A Focus On Google In China Economics Essay

This instance briefly discusses about hunt engine market in China, Google ‘s portion in Chinese market, Government regulations and ordinances related to the cyberspace hunt.

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The chief issues discussed in this instance survey are:

Google ‘s launch in the China and how it made its presence felt over at that place every bit good as the cardinal issues faced by the Google such as deriving the market portion, although Google did a just sum of research before come ining China but still was n’t able to crush the local rival Baidu which is the biggest in footings of hunt engine in China and histories for about 60 % of the market portion. ( Appendix 4 )

Chinese Government regulations and ordinances related to the censoring in China which was against the Google ‘s Mission of supplying the information.

Cyber onslaught on Google China which chiefly target the gmail histories of the users who were Human Right militants which forced Google on sing its issue from China.

A brief analysis of the internet hunt market in China by discoursing the market portion of assorted participants such as Google, Baidu, Microsoft, Yahoo and other local Players.

Possible scheme which Google could utilize in order to turn and prolong its market portion ( Ivey Case B )


This instance survey attempts to happen out the Google ‘s public presentation in China by taking into history current province of industry, making the portfolio analysis, critically analysing its scheme.

Google started its operations in China in 2005 earlier to that it provided hunt engine to Chinese users through its waiters based in US but in a really short span of clip Chinese Government developed its ain firewall in order to supply the censored information to the Chinese people by supplying the cache transcript of Google hunt consequences which resulted in decelerating down of its web pages, this resulted in decelerating down its hunt consequences upto 7 times every bit compared to its rival Baidu. As a consequence of this, Google decided to open its operations in China in order to decide these issues as Google considered that it ‘s better to supply the information instead than supplying no information at all. So, it provided the censored information to Chinese population but still it found hard to widen its presence in the Chinese market in footings of developing merchandises in the Chinese linguistic communication and placing them whereas Baidu ‘s wage 4 public presentation theoretical account was much better which was based on the public presentation instead than the level charges in the beginning itself which other hunt engines used. ( Ivey Case B )

Google faced cyber onslaughts in January 2010 which forced it to see its issue from the China and named it as Aurora onslaught, furthermore this determination from Google was considered diplomatic one by internet security experts as this determination would do Chinese Government to reconsider its determination on the censoring which could assist Google achieve the same degree of leading in the Chinese market as it enjoys the universe over ( Worthen, Ben,2010 )

Summary of Environmental Audited account:

Google was non able to bask the same monopoly in the Chinese hunt engine market as it enjoys universe over that could be a possible ground it raised the issue of cyber onslaughts as it was be aftering to issue from Chinese market and needed a ground to make the same. Besides another possible ground could be that it wanted to negociate with the Chinese Government over the censorship issue so it thought that the menace to issue from the Chinese market could coerce the Government to renegociate the footings and conditions for the censoring which finally did n’t go on. As a consequence of all these www.google.cn ( its Chinese version ) was routed to www.google.com.hk as most of the services were blocked in partial or full mode in the Chinese district. But this kind of complete isolation could hold resulted in a protest from local population besides Google did n’t desire to lose such a immense market which was about double the size of US so it did n’t automatically airt to www.google.com.hk but provided an option on site by making so it abided with anti censoring Torahs and ordinances. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //googleblog.blogspot.com )

Another of import analysis which we can pull is that Google was non able to place its merchandises so good in the Chinese linguistic communication and it lacked in footings of paid hunt. Although Google was deriving the market portion every bit good as the grosss as it is clear from Appendix 4 & A ; 5 but it did n’t bask same sort of monopoly in China as it enjoyed universe over ( Ivey Case B )

Measuring Current Scheme:

Current province of Industry-

As per a study published by iresearch overall hunt engine market in China accounted for about 470 million $ . Overall cyberspace users in China in 2009 reached to 384 Million much higher than anyplace in the universe and this made it a really moneymaking market for participants in the cyberspace hunt engine market. ( Ministry of Culture ) Baidu which was local participant dominated the market with over 60 % market portion followed by Google, Yahoo which took over Alibaba and Microsoft enjoy 5 % market portion each and other participants such as Sohu and Sina accounted for the staying market portion. Appendix 1 shows the overall market portion of all the participants in the market. China ‘s on-line advertisement market grew at a rate of 20 to 30 % per twelvemonth ( Appendix 3 ) and overall market size was about 3 Billion $ as in 2009 ( Max Magni ) Shown in Appendix 2 Overall with such a immense population China ‘s hunt Engine market would certainly increase in future at a really fast gait.

After close analysis we find that Google is soon in Growth stage as it is spread outing its operations and introducing continuously. With the aid of this Industry life rhythm analysis we can happen out that Google can present batch of new merchandises and research new markets by explicating the proper schemes in order to make the value for its stakeholders.

Product Portfolio Analysis-

As per Johnson & A ; Scholes Product Analysis can be done with the aid of BCSG Matrix which includes

Stars- Merchandises with high growing rate every bit good as high market portion.

Cash Cows-Products with high market portion and low growing rate.

Dogs-Products with low market portion and low growing rate.

Question Marks-Products with low market portion and high growing rate.

BCG Matrix helps the Company to make up one’s mind which merchandises it should concentrate on and from which merchandises it should go out. It is a really valuable tool in footings of specifying the scheme of the company. ( Cooper, R. G. , Edgett, S. J. , & A ; Kleinschmidt, E.J. ,2006 ) . On the footing of merchandise analysis of Google we have developed a BCG matrix for Google.

BCG Matrix

With the aid of BCG Matrix analysis we can state that Google hunt, youtube and gmail are among company ‘s star performing artists, whereas orkut and gtalk have slowed in footings of growing rate but still keep a big market portion. Google physician and books are deriving market portion at a really fast pace.Scholar and realtime have low market portion every bit good as growing rate so company should redevelop the scheme for these merchandises.

Ansoff Matrix

On the footing of Ansoff matrix Google has good market incursion as it has bing merchandises in bing markets, Google continuously innovates and launches new merchandises in bing markets so it has nice merchandise development, Google ever launches bing merchandises in new markets so its market development is besides good but its variegation is less as it is non really good in establishing new merchandises in new markets.

Critical Strategic Direction-

In position of all these occurrences Google decided to route its China ‘s Online Traffic to Hong Kong but it would ensue into non reclamation of its ISP Licence which would ensue in its lasting issue from China and Google would ne’er want to free such a moneymaking market besides Chinese Government would non wish to forbid its people from accessing the universe ‘s largest hunt engine. So, Google agreed to stay by the Chinese censoring Torahs by supplying filtered consequences to the Chinese Population with footer about the censoring. This critical strategic measure would assist Google to increase its presence in the Chinese market and take over its Chinese opposite number. ( Cohn, William A )


Critical Analysis/Assessment-

If we analyze the startegy being implemented by Google it ‘s a win win state of affairs for both Chinese Government every bit good every bit Google as it agreed to supply the filtered information to Chinese population though it is against the Google policy on information flow but in order to remain competitory and present in such a immense market it needs to stay by the local regulations and ordinances and this is non the first clip Google has done this, it has done the same in France and Germany where it agreed to take some of the content which was considered as violative by their Government. Had Google non agreed to regulations and ordinances it would hold resulted in the complete issue of Google from China so sing the China ‘s function in the emerging universe order and taking into history its cyberspace population and overall market size Google took a important measure by holding to The China ‘s Censorship Torahs and ordinances. ( Bridis, Ted, June 6, 2006 )


Appraisal of Current Strategy-

As discussed above the current scheme followed by Google is rather sustainable if it wants to remain competitory in the Chinese market, besides when the Google diverted its Chinese Online Traffic to Hong Kong most of the services were banned by Government of China which drastically reduced the overall grosss of Google so in order to recover its place in the China ‘s market it had to come out with a sustainable scheme which it did by falling in line with the guidelines of the Chinese Government. ( Johnny Ryan and Stefan Halper,2010 )


New strategic Direction/Development and methods-

Now with the censoring issues had been sorted out Google can follow other schemes in order to derive its presence in the China ‘s market. Few of the schemes have been discussed below:

Google can look for Mergers & A ; Acquisitions in the local market by acquisition of participants such as Sohu & A ; Sina in order to increase its presence in China as Sian has got immense cyberspace traffic but its hunt engine is non good so Google can capitalise on this land.

It can get 51 occupation which is No.2 participant in China ‘s occupation hunt market such a move can assist Google to supply an added scope of service every bit good as increasing its client base.

Another scheme which Google can concentrate on is geting on-line gambling houses as most of the internet population is immature so this scheme would give it an border over other participants and for this possible acquisition could be of the company named as Netease.

Developing more and more Google merchandises in the local linguistic communication so that people can entree them. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //seekingalpha.com )

To cover with such censoring issues in future Google can utilize its ain filter techniques by planing the proper scheduling algorithms for it i.e. it can filtrate those contents in the get downing merely by discoursing with the local authorities and staying the regulations and ordinances.


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