A look at Alcoholism in Youths

Alcoholism, caused chiefly by orgy imbibing, is progressively prevailing among young persons, and the effects of alcohol addiction should non be taken lightly. Aside from single wellness jobs linked to alcohol addiction, societal jobs such as household force, juvenile delinquency and drink-driving are besides attributed to alcohol addiction.

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Despite this, deficient accent is placed on controling alcohol addiction among young persons in comparing to societal ailments such as smoke and gaming. It is important that more accent be placed on this country given its turning regularity.


Based on study findings and scientific research, the impact of media is shown to be the chief cause of the rise of alcohol addiction among young persons. In add-on, the built-in susceptibleness of young persons compounds the job.

An analysis of bing steps showed that current province ordinances are deficient, while a deficiency of any authorities organic structure to look into such issues is besides refering.


This study recommends a two-pronged attack to extenuate the issue of alcohol addiction in young persons. First, media ordinance should be enforced to forestall young persons from exposure to biased alcoholic advertisement. This step has been effectual in states such as France. Second, the Association for Alcoholism among Youths should be established to spearhead instruction and awareness enterprises to supply a long-run platform for alcohol addiction bar among young persons.

1 Introduction

Alcoholism is the compulsive demand for ingestion of intoxicant, which has seen a rise in frequence to 76 million people worldwide ( World Health Organization, 2010 ) . Alcohol dependance, caused chiefly by orgy imbibing, is lay waste toing to society with the myriad of societal jobs attributed to it ( Poon, 2010 ) . In fact, a survey found that intoxicant was the most harmful drug, above baccy and diacetylmorphine ( Nutt, King, & A ; Phillips, 2010 ) , bespeaking a serious job that needs to be resolved.

Of peculiar concern are young persons aged between 15 to 24 old ages, who are progressively able to afford intoxicant despite the high revenue enhancements levied, in a command to “ look cool ” while accomplishing an intoxicated signifier of pleasance ( Leong, 2006 ) . Besides minor imbibing, studies besides describe other causes for concern such as young person ‘s ignorance of the societal injuries of imbibing ( Ting, 2008 ) .

The effects of this job are clear ; extended diseases are linked to alcohol ingestion ( Think before you drink, 2006 ) while intoxicant toxic condition can do encephalon harm, memory loss and even decease ( Wong, 2009 ) . But the negative effects extend beyond single wellness – a broad scope of societal issues from household force, juvenile delinquency and loss of productiveness can stem from alcohol addiction. Tellingly, the Subordinate Courts of Singapore ( 2000 ) conducted a study which showed that fifth part of domestic force involved intoxicant usage. In add-on, drink-driving is another unchallenged result of alcoholic behavior, taking many lives.

This study focuses on the causes of alcohol addiction in young persons and evaluates the effectivity of bing steps. This study will besides urge executable solutions to extenuate the job of alcohol addiction in young persons.

2 Findingss

The findings were based on primary research from a study conducted with local young persons between the ages of 15 to 24, every bit good as secondary research from noteworthy scientific diaries.

2.1 Causes of alcohol addiction in young persons

2.1.1 Impact of Media

In modern society, the mass media has been a dominant force in determining the positions and desires of the young person. Young persons have been tempted to indulge in intoxicant as a agency of emphasis alleviation and as a societal activity. Besides the rampant ingestion of alcoholic drinks particularly during gay occasions, young persons are besides exposed to alcoholic advertisement in the media which creates a sense of acquaintance and induces ingestion even among those below the legal age. A survey by Collins, Ellickson, McCaffrey, & A ; Hambarsoomians ( 2007 ) found that advertisement in the media in young person had a big influence on future intoxicant ingestion. Multiple associations were drawn between ingestion of intoxicant among young persons and assorted advertisement signifiers such as beer advertizements, promotional points and in-store shows.

The study conducted besides concurred with these findings, with 35 % of participants bespeaking a penchant for intoxicant due to advertisement ( Figure 1 ) .

Figure 1: Reason for intoxicant ingestion

Another noteworthy longitudinal survey of 38,000 young persons besides suggested that exposure to alcoholic commercials strongly increased the likeliness of striplings taking up intoxicant every bit good as devouring larger sums of intoxicant ( Anderson, de Bruijn, Angus, Gordon, & A ; Hastings, 2009 ) .

2.1.2 Susceptibility of Young persons

Although the media is far-reaching in its coverage and mark audience, young persons are possibly the most influenced by its implicative nature due to their receptivity to such information as compared to more doubting grownups. Amos ( 1992 ) noted that intoxicant advertizements were chiefly found in magazines targeted at young persons. Indeed, the waxy nature of young persons contributes exponentially to the job over and above the prevalence of intoxicant, from telecasting programmes affecting young persons devouring intoxicant to advertizements plastered on walls. The study conducted shows the feelings of young persons on alcoholic advertisement, with close to 90 % seeing intoxicant as exciting or cool ( Figure 2 ) .

Figure 2: Young person ‘s Impressions of Alcoholic Ads

Young persons as a community besides are faced with many jobs for which they turn to alcohol. The changeless emphasis from surveies and work in the local context lead young persons to seek refuge through the influence of intoxicant. Young persons often turn to gorge imbibing as a quick-fix solution to their anxiousnesss, which may ensue in a long term dependence to alcohol. Peer force per unit area besides plays a large function in young persons who struggle to achieve societal credence by their opposite numbers.

2.2 Effectiveness of Current Measures

2.2.1 State Regulations

In Singapore, the lone ordinance imposed on intoxicant is the imposts responsibility of $ 48 to $ 70 per liter of intoxicant ( Singapore Customs, 2010 ) . Compared to substances like diacetylmorphine and even baccy, intoxicant ordinances are considered indulgent and present a negligible disincentive against the flush Singaporean young person. For all the societal ailments caused by intoxicant, from drink-driving to household force, province ordinances are excessively mild to deter the usage of intoxicant in Singapore.

While intoxicant advertisement is controlled by the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice ( 2008 ) , no ordinances are placed on the clip, location or method of advertisement of alcoholic drinks. As such, it is non uncommon to see alcoholic advertizements such as Tiger Beer advertizements during primetime telecasting hours, whereas advertizements for coffin nails, gaming and even rubbers are purely prohibited ( Media Development Authority, 2001 ) .

2.2.2 Societies Addressing Problem

Presently, there are no government-funded administrations that focus on young persons and alcohol addiction. The closest bureau that has accent is the Health Promotion Board, which speaks on the injuries of intoxicant. The following closest entity is Alcoholics Anonymous, a private administration that helps alkies to rehabilitate. Relatively, job gaming and drug maltreatment have their ain administrations such as the National Problem Gambling Council and the Central Narcotics Bureau which focus on prescriptive every bit good as preventative steps. Overall, there is a deficit of administrations concentrating on young persons and the bar of intoxicant dependance.

3 Recommendations

Based on the identified causes and the restrictions of bing steps, this study recommends a two-pronged attack be taken, with media ordinance as an immediate step to command alcohol addiction, and the constitution of an association as a long-run attack.

3.1 Media Regulation

A jurisprudence should be imposed to forbid alcoholic advertizements in the media, from print advertisement to telecasting commercials. Surveies such as one by Gordon, MacKintosh, & A ; Moodie ( 2010 ) turn out intoxicant selling impacts the young person ‘s imbibing behavior. Surveies besides show a causal nexus between intoxicant commercials and imbibing behavior, bespeaking intoxicant ingestion can be curbed through media ordinance ( Engels, Hermans, new wave Baaren, Hollenstein, & A ; Bot, 2009 ) . In fact, France instituted an intoxicant policy jurisprudence in 1991 forbiding all signifiers of intoxicant advertisement which has proven successful since its origin ( Rigaud & A ; Craplet, 2004 ) .

3.2 Establishment of Association for Alcoholism among Young persons

A longer term attack necessitates an constitution of the Association for Alcoholism among Youths, which would spearhead instruction enterprises among young persons. Such an association will supply an avenue for young persons to seek aid sing alcohol addiction, and would besides guarantee proper instruction on the effects of intoxicant dependance among young persons. This administration would be responsible for increasing consciousness through runs targeted at young persons.

3.3 Effectiveness of Recommendations

Media ordinance can be a powerful tool to cut down intoxicant ingestion, as seen in the instance of France. However, this step might be seen as Draconian by some, and the loss of net incomes can upset intoxicant companies who might fall back to more aggressive selling tactics. It should be noted that media ordinance is imperative in forestalling the false portraiture of intoxicant by alcoholic companies. Such a step needs to work in tandem with instruction.

The constitution of an association is besides extremely utile in making a civilization of consciousness and cognition of alcohol addiction as a societal job, but its duties must be decently defined in order for it to function its intended intent. In add-on, it has to look into other factors that contribute to alcoholism such as household background issues.

4 Decision

Having a double attack to the job will let the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports to extenuate the two identified causes of the job every bit good as supply a sustainable solution to this job. Young persons are the hereafter of Singapore and it is therefore important to concentrate on them in endeavoring to decide this issue.

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