated consumers

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The average family income for Phagwara is Rs36,979. The population of Ludhiana is 357,390 and the high school graduation rate is 44.4 % , 159,027 people. Ludhiana besides has a college alumnus population of 13.8 % which is approximately 49,454 citizens. The average family income of Ludhiana is higher than Phagwara at Rs 43,061.

Competitor Review: Diesel Jeans, whose current run is “ For Successful Living, ” is known for their high-strung Italian interior decorator position and entreaty. Seven Jeans run, “ For All Mankind, ” has high profile interior decorator attractive force. The merriment, “ Populate Your Life, ” run from Indian Eagle lucifers their reasonably priced outerwear for the high school/college demographic. Each company mentioned has a really strong run and really good clasp of their market portion in the fashion/ denim industry. The failing of all the companies is that none are as versatile, in manner or tantrum as Lucky, and they seem to reproduce the same two or three tantrums of denims compared to Lucky ‘s seven to eight systematically great fit and manner.

Company Reappraisal: Presently, Lucky Brand Jeans in the Greater Jallandhar country seems to provide to educated in-between to upper category adult females aged 30 to fifty-nine. The company has a really strong and committed patronage, but would wish to derive a greater market portion in the younger and more active demographic between the ages of 18 to 29. Lucky ‘s current communications runs are “ India ‘s finest ” and “ Buy a brace, do it today, ” rooting to a great extent in national pride and individuality.

Company History: Lucky Brand Dungarees were established in 1991 by Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman, who both owned denim shops in Miami back in 1972. The Lucky Brand label has since seen a great sum of market portion and is known today as one of the “ hottest Indian jean trade names ” . The high quality trade name makes premium denim cloths with advanced washes and coatings that sell at a premium monetary value. Lucky is best known for their superior manner and tantrum, which have attracted both work forces and adult females ages 15 to 54 with bulk of gross revenues coming from the 18 to 34 section. Lucky is rather a alone trade name as they do non open its distribution excessively widely or rapidly. They prefer that demand exceeds supply. In 1999 Lucky partnered with Liz Claiborne and have focused on spread outing on both retail locations and their e-commerce site. With premium pricing, modern styling, narrow distribution and focused selling schemes, the company is looking to licence its trade name in other major classs.

Target Market

Our mark market can be briefly summed up as college pupils or educated persons. We will be concentrating on the 18 to 34 age demographic, with a college grade, and a average overall income of Rs51,401 shacking in Jallandhar and Ludhiana.

In Ludhiana and Phagwara there are 1.2 million people, of which 900,000 belong to Phagwara and the staying three-hundred 1000 belong to Ludhiana. The average family income in Ludhiana is Rs43,061 and the average family income in

Phagwara is Rs36,979. The average family income of the two mark counties is Rs38,713 With a big figure of colleges and universities in the country for alumnas and pupils, the prospective mark market is rather big. Concentrating on the LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY entirely, the current pupil mark market is 47,226 pupils, which does non include the many university alumnas.

Our consumers will be from an educated background, specifically college, and typically come from a broad fiscal scope. Approximately 22 % of Floridians are educated, which provides for a big footing for enlargement. Our mark market is simplified by using the Phagwara and Ludhiana current pupil alumni statistics.

Marketing Aim

To increase trade name consciousness by 35 % within one twelvemonth and create higher gross revenues in the Winter Park and Millenia shops.

Communication Objective

To exemplify that Lucky Brand is the best adjustment and most various pick for denims and dress. Besides to place Lucky Brand as the denim of pick for our mark demographic by showing that Lucky Jeans have a perfect tantrum for the organic structure and the life style of the consumers.


We are able to bear down eight dollars a ticket for the event which allows us the freedom to bear down the consumer a monetary value that we feel is appropriate. We are keeping the concert at The Social in downtown Jallandhar, which can house approximately 300 people. At eight dollars a ticket, we can bring forth approximately two-thousand four-hundred dollars from the event. Due to association, we will non be charged by the sets for their public presentation. We will be selling a local concert digest, which will include the sets that played at our concerts, for Rs10.00 per transcript of the Cadmium. The Cadmium can besides be purchased at local Park Avenue record shops, the creative persons ‘ MySpace.com histories, every bit good as on iTunes.com. All money made will be used to go on our selling run.

The limelight lies to a great extent within the Jallandhar locality with a strong concentration on the pupil populations of LPU and other environing colleges such as KHALSA COLLAGE, Valencia, and Full Sail. In order to hold on the attending of our possible consumers, our techniques will trust to a great extent on the usage of guerrilla selling. It has been said that “ If one uses guerrilla tactics, one will happen one ‘s little size an advantage. One will be able to obtain promotion more easy than a big company. ” . With this said, some of the in-house methods that will be necessary for a successful launch will be via the cyberspace, local coffeehouse and bookshops, every bit good as local publications such as Weekend Magazine and the Tribune newspaper, The jalladhar Future.we feel that it would be a great manner to affect non merely local pupils and viewing audiences, but it would be a turning cause for future engagement. Through the usage of Myspace.com, we are transverse advancing our merchandise with the local sets. We will be utilizing the aid of local sets such as Monochromatic, There for Tomorrow, In Passing, and Between the Trees to assist us in our run.

Marketing Mix

  • Product/Service/Idea

Formal garment, shirt, pant with freshly manner and engineering.

  • Price/Cost

Monetary value will be estimation harmonizing on quality of our merchandise. And all the monetary value are under the budget of all criterion. It is no so dearly-won to our normal consumer.

  • Topographic point ( Distribution )

In Punjab, maily in jallandhar part, this is the best topographic point for our merchandise, in this part there are freshly innograting university every bit good as montage

  • Promotion ( Communication )

In establishing freshly merchandise of love

( Marketing communicating )

Promotional Mix

There are many different mercantile establishments to use in and around the Jallandhar country. From business district to LPU, we will cover all the land needed to decently advance our merchandise to our specific audience. There is great possible to make our mark market throughout all of the undermentioned ventures we will take.

Our first order of concern will be to get down catching attending with our print advertisement through cardinal Jallandhar amusement publications like The Jallandhar Weekly, Magazine, and Connections, whose readers are college degree and/or educated, active grownups 18 to 35 twelvemonth of age, which is entirely our mark audience. We will get down a street squad that will be involved in many undertakings of the run during 6 hebdomads of the publicity. They will be covering everything from go throughing circulars about town to working at some of our most important promotional events. There will be 5 campaigners hired on our street squad that will hold anterior experience in publicities. Those qualified will hold highly good communicating accomplishments and will be paid Rs50.00 an hr working at least 8 hours a hebdomad. The street squad will be extremely involved in guerilla manner selling, as each member will be responsible for making a bombilation all across Jallandhar and documenting their excursions on digital cameras, which will subsequently be posted on our. A hebdomadal agenda of events will be released every Sunday dark to their e-mail histories which will allow them cognize where they will be stationed throughout the hebdomad and what promotional points they will necessitate to convey. To advance expeditiously, we will cover Monday and Wednesday darks at the Back Booth nine for the 80 ‘s dance events. Thursday dark publicities will be held at the, Modern town and weekend publicities will be held between the Vishal Maga Mark and the Spancer. These locales have been pulling our mark audience for several old ages and we will necessitate to be socialising and making word of oral cavity straight in these familiar scenes. Along with nightly publicities, daytime events will include administering circulars and postings to a broad scope of local concerns such as record shops like Park Avenue, modern-day hair salons like Alchemy, java stores and bookshops like Stardust Video, and out on the streets where there is heavy prosaic traffic. The postings and circulars will be displayed in assorted locations throughout Jallandhar where they will be extremely seeable to our mark audience. From the Student Union at Punjab, a prosaic will be hard pressed to lose the promotional attempts made possible by the street squad.

We will hold 2 designs made for our print promotional tools, which will be created by friends of the selling squad at no charge. All of the artworks and graphics on our print ads, postings and circulars will hold to associate aesthetically to our audience. We know our audience is used to judging a book by its screen and the manner our merchandise is visually presented is important in our run. We will be utilizing 250 12 % ten 17 % full colour postings bing Rs299.00 + transportation and 5000 4×6 full colour circulars at Rs199.00 + transporting with an extra 25 % off through PS Print.

Media Mix

We will buy a black and white horizontal 1/4-page ad in The Jallandhar Weekly that will run for 3 months at Rs460.00. The ad will be placed in the movie subdivision and will be seen in a sum of 13 issues. The ad will get down 6 hebdomads earlier and 6 hebdomads after our premiere. Along with our print ad, we will besides be buying an ad on their official web site that will run 2 hebdomads earlier and 2 hebdomads after the Prime Minister at Rs396.00. These ads are particularly of import to our run as 57 % of The Jallandhar Weekly ‘s readership entirely is college-educated grownups. With over 245,700 monthly readers and 118,300 hebdomadal readers, this publication reaches more grownups than any local wireless station. The Jallandhar Weekly has 1,300 distribution points throughout Jallandhar every bit good as 300 street boxes specifically placed in high traffic countries where our mark audience resides, plants, and socializes

Weaken magazine will besides play a immense function in our print advertisement. Weekend is a local amusement magazine, known for its attractive forepart screen theoretical accounts and great coverage on what events are go oning in the Jallandhar country. With over 10,000 transcripts in distribution a month between Khalsa montage College, DAVcollage, Guru Nanak montage and The Lovely professional university campuses every bit good as business district Jallandhar, it will be good worth the Rs400.00 for a black and white half page ad to run consecutively for 6 months. We will incorporate the ad seamlessly for 6 months for a sum of 6 issues.

To specifically aim the LPU pupils, we will besides run a 1/6 21 ” black and white ad sporadically in The Central Florida Future at Rs249.00 per ad for 6 issues at Rs1494.00 with a 10 % price reduction for a concluding sum of Rs1344.60.This will evidently be the priciest of all the print ads but will be good worth it. The Central jalladhar Future will distributed in 200 high traffic locations in and around LPU campuses and its concern communities. With a entire LPU registration at 45,000 and 15,000 transcripts printed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, advertisement will be ideal throughout the 6 issues. We will publicize chiefly in the Wednesday issues for 6 hebdomads to guarantee the best sum of exposure as pupils make their shopping programs for the approaching weekend.

Throughout all of the magazines and specifically The Jallandhar Weekly, we will be directing out imperativeness releases for possible concert reappraisals. Along with our ain print ads, we will besides be naming our Lucky Live promotional concerts that will be held in the business district Jallandhar locales like The Social ( discussed subsequently ) in all the above print publications every bit good as Connections Magazine which is entirely an Jallandhar based music magazine that comes out one time a month. Overall, we will be having a great sum of free promotion through the concert listings and any write-ups or reappraisals through all of the listed publications along with our original advertisement strategy.

Creative Concept

Our chief publicity will be our “ Lucky Live ” concert series at The Social in downtown Jallandhar. The show window will include 4 of the local sets that are on the digest phonograph record. “ Lucky Live ” tickets will sell at Rs8.00 a piece and will besides be at that place 20 % off voucher for dress when they bring it to their nearest Lucky Jeans shop. In between the set ‘s sets, there will be a raffle where one of the Lucky directors will pull indiscriminately out of everyone ‘s tickets stubs collected from the front door. There will be a sum of 2 victors in a dark that will have a free brace of lucky denims of their pick when they come in to one of our lucky shops. We will take down their information and will give them a particular ALL ACCESS base on balls to convey to the shop which will be scanned for their free brace of denims. We will besides be passing out drink koozies that will name the “ Lucky Live ” concert information. One side will name the concert event and the other side will name our motto, “ The Official Concert Jeans ” . We will be buying 420 one colour print koozies at Rs0.69 each for a sum of Rs289.80 plus transportation and managing from Discount Koozies.

This will assist bring forth great word of oral cavity through the cosmopolitan linguistic communication of music and will potentially convey out a greater attending to our concerts and into our shops. It will be a really advanced manner to unify both artistic and manner communities every bit good as promote Lucky Brand Jeans. This will be one of the most important publicities for our merchandise.

Another of import publicity to our college market will be the strategic arrangement of our street squad on country campuses. They will be standing outside the Student Union doorways from 11: OOam to 1: OOpm on assorted school yearss during the hebdomad before concert day of the months. Other members of our street squad will be taking exposures for our MySpace.com. Students will be given a “ Lucky Live ” circular with the concert information and information about our MySpace.com so they can add our profile to their friend ‘s list and have an event reminder for the “ Lucky Live ” concert series. We want our mark audience to experience like they are portion of something sole and that they can organize an individuality through the interaction of these concerts.

Our run will non be a mass produced attempt. We are non seeking to acquire everybody and anybody into our shops, but instead, we are seeking to acquire a peculiar group of person ‘s to get down our ain followers. Our mark audience is a really fastidious niche. They pay really close attending to detail and demo a great grasp for anything out of the mainstream norm. By utilizing the promotional tactics listed supra, we will non merely better understand our mark audience, but we will be allowing them understand us by seeing that what we are making is associating to their distinguishable independent gustatory sensations. We want them to experience we are speaking to merely them and non merely speaking to everyone. To see Lucky Live ‘s promotional budget in farther deepness refer to.

Troy is in charge of supervising the execution of the promotional run. He will be in charge of delegating our ads to the most appropriate amusement and information mediums that will appeal straight to our mark audience. He is besides in charge of making the street squad that will creatively advance the concert series by utilizing guerrilla manner selling tactics. Troy will besides supervise our biggest publicity, “ Lucky Live ” . With his current contacts, Troy will procure engagements for the local sets and locale in a timely manner. With Troy ‘s leading accomplishments, he will do certain that all deadlines are met and that the run will detect new ways to advance our merchandise expeditiously and efficaciously.


To efficaciously advance our merchandise, will hold a really strategic timeline mapped out for the following 6 months. Our official launch day of the month is set for August 1st. Our print advertisement will get down with Weekend Magazine ‘s June issue and will run until the December issue. The Jallandhar Weekly ads will get down July 10th and will run hebdomadally until October 4th. Our Wednesday Central Florida Future ads will get down August 7th through September 14th. Our street squad will get down circular and posting distribution on July 23rd and will be go toing scheduled promotional events get downing August 5th until September 22nd.

Our biggest promotional hebdomad will get down off with the Student Union publicity on September 17th which will take up to the promotional concert September 21 St, and eventually the Lucky Live concert the undermentioned Saturday dark September 22ndaˆ? Promotions will still remain heavy the undermentioned hebdomad as the Student Union publicity will last until October 2nd and hebdomadal circular posting until October 24th. By so, we hope to derive adequate bombilation about our merchandise in kernel to convey out a larger figure of attenders to back up our concerts and finally into the local Lucky Jeans shops.

Market analysis

Factors act uponing purchasing behaviour

  • Percept, Motivation, Attitude, Learning, Memory
  • Age, Sex, Income, Personality, Lifestyle
  • Family, Friends, Peer group
  • Culture, Race, Religion
  • Economy, Education, Employment, Fashion, Media

Communication Procedure

  • Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
  • Awareness, Knowledge, Liking, Preference, Conviction, Purchase
  • Unknowingness, Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action

The Bottom Line of IMC Task




deepen involement

contioused duologue

IMC aims

Any IMC run can hold different aims. Some common aims are

– Generate consciousness

– Communicate distinction

– Persuasion

– Reminder

Options for Communication Aims

  1. Category demand

Whether the mark audience feels the demand to buy within the existent merchandise class.

  1. Brand consciousness
  2. Brand attitude
  3. Brand purchase purpose
  4. Brand purchase facilitation

Communication Aims

  • Statements of what the communications will carry through.
  • Three degrees of communicating aims, depending upon the determination at manus:

– Overall IMC program

– Person IMC tools

– Individual elements of a communicating tool

Communication aims should be based:

-On the peculiar communicating undertakings required to present the appropriate

Messages to the specific mark audience.

– At a relevant point within the mark markets purchases decision-making procedure and ingestion experience.

Definition of aims

Behavioral Aims

  • The nexus between attitudes toward the trade name ( Communication aim ) and gross revenues ( Marketing aim ) .
  • Must have a clear behavioral aim for each mark audience


Slogan of our merchandise “flawlessness of adult male” & A ; “want to be perfect. ! ”


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