A Private School And A Public School Education Essay

Introduction: *

We all know that there are two types of schools ; first type is the Private school which means a school that is established, conducted, and chiefly supported by a nongovernmental bureau. Second type is the public school which means a free tax-supported school controlled by a local governmental authorization. So in other words a private school is school that controlled by nongovernmental bureau, and a public school is a school that controlled by the local authorities itself. Of class there is a large difference between the two types. In this research we have figured out a figure of the most of import differences between the two types of schools in UAE ( Abu Dhabi ) that we will advert subsequently on this research.


We will discourse the advantages and disadvantages for both private school and public school, and we have a used a certain of resorts to make or to roll up some information for our research like we have used some electronic studies about both private and public school, electronic newspapers, and we have asked around 20 pupils in ADU about their sentiment in that subject ( Questionnaire ) . First of wholly, we will speak foremost about the private school and start by the advantages side. There are several advantages for pupils who choose to analyze in private schools. One of the advantages is that private schools got little categories and little community atmosphere that allow for a lower students-to-teacher ratio ; private schools got a regulation that to set merely 20 to 25 pupils in each category so no crowd will go on. Small categories will let the instructor to cognize the pupils more and to do every one of them contribute with the lesson and to less pupil will do it easier to learn than 50 pupils in one category besides the instructor will experience less force per unit area on himself when he mark the trial because he got less documents to tag. And another advantage private school is that it got better promptness. For illustration, “ ( Holetzky, 2003-2012 ) ” . Private schools known with their better instruction degree than authorities schools and with their English linguistic communication for case there whole Course of study is in English and that will assist the pupils to be ready for the university and to pass on belongings with people. Private schools got an advantage with the engineering that they use and better in the categories or in the labs wither for chemical science labs or natural philosophies labs and some schools you can see that they bring school tablets or laptops connected together so the instructor can do the pupils maintain following him. For illustration, instructors can utilize it to demo images, graphs and even pictures to assist them to understand and the instructor got the ability to command all the tablets in category and to turn them off, besides the troughs ever work and think of new ways to better their instruction system, learning accomplishments and the schools to do green for the environment. Since we are traveling on with our life a new thought that came to the head that we use touch screen boards in private schools in the following twosome of old ages, but it ‘s already be in some schools and the advantage of it is that it can replace the projector by demoing graphs and diagrams to talks and its clean if we used smart pin instead than white board marker. Finally, in today ‘s statics shows that directing your childs to private school is a better manner to guarantee that your pupils will acquire in montage, but after all its all upon the pupil wither you put him in private school or authorities schools.

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As the private school has a batch of advantages which convince parents to inscribe their kids in a private school, yet it has a several disadvantages which would do them believe about inscribing their kids once more. For illustration, we all know that the private school gives more services inside the school than a public school, so most of private schools are extremely expensive. Some parents do n’t hold the ability to register their childs in a public school due to some issues ; therefore, they have to register their childs in a private school and pay around 15,000 AED for each child each per twelvemonth. Therefore, the expensiveness in a private school is one of its failing ‘s points.

Second, most of private schools depends or concentrate more on other linguistic communications like English ( British or American ) , Frenchaˆ¦etc than any other class. We find that the pupil who has spent his simple period in a private school is much stronger in other linguistic communications like English than a pupil who did pass his simple period in a public school, but we besides find that a public school pupil is stronger in other Fieldss like Math, Physics than a private school pupil, so as any private school consider that other linguistic communications are more of import than the other classs so it will cut down a pupil accomplishments in other classs which he/she needs them more than another linguistic communication to make good in college.

In add-on, some of private schools have sets of conditions for a pupil who needs to inscribe in a private school which would approximately increase the inequality between pupils every bit long as a private school has the ability to decline or accept any of pupils each twelvemonth.

Most of private schools in UAE have a prejudice to a faith than any other faith ; like in some schools the figure of Christian pupils is larger than the Muslim pupils which tell us that some private schools do n’t experience comfy with a Muslim pupil. Like those prejudices that decreases the integrity between a school and its pupils.

Public school

Due to rapid addition in United Arab Emirates population in the last 30 old ages, there is an pressing demand to increase the figure of public schools in the province in order to maintain gait with demand of the people, and this what United Arab Emirates authorities truly make, where it ‘s ever seeking to raises the degree of instruction for its citizenship.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of public schools. One advantage is that public schools are funded by the authorities, where everybody has the right acquire the benefit of public instruction or zero cost tuition. Parents seek to offer their kids a public instruction to acquire rid of tuition fees. Public schools are founded in rural country where it ‘s difficult for public schools to be available at that place. It besides offers to their pupil ‘s many opportunities to carry through their surveies abroad where they can widen their cognition. In add-on, public schools hire instructors and decision makers who are extremely qualified.

At the same clip public school has many disadvantages. Normally Governments depend on revenue enhancements gross to cover the cost and disbursals of tuition. Public school have higher pupil to teacher ratio compared to private school, where public school categories seems to be much larger that it is in private 1. Behavioral jobs can be noticed clearly in public school.

To sum up, the demand or the willingness to acquire enroll in public school is chiefly affected by certain factors such as parents income, gustatory sensations, and handiness of public school. If parents have high yearly income, they may inscribe their kids in public schools. For illustration, United Arab Emirates Citizen enjoys a high per capita income, which can be reflected straight on people desire to take private school alternatively of public one to their kids. Availability of public school one of the factors that may impact on parent determination, in where they seek to inscribe their kids in the nearest school to cut down the disbursals of transit.

*Graphs/ Statisticss portion:

We have asked around 20 pupils in Abu Dhabi University ( study ) a several inquiries about the private schools and public schools, and we gotten the replies as shown in graphs below.

*Question 1:

– In your old ages of simple school, were you enrolled in public or private school?

– 13 Students out of 20 have chosen Private school.

– 7 out 20 pupils have chosen Public school.

*Question 2:

– Which type of school would you prefer to go to?

– 5 out 20 pupils have chosen Public school.

– 14 out of 20 pupils have chosen Private school.

*Question 3:

– Which school does assist pupils to make better in college?

– 11 out of 20 Students have chosen Public school.

– 9 pupils have chosen Private school.

*Question 4:

– Which school provides the best possible instruction for kids?

– 17 out of pupils have chosen Private school.

– ONLY 3 out of 20 pupils have chosen Public school.

– So as we see that most of the 20 pupils have spent their instruction in a private school instead than public school. In inquiry two we see that besides the figure of pupils who preferred to analyze in a private school is bigger than the figure of pupils who chose the public school. However, in inquiry three the figure of pupils who chose the private school and the pupils who chose the public school is about the same. And once more in inquiry five the figure of pupils who chose private schools is much larger than the public schools. At the terminal we can cover that most of ADU pupil do prefer the private school.


To Sum Up, There are some differences between public schools and private schools. Parents choose between those schools depending wither they can afford it or non in the first topographic point. Public schools is ran by the authorities itself, it ‘s usually inexpensive and got large categories, However, private schools is really expansive and got little categories and organized plus the topics is in English. In add-on, private school is more unafraid and salvage, on the other manus, public schools is less unafraid and a batch of jobs could go on between the pupils every individual twenty-four hours. We know that private schools are much advanced than any public school, but now yearss we can see a existent betterment in public schools like they are engaging English instructors from Canada, America, UK, etc. to better the pupil ‘s speech pattern in English. At the terminal a good pupil can go through at any school if he worked difficult, but in the hereafter we will see more betterment in the schools and more engineering to utilize, non merely notebooks.


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