A Report On Link Natural Marketing Essay

The undermentioned preliminary selling program was prepared by Link Natural ( Pvt ) Ltd to show a comprehendible thought on their concern enlargement of Link Samahan to France after carry oning an ample research on the feasibleness of the merchandise in the Gallic market. The chief aim of this study is to vouch that the merchandise will be successful in the Gallic market when viing among the options available.

The study portrays a elaborate description chiefly on the intended mark market concentrating on geographical, sociological, demographical etc. facets, which are relevant to B2B and B2C markets. It gives an penetration to the expected gross revenues and the net income outlooks for the twelvemonth 2010. Furthermore, it explains the incursion schemes used by the company to derive market portion of the consumers of herbal drinks in the market.

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It is imperative to analyse the merchandise version and alteration by utilizing factors such as nucleus constituents, packaging, and support services etc. to hold on a clear reading of the merchandise, which is described with sufficient inside informations in the analysis.

The study besides focuses on to one of the major constituents in the marketing the mix, the publicities of the merchandise carried out in France. The overall publicity aims are explained followed by advertisement, gross revenues publicities, personal merchandising and other promotional tools used by the company to advance Link Samahan among the Gallic consumers.

Furthermore, it explains the distribution constituents from beginning to finish, which includes port choice, manner choice, wadding, of import certifications, insurance claims etc. every bit good as channel of distribution and more significantly the monetary value finding of the merchandise.

Finally the footings of gross revenues and method payment used by the company are explained followed by the budget and the fiscal statement of the full concern program. Therefore as mentioned above, the important factors are highlighted in this study to guarantee the success of Link Samahan ‘s constitution in the Gallic market.

I THE Selling Plan


1.1 Target Market

France has been ranked the 19th most populated state in the universe, with a population estimation of 64,057,792, as stated in ( “France – Demography” , n.d. ) . It is hence impractical to aim the full population of the state. The company has taken into consideration factors such as human ecology and geographics when choosing the mark market for Link Samahan.

Demographically, the variables that were taken into consideration when choosing the mark market were age, sex and income position. 65 % of France ‘s population falls within the age group 15-64 old ages ( “Central Intelligence Agency” , n.d. ) . Both males and females holding a lower-middle to upper flat income will be targeted since Link Samahan is an FMCG and is by and large low-cost to all the income groups mentioned above.

Geographically, Paris, Marseilles and Nice are 3 of the most populated and metropolitan metropoliss in France. Jointly in these 3 metropoliss, the entire population sums to about 14.6 million ( “France – People” , 2006 ) .

Therefore, the primary business-to-consumer ( B2C ) mark market for Link Samahan in France is: males & A ; females, from lower-middle to upper flat income groups, between the ages of 15-64 who are chiefly shacking in the metropoliss of Paris, Marseilles or Nice.

There will besides be a business-to-business ( B2B ) mark market which would dwell of the most visited retail shops, supermarket ironss, hypermarkets and wellness & A ; holiday spa ‘s in the selected three metropoliss. Such as: Auchan, Carrefour and Coop supermarket ironss.

1.2 Expected Gross saless for twelvemonth ( 2010 )

The merchandising monetary value of Link Samahan will be set at $ 15.75 ( per package of 25 sachets ) . The packages will be sold in France at a monetary value of ˆ10.50 ( per package of 25 sachets ) .

The gross revenues figures will change harmonizing to the rates of acceptance, every bit good as the seasonal and climatic alterations. It is expected that the initial take-up rate of Link Samahan in France will be slow, but by the 3rd month after the launch the acceptance rate is expected to pick up.

Besides, the months October to April entertain strong winters and a cold clime in France ; whereas May to September is comparatively warm ( “France – Climate” , 2006 ) . Therefore it can be predicted that the demand for Link Samahan will be higher in the cold winter months.

Taking these factors into consideration the estimated gross revenues for each metropolis for the twelvemonth ( 2010 ) are as follows:

Entire expected gross revenues per month ( per metropolis )

As explained antecedently the graph shows a slow take-up rate ab initio, and high gross revenues figures during the months of winter. Consequently ;

* The entire estimated gross revenues for Link Samahan, per metropolis are 45,350 packages for the twelvemonth 2010.

* This amounts to ( 45,350 X 3 metropoliss ) = 136,050 packages ( entire gross revenues ) for the twelvemonth 2010

Therefore the entire estimated gross revenues gross for yeas 2010 is:

( 136,050 X $ 15.75 ) = $ 2,142,788


( 136,050 X ˆ10.50 ) = ˆ 1,428,525

1.3 Net income outlooks twelvemonth ( 2010 )

Link Samahan has estimated the entire cost per package ( including production, operating expenses, and distribution ) to be $ 9.50. Thereby, the company retains a net income of $ 6.25 per package of Link Samahan sold, at a mark-up per centum of 66 % .

Consequently the sum estimated gross net income for the twelvemonth 2010 is: $ 2,108,888 and the net net income is $ 1,540,486 ( Refer Pro Forma Financial Statement ) .

1.4 Market incursion and coverage

Link Samahan is an herbal merchandise that can be used as a medical extract to bring around colds and similar unwellnesss, and besides used as a hot drink. Harmonizing to ( Bell, 1997 ) , “In France it has long since been the civilization to devour herbal mixtures. Such mixtures include herbal medical specialties and drinks, and are most popularly known in France as ‘Tisanes ‘ or ‘Infusions ‘ . Consumption of herbal assorted medical specialty and drinks are common in both infirmaries and families” .

For the company Link Natural, the selling scheme for Link Samahan would be a market development scheme. This scheme will be adopted as an bing merchandise ( Link Samahan ) would be sold to a new market ( France ) .

Harmonizing to ( “Ansoff ‘s product/market matrix” , n.d ) , this scheme can be adopted by companies in many ways. Link Natural will follow this scheme by geographically marketing to a wholly intelligence market ( France ) , and besides by changing the merchandise bundle constituent ( new colorss to fit the new spirits, usage of the Gallic linguistic communication etc ) .

The incursion or enlargement to the Gallic market by Link Samahan was done after much analysis that indicated that the Gallic market shows possible for growing in the herbal medical & A ; imbibe sector.


Harmonizing to ( Doole, 2001, p.306 ) , “the life rhythm construct is used as a theoretical account for sing the deductions for marketing direction of a merchandise passing through the phases of debut, growing, adulthood and diminution and can be applied to international marketing” .

It has been identified that when the basic merchandise ( Link Samahan ) , reaches the adulthood phase in the life rhythm assorted versions and alterations must take topographic point in order to widen the life rhythm and farther spread out the herbal market portion in France. The versions that will be done to the nucleus constituent, boxing constituent every bit good as the support services constituent are explained below.

2.1 Core Component

The basic merchandise constituent of Link Samahan consists of assorted herbs in one package that must be assorted with boiling H2O to make the herbal drink/medicine. When this nucleus merchandise reaches the adulthood phase the company will see spread outing the merchandise to include assorted spirits such as Lime and Lemon. Harmonizing to ( Bell, 1997 ) , “the Tisane ‘s that are most normally demanded in France are Mint, Linden and Verbena” .

Therefore in add-on to Lime and Lemon, the company will accommodate the nucleus constituent of Link Samahan to include the spirits that are chiefly desired by Gallic as stated above.

Other alterations, as stated in ( “Link Samahan Superbrands” , n.d. , p.52 ) , is “to create a sugar free, low Calorie Link Samahan for consumers who are diet conscious” .

2.2 Packaging Component

Each Sachet of Link Samahan contains 4 gms of the herbal mix merchandise. 25 sachets will be available in 1 package of Link Samahan ( 100g ) . At the adulthood phase, the company can see boxing the herbal mix ( Link Samahan merchandise ) in a 50, 100 or 200 gram bottle alternatively of sachets. This would enable long term usage of the merchandise every bit good.

Furthermore, the basic Link Samahan merchandise appears in a standard xanthous packaging with ruddy and green diction. However, when the new spirits are introduced it would be more advantageous to present new colorss for different spirits. For illustration: Light green bundle for Lime spirit, and dark green bundle for Mint spirit.

The instructions, ingredients, industry inside informations and other inside informations must be provided in Gallic every bit good as English.

2.3 Support Services Component

As stated in ( Doole, 2001, p.294 ) , “Marketing support services are the extra elements to the nucleus merchandise which contribute to supplying satisfaction, and include bringing, after gross revenues service and guarantees” .

Since Link Samahan can be considered an FMCG, it is hard to supply support services to the terminal consumer ( B2C ) . However, Link Samahan can supply support services to the B2B clients by manner of presenting the stock to the supermarket, hypermarket mercantile establishments and wellness watering place ‘s, and besides by stacking & A ; keeping the goods in the shelves.


3.1 Ad

Harmonizing to ( Keegan, 2008, p.408 ) , “Advertising may be defined as any sponsored, paid message placed in a mass medium” . There are legion advertisement media which include: telecasting, wireless, newspaper, theodolite and out-of-door advertisement. Since Link Samahan will be a wholly new merchandise in the Gallic herbal medical specialty & A ; drink market, advertisement is indispensable to pull clients and increase consciousness.

3.1.1 Aim

The basic aims of advertisement Link Samahan in France is to:

* Create consciousness about Link Samahan, which is a herbal mixture that can be used as a redress to bring around common colds, every bit good as a hot drink.

* Create an involvement in natural or herbal medical specialty as opposed to chemical merchandises, which would take to growing of the herbal medical specialty market.

Furthermore, through advertizements the company can explicate the specific benefits of utilizing Link Samahan such as: cleansing the system and assist forestall complaints such as organic structure aching and antsy pharynx.


In order to make maximal consciousness about the merchandise and reach bulk of the mark market, Link Samahan will utilize a assortment of mediums to publicize. The media mix for Link Samahan will therefore consist of: telecasting, wireless, magazine and newspaper advertizements.


France has been ranked 4th highest in telecasting screening, amounting to an estimated 23 hours a hebdomad per individual. Besides, research indicates that 95 % of families in France have telecastings, ( “Television screening by country” , n.d. ) . Therefore, airing Link Samahan advertizements in selected channels would greatly assist increase consciousness of the merchandise to the mark market.

TF1 & A ; France 2 are privately-run media and the two most popular channels in France ( “Guide to Gallic Television channels” , 2003 ) . Since these have been ranked as the most viewed channels, Link Samahan will aerate a 30 2nd advertizement on these channels during peak hours, 3 times a hebdomad in order to increase consciousness. After the initial 3 months the advertizement will aerate one time a hebdomad.

The telecasting advertizement will be strictly informational and will province the benefits of Link Samahan, such as ; that it can be made outright, it can bring around common colds, it is alimentary etc. The advertizement will be aired in Gallic since the bulk of the mark market is fluid in Gallic linguistic communication.

Since telecasting advertisement in France is comparatively expensive, and since Link Samahan is an FMCG, the company will concentrate more on wireless, magazine and newspaper advertisement.


In France, 911.699 people in every 1000 have entree to a wireless, ( “Radio ( per capita ) by country” , n.d. ) . Radio advertizements are strictly audile the people are able to easy understand and hold on information. Therefore, Link Samahan will take 1 wireless station in each metropolis and air a 30 2nd wireless advertizement twice a twenty-four hours, on 3 yearss a hebdomad for the first 4 months. After that the advertizements will be aired one time a twenty-four hours, 3 times a hebdomad. The advertizement will be in French so as to increase the communicating effectivity with the selected mark audience.

The wireless Stationss selected are: 13 FM ( Marseilles ) , Cherie FM ( Paris ) , and KISS FM ( Nice ) . These wireless Stationss have been selected because they have internet broadcast medium every bit good, therefore the advertizement will hold a wider coverage.


The magazine sing rate in France is really high and is spread across the state. Therefore a full page advertizement ( for the first 3 months ) will be put on monthly magazines of three different classs in order to hold maximal exposure to the mark market. After the first 3 months the advertizements will be one-fourth page advertizements. The magazines chosen are as follows:

* Health & A ; fitness magazines:

i. Correspondances en medical specialty

two. La lettre de l’infectiologue

* Family magazines:

I. La lettre La Famille et l’Ecole

two. Selection du Reader ‘s Digest

* Food & A ; drink magazines:

i. Gaute et Millau

two. Bourgogne Aujourd’hui

All advertizements will be in Gallic since 99.0 % are literate in French. They will besides supply elaborate information sing Link Samahan, the benefits, mercantile establishments of purchase, monetary value, industry inside informations and other relevant information.


The newspaper circulation in France is the tenth highest in the universe. Since Link Samahan is an FMCG, and it is targeted to all income groups, it is both cheaper and effectual to the company to publicize through this medium.

The Advertisements will be in Gallic and placed in the lifestyle subdivision of 2 local newspapers in the chosen 3 countries ( Paris, Marseilles and Nice ) . The selected newspapers are:

* Paris – Le Parisien, and Le Nouvel Oberservateur

* Marseilles – La Provence, and Marseille Plus

* Nice – Nice Matin, and Metro Cote d’Azur

The newspaper entries will be posted on the Sunday newspapers every hebdomad for the first four months, and so every other hebdomad after that.

3.1.3 Message

The message that will be communicated through these advertisement media is that Link Samahan is a wholly natural, herbal drink that can non merely be used as a wellness drink, but besides as an herbal medical specialty that can bring around common colds and similar complaints.

The message will besides convey that Link Samahan can be made immediately and comes in assorted spirits and is available in a scope of supermarkets and retail shops.

The ticket line that has been used to convey this message more efficaciously is:

“Link Samahan – 100 % natural, safe and effectual,

You ‘re instantaneous, 2-in-1 herbal drink and solution to common colds”

The ticket line in French will be as follows:

“Link Samahan – 100 % normal, sur et efficace, vous etes instantane , la boisson 2 in-1 et la solution de mulcts herbes aux colds communs”

3.1.4 Cost

The mean cost of advertisement for each medium in France is indicated below:

* 30 2nd telecasting advertizement – $ 1,400

* 30 2nd wireless advertizement – $ 900

* Full page magazine advertizement – $ 1,250

* ? page magazine advertizement – $ 580

* Newspaper advertizement – $ 50

Therefore, the sum estimated cost of advertisement Link Samahan in France in the first twelvemonth is:

* Television advertizements

( $ 1,400 X 3 times a hebdomad X 4 hebdomads X 3 months ) + ( $ 1,400 X 1 a hebdomad X 4 hebdomads X 9 months ) = $ 100,800.

· Radio advertizements

( $ 900 X 3 times a hebdomad X 4 hebdomads X 4 months ) + ( $ 900 X 1 a hebdomad X 4 hebdomads X 8 months ) = $ 72,000.

* Magazine advertizements

( $ 1,250 X 3 months Ten 6 magazines ) + ( $ 580 X 9 months Ten 6 magazines ) = $ 53,820.

* Newspaper advertizements

( $ 50 X 4 times a month X 4 months X 2 newspapers x 3 metropoliss ) + ( $ 50 X 2 times a month X 8 months X 2 newspapers X 3 metropoliss ) = $ 9,600.

Therefore, the sum estimated cost to be incurred by Link Natural in advertisement Link Samahan in France is $ 236,220.

3.2 Gross saless Promotion

Harmonizing to ( Lewis, 2003, pg.132 ) , “Sales publicity is used in a assortment of markets and in a assortment of ways. Short term activity designed to accomplish an addition in gross revenues of the company ‘s goods or services possibly achieved through discounting of other incentives” . Since, Link Samahan is considered an FMCG, gross revenues publicities can be considered an of import facet of the publicity mix.

3.2.1 Aim

The chief aim of utilizing gross revenues publicity for Link Samahan is to hike short term gross revenues. Other aims of gross revenues publicity include:

* Facilitating the debut of the new Link Samahan merchandise through free samples

* Attracting, making consciousness and involvement in first clip purchasers and other clients sing the merchandise

* To keep gross revenues during different seasons ( since Link Samahan can be considered a seasonal merchandise )

* Increase long term market portion by being a strong rival

( “Sales Promotion ; Business studies” , n.d, pg.117 )

3.2.2 Free Sampling

At the introductory phase, this will be the most of import gross revenues publicity to be adopted by Link Samahan. The company will supply free samples to clients at strategic points in the selected retail shops, supermarkets and wellness watering place ‘s.

Free samples will enable the clients to savor the new merchandise, become aware of it and develop an involvement towards devouring it.


Harmonizing to ( “Sales Promotions” , 2009 ) , “Competitions and monetary value draws can be put in newspapers, magazines, on the Television, wireless, Internet, and on packs” .

The chief competition that will be held to advance Link Samahan is: to cut out a specified side of the Link Samahan merchandise box, collect four of these film editings and station it to a given reference. 2 free 100g bottles of Link Samahan will be given to the victor of the compeition. This compeition will be advertised in the newspaper and magazines.

Other competitions held on the cyberspace would include: composing a short description of the alone gustatory sensation of Link Samahan, and the victor of the best description would have 2 free 100g bottles of Link Samahan.

Such competitions would promote the clients to buy, and re-purchase the merchandise, therefore increasing short term gross revenues. The cyberspace competition will further enable the company to place its trade name loyal clients, and have a direct penetration to the perceptual experience of Link Samahan by the mass market.


Link Samahan will hold a “Buy – two 100g packages – and acquire one 50g bottle of Link Samahan free” . This will take the consumers out of the market to complete devouring the merchandise, and besides promote immediate purchase because as they will have an excess 50g for free.

3.2.5 COSTS

Free sampling and competitions are of lesser cost to the company. “The buy-2 and acquire 1 bottle free” publicity has a comparatively fixed cost. Therefore the estimated cost of gross revenues publicity of Link Samahan to the company is $ 50,000 ( Refer budget for the interruption down of gross revenues publicity costs ) .

3.3 Personal Selling

Harmonizing to ( Steinhoff, 1979 ) , “Personal merchandising includes all activities and features of an single sales representative that consequence in successful gross revenues. The basic stairss to successful personal merchandising is as follows: 1 ) place the most prospective clients, 2 ) obtain those client ‘s attending, 3 ) arouse their involvement, 4 ) overcome their expostulations, 5 ) create and promote desire for the merchandise, 6 ) shut the sale, and 7 ) follow up the sale to be assured that the client is satisfied” .

For Link Samahan, personal Sellerss will be used to sell to both business-to-business ( B2B ) and business-to-consumer ( B2C ) clients.

§ Business-to-business consumers:

The company will direct gross revenues representatives to the selected retail ironss, supermarkets and wellness watering place ‘s to convert the direction that Link Samahan is a profitable merchandise to sell to the terminal consumer. The personal Sellerss must inform these concerns of the benefits that the terminal consumers will acquire, and the increasing demand for herbal extracts. Furthermore, one time the sale has been concluded the Link Natural personal Sellerss will follow up the sale to guarantee that the sale was a success. This would promote future concern traffics and overall satisfaction to the B2B clients.

§ Business-to-consumer clients:

Personal merchandising is a critical facet of the promotional mix in order to hike gross revenues and do the debut of the merchandise a success with the terminal consumers. Gross saless representatives will be allocated in the selected retail shops and supermarkets in strategic locations and they would promote the clients to devour a sample of Link Samahan. Besides, since it is a face-to-face interaction the gross revenues representatives can unclutter any questions that the clients may hold, and besides make the clients cognizant and inform them of the legion benefits of devouring the Link Samahan extract.

3.4 Other Promotional Tools

§ Trade Shows:

“Participating houses at a trade show pay a fee to lease a booth in which to expose their merchandises. Such shows attract crowds to see, measure, and purchase the merchandises on display” , ( Steinhoff, 1979 ) .

Link Samahan will lease a booth in the undermentioned trade shows ( held one time a twelvemonth ) in selected locations, which would enable the company to advance the Link Samahan merchandise and supply free samples and increase client consciousness.


1. LES THERMALIES – A H2O, health, thermalism and thalassotherapy exhibition

2. NATEXPO – Trade show for organic, fitness and wellness merchandises

3. VIVEZ NATURE PARIS – Bio agribusiness and natural merchandises just

§ Marseilles:

1. ARTEMISIA – Health and natural merchandises expo

( “Health and nature trade shows in France” , n.d. )

4.0 Distribution: ( from beginning to finish )

4.1 Port Choice

France is good known holding some of the best known seaport in Europe as it borders the Atlantic Ocean, every bit good as the Mediterranean Sea. Link Natural will be taking Vieux Port situated in Marseille to transport the goods to France from Sri Lanka.

This port has chiefly been selected as it is one of the most easy accessible seaports in France, and besides since it is situated in Marseilles which is one of the chief metropoliss chosen by the company to administer Link Samahan in. Furthermore, the distribution to Nice and Paris from Marseilles is made easy by the legion transit methods available that link these metropoliss.

4.2 Mode Choice

The basic manners of presenting goods to France are by air or sea. One of the chief advantages of air travel is the clip factor as the goods can be delivered within a twosome of yearss. Although France has more than 400 airdromes which operate domestically every bit good as internationally, if Link Natural chooses air travel as a manner of transit, the company will hold to bare highly high costs in transporting Link Samahan to France.

On the other manus, traveling by sea is less dearly-won compared with air travel but it takes about 20 – 25 yearss to make France from Sri Lanka. Sing the cost factor, every bit good as the fact that the cargos will merely necessitate to be made twice a twelvemonth, Link Natural has chosen transportation ( sea ) to transport Link Samahan to France.

Once the goods reach Marseilles, they will be transported to Paris and Nice by agencies of train lading ( railroad ) , and, will be distributed to the retail shops, supermarket mercantile establishments and wellness watering place through trucks and goods containers.

4.3 Packing

The Link Samahan sachet is moisture-proof, ternary laminated and is packed in a composition board box each incorporating 25 sachet packages, 4grams each with a net weight of 100g a box. These characteristics will protect the merchandise and chorus from the Samahan content being contaminated.

However, particular attending should be given when puting them in the bearer containers in order to avoid amendss to the outer bundle. Therefore, when being packed into containers and lading for transit, 100 Link Samahan packages will be packed together in a box which is air tight and waterproof for the safety of the merchandises, every bit good as easy stacking and unloading.


1. International Commercial Invoice

This papers is a measure provided by the marketer to the purchaser, printed on the company letterhead, and signed by an authorised functionary in the company. The basic inside informations included in the measure are the topographic point and day of the month of the readying of the bill, shipment method, the measure of goods and payment methods etc. ( “France Trade Regulations and Standards” , n.d. )

2. Bill of Loading

Bill of burden is a papers which states that the proprietor of the goods has a contract with the bearer, ( “France Trade Regulations and Standards” , n.d. )

3. Certificate of Origin

This papers has to be provided to declare that Link Samahan is produced in Sri Lanka. It is non necessary to show a certification of beginning but harmonizing to ( “France Trade Regulations and Standards” , n.d. ) it is strongly recommended to be safe to hold the papers at manus at the point of reaching in France.

Apart from the above mentioned certification it should taken into history that, a banking mediator should O.K. export minutess which are transcending ˆ250,000. Furthermore it is of import that all certifications are provided to avoid any unneeded quandaries.


It is of import that all amendss that may happen during cargo and theodolites are covered by an insurance claim. As agencies of this factor, Link Natural will be obtaining insurance claim for Link Samahan by a Sri Lankan freight forwarder. The insurance claim will cover all countries such as repositing, pass throughing, packing and clearance. Other inside informations sing insurance will be explained when finding insurance costs further on in the study.


Link Natural has chosen Aitken Spence Shipping Services Ltd. , a taking pudding stone in Sri Lanka as the cargo send oning company which will be responsible for the cargos of Link Samahan to France.


5.1 Retailers FOR LINK SAMAHAN

Link Samahan will be distributed through three international retail ironss, which are viz. Auchan, Coop and Carrefour. Since it is a consumer good, it is critical that the maximal range is obtained among the mark market. Therefore, these retail merchants have been specifically chosen by Link Natural as they have a big web of mercantile establishments throughout Franc.

Auchan is an international retail group and has 116 hypermarkets located in France harmonizing to ( “Shopping in France” , n.d. ) . Besides, the Gallic owned Carrefour is the universe ‘s largest hypermarket concatenation in the universe. It has 1021 supermarkets, 218 hypermarkets and 3245 convenience shops all around France. ( “Carrefour Annual Report” , 2007, pg.34 )


Link Natural has chosen AWU ( Pvt. ) Ltd. , a Gallic based import/export agent to take charge of dealing between the company and the selected Gallic retail merchants.

5.3 Repositing

Warehousing is an of import facet that must be looked into by Link Natural since the Link Samahan stocks will be shipped merely twice a twelvemonth and would necessitate equal repositing boulder clay they are distributed in due class to the selected retail merchants.

The company has hence chosen Schmid & A ; Kahlert, which is a Gallic Warehousing company with over 170 old ages of experience, and their chief concern activities include remotions, resettlement, sea cargo and bonded repositing, ( “Europages ; Schmid & A ; Kahlert” , n.d ) .


There are assorted factors that are taken into consideration when finding the merchandising monetary value of Link Samahan. These factors include:

6.1 Cost of cargo of goods

Since Vieux Port in Marseilles is the largest port in France, ( “Marseille Cruise Port” , 2009 ) , it has been decided that the goods will be shipped from Sri Lanka to Vieux Port.

In ( “Ease of making business” , 2009 ) , France has been ranked 22nd in the universe as being easy to merchandise across boundary lines. Consequently, the approximate cost to export to France will be $ 1,708 ( per container ) . Link Samahan stocks will be sent merely twice a twelvemonth ( every 6 months ) , since the expiry period for the herbal merchandise spans 2 old ages. This would amount to 68,000 packages of Samahan with a net weight of 6800kg.

Harmonizing to ( “SR International Logistics” , n.d ) , the tare weight for a standard size ’40 container is 3,700kg. Therefore Link Natural Company will utilize 2 standard size ’40 containers to transport the goods to Vieux Port in Marseilles, France twice a twelvemonth.

Therefore the entire cost of cargo of goods for the twelvemonth 2010 = ( 4 containers X $ 1,708 ) = $ 6,832.

6.2 Transportation system costs

Once the Link Samahan stock arrives in Marseilles, Vieux Port, they will be distributed by train to the metropoliss of Nice and Paris. Then the merchandises will continue to be distributed to the retail shops, supermarkets and wellness watering places by manner of trucks or goods containers.

Harmonizing to ( “Veolia Cargo News” , 2008 ) , “Veolia Cargo is a transit service within France, where the Link Samahan cargo will be transported from the Marseilles port to Paris and Nice in high quality rail oilers which includes rigorous policies on nutrient hygiene” .

The entire transit cost for train lading and truck for the twelvemonth 2010 will be about $ 2,400.

6.3 Handling Expenses

These are the disbursals that will be incurred when covering with droping the goods, stacking into shelves, warehousing etc. Since Link Samahan will non be a breakable or heavy merchandise to manage, the handling disbursals will be comparatively low, an sum to $ 650 for the twelvemonth 2010.

6.4 Insurance costs

Harmonizing to ( “Total loss coverage” , n.d ) , “goods being transported will be under a entire loss insurance which would use to the full cargo ensuing from hazards such as: hit, turn overing or other accidents to the truck, ship or train, sprinkler escape, inundations, Earth temblors, derailment etc” .

Since the content of Link Samahan can be spoilt by exposure to entree H2O, heat, ice etc, the insurance costs will be rather high. The entire insurance cost for each cargo will be $ 1,200, which would amount to $ 2,400 for the twelvemonth 2010.

6.5 Customss responsibilities

As stated in ( “France – Customs & A ; Duties” , n.d ) , “Majority of the import responsibilities in France come under a Ad Valorem footing and include cost, insurance and cargo. Since France is a member of the EU, the external duties and import ordinances of EU besides applies to France. Therefore most manufactured goods will be capable to a duty of 5 % to 17 % ” . Since Samahan is a manufactured good, and falls within the class of food/medical, and besides since it is imported from outside the EU the imposts responsibility has been set at 16 % .

6.6 Import revenue enhancements and value added revenue enhancements

Import revenue enhancement is the fee that is charged for goods being imported into the state. “The version of VAT that is used in France is referred to as taxe Sur La valeur ajoutee or TVA” . Besides, the current rate of VAT in France that Link Samahan will be capable to is 19.6 % , ( “Value Added Tax in France” , n.d ) .

6.7 Wholesale and retail mark-ups and price reductions

“Mark-ups are a per centum added to the cost of the merchandise to organize a retail merchandising price” , ( Waters, n.d ) . This enables non merely the company ( Link Natural ) , but besides the jobbers and retail merchants to maintain a net income border.

Harmonizing to ( Holland, 1998 ) , the merchandising monetary value and entire cost figures can be used to find the grade up per centum utilizing the undermentioned expression:

Mark-up per centum = ( selling monetary value – entire cost ) ? entire cost

Therefore the grade up per centum for Link Samahan is:

( $ 15.75 – $ 9.50 ) ? $ 9.50 = 66 %

6.8 Company ‘s gross borders

The undermentioned expression was used to cipher the gross border per centum of the company.

Harmonizing to, ( Holland, 1998 ) gross border per centum can be calculated utilizing selling monetary value and the entire cost.

Selling Price of Link Samahan = US $ 15.75

Entire cost per battalion = US $ 9.50

Therefore the gross border for Link Samahan is 40 %

6.9 Retail monetary value

The merchandising monetary value for 25 sachets ( 1 package ) of Link Samahan is $ 15.75 ( ˆ10.50 ) . This monetary value has been calculated by taking into history all costs, including: production, packaging, cargo, transit, revenue enhancements and other imposts responsibilities. The company will see increasing this set monetary value of the basic merchandise to about $ 16.75, after sing the fluctuations in demand, and the debut of the flavoured Samahan packages.


Footings of sale are frequently referred to as “trade terms” . Harmonizing to, ( Cateora et al, 2008, pg.529 ) “international footings of gross revenues refers to how the purchasers and Sellerss agree on the costs involved in assorted types of international minutess and how they divide the hazards and duties involved” . Harmonizing to ( “General Footings of Sales-France and Broad”,2002 ) , Link Samahan will see some of following footings of gross revenues used in France and overseas when carry oning international concerns:

§ Contract Nature and Execution

The contract has to be signed by Link Natural every bit good as the purchaser, or an credence missive by Link Natural must be made available when they receive an order, for the contract to be valid. Any alteration to the contract will be given in authorship by Link Natural, and should be carried out harmonizing to the footings stated in the contract.

§ Packaging Footings

The packaging costs are borne by the purchaser as an add-on to the agreed monetary value and shall non be exempted by Link Natural unless it is antecedently specified.

§ Pricing Footings

The monetary values of Link Samahan will be inclusive of cyberspace of revenue enhancements since it is a merchandise that does non hold a particular packaging.

§ Delivery Footings

Link Samahan will be delivered in their standard packaging and the bringing footings will be indicated when telling the goods. However, the hazards and disbursals involved in countries such as handling, transporting, hive awaying etc. should be borne by the purchaser, and, they should inform Link Natural within 72 hours if there are any claims to be made at the reaching of the goods.

§ Payment Footings

The general payment footings of Link Natural are such that: the payment should be made in such a manner that 1/2 of the payment is made ab initio when telling Link Samahan, and the balance of the payment to be made at the goods being available at the relevant topographic points.

§ Duty

Link Natural will non be responsible for any indirect amendss faced by the purchaser but will be responsible for material amendss caused to the purchaser and will be obliged to pay an sum, which will non transcend the sum and cyberspace of revenue enhancements stated as in the footings of contract.


It is of import to pay attending to the method of payment when carry oning international concerns. Harmonizing to ( Cateora Et Al, 2008 ) , the cardinal methods of payment used are letters of recognition, hard currency in progress, measures of exchange, unfastened histories and forfeiting. However, these methods of payments should be chosen harmonizing to the nature of the concern every bit good as the finish chosen by the company. For case, hard currency in progress method is used when recognition is dubious or the money from abroad possibly delayed due to assorted limitations. Besides unfastened histories are frequently non in usage unless the client has a singular recognition repute to a auxiliary.

Link Natural will utilize the ‘letters of recognition payment ‘ method where it is opened in favour of the company. ”Letters of recognition displacement the purchaser ‘s recognition hazard to the bank publishing the missive of credit” ( Cateora Et Al, 2008 ) .

Link natural will do necessary agreements with Standard Chartered Bank in Sri Lanka to match with the relevant local bank in France where the purchaser will set up the local bank in France to publish a missive to the Sri Lankan bank corroborating that the missive is issued. The company will be utilizing an irrevokable missive of recognition so that it will non let any alterations to the footings of the missive by the purchaser without the marketer ‘s mandate.





Net Gross saless


Cost of Gross saless

( 32,600 )

Customss Duty

( 1,100 )

GROSS Net income


Selling & A ; Distribution disbursals

Research & A ; Development








Other publicities


Gross saless committees


Entire merchandising & A ; distribution disbursals

( 525,252 )

General Administration disbursals

( 1,150 )

OPERATING Net income


Corporate revenue enhancements ( 19.6 % )

( 41,200 )

Net Net income

















Gross saless Promotions


Free Samples


Competition & A ; Price draws




Personal Selling


Other promotional disbursals


Administration disbursals










Customss Duty


Other disbursals


Entire Expenses



The success of the international concern venture will besides depend on the resources available. Therefore external resources have to be utilized by Link Natural in order to be successful in the Gallic herbal drinks market in footings of fundss, production and forces capacity. For case, Link Natural can set up loan systems with Standard Chartered Bank as they are already involved in minutess with them.

Furthermore, the company can trust on the selected agent in France on enrolling staff in France for distribution of the merchandise, managing etc. Besides it is of import that the employees of Link Natural particularly in the R & A ; D subdivision are educated on assorted facets, such as the Gallic merchandise penchants and other of import facts that may hold an impact on their cultural and wellness values.




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