A market analysis of retailer Marks and Spencer

Marks & A ; Spencer are one of the UK ‘s largest retail merchants, with over 21 million people sing M & A ; S shops every hebdomad. M & A ; S offer fashionable, high quality, great value vesture and place merchandises and besides first-class quality nutrients, responsibly sourced from around 2,000 providers worldwide. M & A ; S employ more than 75,000 people in the UK and outside the UK and have over 700 UK shops, plus and turning international concern.

M & A ; S are the ideal supplier of adult females wear and intimate apparel in the UK, and are besides quickly raising market portion in menswear, childs wear and place, due in portion to M & A ; S turning on-line concern. Overall, M & A ; S vesture and place ware gross revenues account for 49 % of our concern. The other 51 % of M & A ; S concern is in nutrient, where M & A ; S retail everything from fresh green goods and food markets, to partly-prepared repasts and ready repasts.

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M & A ; S besides recognized for their green designation as a consequence of their five-year eco program, Plan A, which will see M & A ; S, with other things, become carbon impersonal and besides directing no waste to landfill by 2012.

Company ‘s Brief History

With more than 120 old ages of heritage, Marks & A ; Spencer is one of the well recognized British retail merchants. The M & A ; S has more than 500 shops within the UK and has more than 75,000 employers across the UK. M & A ; S besides operates in the International Market, where it has a developing concern in some topographic points every bit far as Hong Kong.

In recent old ages, the UK ‘s retailing industry has been characterised by forceful competition. Consumers are more witting of where and how they feel like to shop. They besides know what sort of shopping understanding they require. This has made it much more complicated for retail merchants to transport on.

Corporate Strategic Development


The original house was a concatenation of “ PENNY BAZAARS ” , founded by Thomas Spencer and Michael Marks. It became a family name thanks to the attempts of Simon Marks and his friend Israel Seiff.

M & A ; S has subdivisions in about 28 states all over the universe. They largely exist in British Societies and Eastern Europe but this attempt to acquire bigger into Western Europe and in the United States go failed because of their high monetary values and besides of their basic British Vision of the company. M & A ; S besides was peculiarly unsuccessful in France and even they were forced to shut their shops in France because of the statute law which the Gallic Government set in topographic point to protect their labour force.

In 1960 ‘s Marks and Spencer opened first shop in Central Asia in Kabul, Afghanistan. This shop was closed after some clip because ambiance of the metropolis turned usual.

In the center of 1990 ‘s M & A ; S foremost of all time TV commercial of vesture were broadcast.

In twentieth Century M & A ; S became good reputed in market, when they make a policy of selling merely British made goods, largely concentrating on quality than the monetary value to promote tradition.

Introduction of their new vesture scope in 2001 named “ Per Una ” designed by George Davies accompanied by a reshaping of their implicit in concern model their net incomes increased really aggressively and M & A ; S improved a batch of its market portion. Besides change in their traditional policies including accepting recognition card minutess and opening M & A ; S shops on Sunday ‘s put stars on their repute in market.

Group Structure & A ; Financial Performance

Grassroots administrations seem to work good with in a level construction administration every bit freely as likely of Board of Directors and Management. Flat Structure does non intend the riddance of single duties ; even flatness means the terminal of people with dominant authorization over other person ‘s occupation. National people groups must avoid the ordinary error of including little Numberss of people to a great extent. They should seek difficult to prosecute big Numberss of persons lightly. Flat administrations, which highlight parallel connexions, seem to be the best thing for associating big Numberss of persons lightly.

Regular Based Meetings

A handbill

Dividing mundane Jobs and duties

Staff Training

Staff Members Gathering

A prognosis Processing

Working interaction with power participants and resource companies. Power participants are people with the capableness or accomplishments to do occupation done: politicians, proprietors of cardinal concerns, media, authorities sections, caputs of organisation, landlords.

The group ‘s public presentation of the squad members for they twelvemonth 2009 ended at March 31 was really unsatisfactory. The return on equity per centum and the income per portion were nil as the administration gross was merely ?1.3m in this twelvemonth. The dividend screen was besides nil because of the same cause. The company paid all its gross to the stockholders because the dividend screen was really low last twelvemonth. Because of this, company had to cut-down the dividend about from 12.4p to 8.0p. Company planned for the same dividend even though the company had about zero net income. The set reports result of three operational divisions:

UK Retail Distribution

International Retail Market

Financial Resource Division

M & A ; S is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a component of the FTSE 100 Index.

After furthering important growing in recent old ages, mid-2008 saw portion monetary values dip to well under half their value of 12 months earlier, as M & A ; S struggled to get by with more conservative shoppers in the recognition crunch.

Until 1999 M & A ; S ‘s fiscal twelvemonth ended on 31 March. Since so, the company has changed to describing for 52 or 53 hebdomad periods, stoping on variable day of the months.

Year ended

Employee turnover ( ? M )

Net income before revenue enhancement ( ? M )

Net net income ( ? M )

Basic clairvoyance. ( P )

28 March 2009





29 March 2008





31 March 2007





1 April 2006





2 April 2005





3 April 2004





29 March 2003





30 March 2002





31 March 2001





1 April 2000





31 March 1999





31 March 1998





31 March 1997





31 March 1996





UK Retail Distribution

The UK Retail distribution, the biggest of the operating distributions, is itself sub-division into seven concern units, each bespeaking a defined one-fourth of ware:

Women ‘s Wear,

Work force ‘s Wear,

Children ‘s Wear





The First Six concern units such as Women ‘s, Men ‘s and Children ‘s Wear, Lingerie, Beauty and Home are known as “ General ” and footage is in between these six units depending on demand and seasonal factors. The autonomy is located due to the biggest individual concern unit that is Food and is comparatively firm.

Final Financial study in the UK retail defines a bead down in Gross saless and Operating Net income.

Gross saless And Operating Net income In The End Of Financial Years

Gross saless Operating profit____ A­A­









Group Total





UK Retail





International Continental Europe



( 55.0 )

( 40.5 )

European Franchise Businesses





Brooks Brothers





Kings Super Markets









( 4.2 )

International Retail Market

The International Market of retail Business chiefly consists of three wide geographic countries:

Europe excepting UK

North America


The International Retail Market consequences consist of those M & A ; S franchise concerns which operated 125 franchise shops in 26 states. The European International Retail Market can be divided into the followers:

Continental Europe

Republic of Ireland

European Franchise Businesses

The group running two concerns in North America that are:

Brooks Brothers

Kings Super Markets

In March 2001 Kings Super Markets and Brook Brothers operate in 27 and 221 shops severally. In the terminal, in Far East the group deals with in 10 shops in Hong Kong.

In this twelvemonth, about every company did good concern in this division relatively to last twelvemonth, with the freedom of Europe ‘s M & A ; S shops which increased their losingss.

Fiscal Resources Division

One of the of import Committednesss of M & A ; S in the incorporate planning rhythm is The Financial Resources Commitment. This committedness describes a figure of Financial Resources Division Enterprises:

Integrated Planning Cycle


Bettering Management of Resources & A ; Implementing

Bettering our Internal Control Environment

Enhance Transparency

Scheme Analysis

Jointly, the Board Team Members are responsible for the bright and excellence hereafter of the company. In the class of the Chief Executive, the Board delegate to direction on the whole public presentation of the company through constructing long-run direction potency, puting clear ends of the company and guaranting that the concern is supervised in conformance harmonizing to concern values.

Marks & A ; Spencer Board Structure:


Chief Executive

Executive Director

On-Executive Director

On-Executive Director

On-Executive Director

On-Executive Director

Competitive Strategy Environment

M & A ; S operates in a competitory ambiance. Its rivals are more clients based and more in melody with the demands and the demands of the clients. Such as on fabrics sector, NEXT & A ; Debenhams have exploited the demand for immature people and in nutrient sector Tesco and Sainsbury have expands its scopes of ready cooked repasts.

In UK there are no issue or entry barriers but the market is mature and hence there is no bouncinesss for a new company or a company from abroadto semen and compete in these markets. In contrast M & A ; S experienced Exit barriers when under the France jurisprudence they were non permitted to shut their France Stores and do their employees redundant with merely a hebdomad ‘s notice. ( Ralph, 1996 ; anon, 2004 )

New Group Strategy and Structure

Subsequently a wide-ranging and comprehensive strategic reappraisal of its concern, the Board of M & A ; S practiced important alterations to the Group scheme and construction in March, 2001. The chief rudimentss of this new program are:

Focus on UK Retail Market

M & A ; S will sell merely ain trade name merchandises so it can vouch clients the first-class quality, great value and good services. Main subject of the program is the bringing of considerable betterments in merchandise handiness, merchandise value and merchandise entreaty thereby recovering the relationships with nucleus clients of M & A ; S.

Dressing Recovery Plan

M & A ; S has programs to reconstruct the assurance of its clients in the quality

And tantrum of its vesture. It will sharpen pricing by rebalancing the monetary value construction, enlargement in the scope of entry-price merchandises and besides good pass oning this to clients.

Expansion Food, Home and Beauty Merchandises

M & A ; S Foods continues to put to death good and has rebuild clients ‘ trust for supplying good quality and convenience. The concern is a platform for future enlargement and the Company is sing chances to acquire bigger through new locations and concern channels.

The Home concern is increasing strongly, with place furniture and endow the best turning merchandise countries. Beauty, although comparatively little, is besides turning quickly. These two countries offer promising chances for advancement and will be expanded.

Shop Renewal Programme

M & A ; S will travel faster the rollout of the successful elements of its new thought format under a program to restitute more shops sooner and at lower cost.

Closer To The Customer

As a company we should be in touch with our clients all the clip in order to develop an consciousness of what our clients think about the company, how they perceive the company and what they expect from the company. This consciousness in bend enables us to invariably endeavor to run into our clients ‘ demands and besides procure an organisation ‘s long-run endurance and profitableness

In order to be more clients based, some of M & A ; S shops in large metropoliss will be opened 24 hours a twenty-four hours. On other manus, 125 shops in the UK will be modernised to make a easy-to-shop environment and more attractive for clients.

Corporate-Level Strategy ( BCG matrix )

BCG Matrix is used to gestate the balance of the portfolio of the concerns in footings of relationship between market portion and market growing. It is a company in a market that has slow growing and its market portion is continuously shriveling. The industry in which M & A ; S operates is mature and market is likely to be stable so it is more hard to derive market portion. It ‘s assumed that M & A ; S is a diminution stage administration ( Stockport,2000 ) .

PESTEL And SWOT Analysis

Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental and Legal ( PESTEL-Analysis )


Long term determinations are based on stable political surrounding. UK is besides a member of European Union, as a consequence of which the authorities has to run to populate up to the criterions of European Union ‘s construction, hence, guaranting M & A ; S a greater range of economic executings. The unfastened transportation of goods & A ; merchandises is another advantage of European Union doing the gross revenues operations of M & A ; S easier in European counties as there are no barriers to merchandise to worsen its gross revenues grosss.


British lb is still stronger as compared to the Euro which is why foreign investings for M & A ; S are comparatively inexpensive but expensive for the other foreign organisations willing to originate in the UK. This is besides a ground that several states are non willing to merchandise.


Soon, the population in UK is 61.11 million which after 15 old ages from today is expected to make to 65 million. This brings in good intelligence to M & A ; S Company as many more clients will be added to its current list, nevertheless the population is ageing. ( True Knowledge )

Second there is a dramatic alteration in the societal construction. Medical service ‘s advancement & A ; consciousness of life additions life anticipation. Sex instruction ‘s development & A ; addition in the figure of professional or working adult females has led to a lessening in the rate of Birth which are the factors that have been accounting for falling grosss for an experient company such as M & A ; S.


New Media ‘s response & A ; an age old cyberspace bring in an evaluated possible chance to M & A ; S to turn its net incomes. Some U.S. based organisations are offering on-line orders where in people can advert their demands & A ; penchants which are sent to the production installations & A ; after 2 or 3 on the job yearss clients receive their orders. This was merely another illustration of possibilities by the usage of which houses can really react to the of all time altering penchants in new epoch.


Merchandises produced by provider has affect on the ambiance on how these produce is used and disposed by clients. Merchants use a huge scope of natural stuffs to fabricate their merchandises. Because of this, it is critical to manage the use of these stuffs with sensitiveness and pay proper respect to how they have an consequence on natural home grounds and bio-diversity.


This is related to the legal environment in which houses work. In past old ages in the UK there have been a batch considerable legal alterations that have affected houses ‘ behaviors such as M & A ; S.



The Brand of M & A ; S is an plus to it in footings of Quality, Style & A ; Value for money. The ground for its success and first-class repute is that M & A ; S sell merely ain trade name merchandises. M & A ; S place the alterations in client penchants & A ; behaviour under extended market overview as they are one of the largest retail merchants in the UK. The ego production & A ; labelling enables M & A ; S to often accommodate to the unpredictable market conditions which in bend besides allows it to salvage clip. Time salvaging & A ; Adaptability is truly necessary for a house to win in such fast traveling market where clip plays a cardinal function.


The uncomplete merchandise scope of M & A ; S, unluckily, sometimes affects its regular clients who so go on to buy from its rivals. An illustration of that would be that M & A ; S does n’t sell sportswear which accordingly forces its clients to purchase them from those who sell them. This adds to the disadvantage of M & A ; S. An added disadvantage could be mentioned as an illustration i.e. A client interested to purchase M & A ; S sportswear ( if they had it ) might hold been interested in purchasing some gift at the same clip because of the presence of sufficient assortment, which could hold made it excess grosss. However as they do n’t hold sportswear, they are losing on a good chance for gross.


In order to do net income, M & A ; S consider societal rethinking as bulk of people are acquiring witting for nature ‘s significance today. TO take for Long Term success, M & A ; S could gain a repute as a socially witting house by bring forthing with the usage of environment friendly natural stuffs & A ; natural fibers.

The key to success is uniqueness or individualism. Harmonizing to the recent researches people are on an norm are acquiring heavier & A ; taller. What now can convert people to recognize the presence of head of M & A ; S is its Adaptability.


The large supermarkets or Discount houses, despite of non being present in the same market are possible menace to M & A ; S as they sell similar merchandises. These merchandises are offered by them for short continuance i.e. at a truly inexpensive monetary value for a twosome of hebdomads. Many people mindfully buy these low priced merchandises alternatively of traveling for a good quality. This scheme of Hit & A ; Run adversely affects the concerns of companies like M & A ; S.

Michael Porter Five Forces Model

Porter ‘s five forces is a model for the industry analysis and concern scheme development developed by Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School in 1979. It draws upon Industrial Organization ( IO ) economic sciences to deduce five forces that determine the competitory strength and hence attraction of a market. Attractiveness in this context refers to the overall industry profitableness. An “ unattractive ” industry is one in which the combination of these five forces acts to drive down overall profitableness. A really unattractive industry would be one nearing “ pure competition ” , in which available net incomes for all houses are driven down to zero.

Three of Porter ‘s five forces refer to competition from external beginnings. The balance are internal menaces. It is utile to utilize Porter ‘s five forces in concurrence with SWOT analysis ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats ) .

Menace of New Entrants

Entering into a New Market needs immense fundss to buy necessary natural machineries, develop new merchandises, hire staffs, selling-rooms & A ; to construct an organized systematic web. Administrations such as Jhon Lewis, Tesco & A ; Sainsbury can really easy come in into new markets as the pecuniary hazard for Bankss are really elevated to help smaller houses & A ; besides that they do non hold the possible to react to the defensive onslaughts of bing houses.

Brand Loyalty is no more a menace to new houses, soon, therefore doing it a menace to M & A ; S. Customers use advanced engineering to measure & amp ; compare several offers during a short span of clip & A ; are willing to buy the cheapest possible merchandise. These Generation X or engineering savvy people have been a immense section targeted by M & A ; S, which can be dismaying for it.

Menace of Substitutes

Product permutation & A ; Replacement of Firm need to be distinguished while discoursing permutation. The determination of a client to buy an point & A ; so a alteration in his determination to hold another is referred to as Substitution of Product, i.e. A client might likely purchase a jumper if he simply does non like the design of a M & A ; S jacket. However, this had no impact to the gross of M & A ; S.

Substitution of M & A ; S for its rival is referred to as company replacing. In the illustration mentioned antecedently the client would hold bought a new jacket from the rivals of M & A ; S. Now this affects the house grosss.

The Bargaining Power of The Buyers

There are several factors on which the power of purchaser depends. Unlimited demand is met by countless providers in the U.K Retail market. Therefore if the clients are non satisfied they can exchange from one company to the other. Because of advanced proficient cognition & A ; their age group, the sections of people targeted by M & A ; S have adequate gaining power. To stipulate altering demand & A ; purchaser trends their form of disbursement should be carefully analysed.

The clients of M & A ; S are chiefly based in Britain. If M & A ; S turns unsuccessful in the British Market, it can non counterbalance it by the grosss in the other markets

Marks & A ; Spencer ‘s Geographical Gross



United Kingdom

$ 1,488.6 m

Rest of Europe

$ 29.6 m

North America

$ 0.0


$ 4.8 m

Middle East

$ 8.8 m


$ 3.1 m


$ 1534.9 m

Dickering Power of Suppliers

Labor costs are high for UK in comparing with that in Eastern Europe, Asia & A ; North Africa which is why that several houses have decided to outsource. Therefore there is a force per unit area on M & A ; S to bring forth high quality merchandises without cutting its costs, nevertheless acquiring the production outsourced can be of great aid as inexpensive labor can be appointed.


Competitive Competition

An increasing figure of foreign retail ironss zero in on UK as a get downing point to do it large in Europe. Example Giordano, a Hong Kong based vesture retail merchant is really successful & A ; programs to open & amp ; operate shops in UK for its European enlargement. Marks & A ; Spencer has been confronting the counter-attack by Tesco & A ; Sainsbury in the recent yesteryear. Debenhams & A ; Marks & A ; Spencer have spent a batch of money for the development of their on-line operations. Every possible step to gain net incomes should be seemed in an Industry as this where so many houses produce the name merchandises & A ; are merely identified by their pronounced labels.

Future A Strategic Direction

As mentioned earlier we know that M & A ; S has a really broad market particularly in the UK. It has been successful since decennaries. The lone failing it has is deficiency of assortment of merchandise offerings in its current market. Using Product Development as its strategic pick will enable M & A ; S to bring forth extra merchandises to cover a wider section from its bing market. As M & A ; S is reputed Brand, the extra merchandises like athletic wear will be every bit popular.

Acceptability or the results of Product Development scheme is another facet that needs to be measured. If M & A ; S adopts the scheme of Product development it will be avoiding the hazard of losing its market portion. This will increase the value of stockholder ‘s assets.

Feasibility, now we need to measure the relativity of Product Development scheme with the organisational capablenesss & A ; its resources. Using its present capablenesss all M & A ; S is supposed to make is to increase its line of merchandises from its production houses. Current capabilities & A ; resources will function he purpose.

For future, the aforesaid strategic pick has to be evaluated & amp ; analysed in footings of suitableness, acceptableness & A ; feasibleness. Suitability specifies whether or non the scheme of merchandise development will do M & A ; S strategic state of affairs.

M & A ; S being an experienced participant can easy entree the wide market overview and adapt to the alterations in consumer behavior & A ; penchants. This can be a method to add to the benefits of M & A ; S in the short & amp ; long tally.

To cut costs M & A ; S can trust more & A ; more stairss towards outsourcing its production in developing or developing States without compromising on the Quality of its merchandises. Online engagement of M & A ; S on a big graduated table will add advantage to it over its rivals as a immense section of clients served by M & A ; S is engineering understanding. The publicity of Quality of M & A ; S through Internet can do a difference when it comes to salvaging its grosss being lost to the mail discount houses or inexpensive supermarket vesture.

UK ‘s rank in the European Union is an advantage to M & A ; S as it provides an easy format of operation for European companies.


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