A critical analysis of Liquidity, Profitability and Efficiency

the industry norm of current ratio is 2.2:1.company A is demoing better current ratio of 2.63 as compared to industry norm of 2.2 which mean that the company A bears a greater ability to paid its measures. Company B and C have less current ratio as compared to the industry norm which means that the public presentation of these companies are non up to standard nevertheless company C ‘s current ratio is somewhat greater than the industry norm which shows that the public presentation of company C is satisfactory.

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The industry norm of speedy ratio is 1.5 pieces the mean speedy ratios of companies A B and C are 1.99, 1.54 and 1.71 severally which shows that the said companies posses a greater ability to pay their measures nevertheless merely the company D quick ratio is somewhat less than the industry norm ratio which is 1.48 which mean the company needs to reexamine its liquidness programs.


The industry ‘s norm of ROCE is 15 % and the mean ROCE of companies A Is 19.3 % , company B is 21.26 % , company C is 28.24 % and company D is 31.13 which means that the companies are gaining a good return on their capital employed.

Company C and D gross net income ratios are 53.14 % and 56 % which are relatively better than the industry ‘s norm of 48 % nevertheless company B gross net income ratio is 48 % which equals the industry ‘s mean but company A GP ratio is 43.75 % which is less than the industry ‘s norm. It is suggested that the company A should cut down its cost of sale or increase its gross revenues gross.

The industry ‘s norm of operating net income ratio is 40 % unluckily company A and B both have low operating net income ratio which are 33.75 % and 38.28 % severally which indicates that both companies A and B has low control in their operating disbursals on the other manus

companies C and D have better operating net income ratios which are 46.63 % and 48.73 screening that the direction of both companies bears a good control on their disbursals.


Companies A B and C have high stock bend over which are 63.88, 75.43 and 71.22 all three companies exceeds the industry ‘s norm of 35 yearss which means that there could be a job in their demand and supply due to which companies stock list is non easy converted into finish goods hence there are non able to efficaciously sale their merchandises.

Note: Company D stock bend over ratio can non be calculated because of inaccessibility of required informations.

The industry ‘s norm of entire turnover ratio is 0.9 clip and in this respect all the four companies have good sum turnover ratio which are 0.95, 0.93, 1.01 and 1.06 demoing the good return on their assets.


There is no such parametric quantity by which one can compare the earning per portion with the industry ‘s criterions. However we can compare EPS among the four companies that EPS of companies C and D are 0.98 and 0.88 is relatively good than the companies A and B of 0.54 and 0.56 severally.

Equally far as the place of best company is concerned company D is said to be the best company because of better ROCE 31.13 which means the company is gaining highest profitableness, EPS 0.88 indicated gaining per portion is really good and dividend screen 3.68 the stockholders of the company having fine-looking dividend.

ANSWER 1 ( B )

Company D shows a good appeal for the stockholders because its earning per portion is higher is 0.88 as comparison to other companies like A and B but somewhat less to company C which EPS is 0.98 nevertheless company D besides have better dividend screen of 3.68 which depicts that it is paying its stockholder more than any other said company wage nevertheless company C one time once more a large challenger in payment of dividend has a dividend screen of 3.38.

On the other manus direction of company D plays a singular function in using the stockholders financess therefore cut downing the long-run liabilities option because of less long term liabilities company D besides has to pay less sum of involvement on these loans as comparison to other companies.

Therefore it is suggested to put in company D from stockholder position.

ANSWER 2 ( a )

ANSWER 2 ( A )

Critical Analysis

The net present value is a discounted hard currency flow attack to capital budgeting. The net nowadays value ( NPV ) of an investing proposal is the present value of the proposal ‘s net hard currency flow less the proposal ‘s initial hard currency escape. If an investing undertaking ‘s net present value is zero or more, the undertaking is accepted, if non, it is rejected. In this instance of Tridad ltd the NPV is -6384.24 which means the value is less than zero therefore the undertaking is non feasible for the company.

ANSWER 2 ( B )

The internal rate of return is 13 %

ANSWER 2 ( C )

If a refinancing option ( abroad loan ) were to be taken so there are many hazards that the company might confront like


forex hazard


abroad authorities policies


There are twosome of ways which can be use to cover with the said fiscal hazards

Loan with fixed involvement rate

Buy hereafters which will give the company assurity of the expected future hard currency outflow- Reduces uncertainness and any hard currency jobs that could be used due to this.

ANSWER 3 ( A )

Proposed net income 91,552 Proposed net income 78,832

Break-even hours 1,393 Break-even hours 1,574

Break-even Gross saless 208,955 Break-even Gross saless 340,000

ANSWER 3 ( B )

Boris Plc has an operating net income of 91552 in scenario 1 and 78832 in scenario 2 at the sale turnover of 345600 and 497664 in scenario 1 and 2 severally. For accomplishing the break-even at least 1393 hours in scenario 1 and 1574 hours in scenario 2 have to be sold out so that variable cost can be observed.

Break-even techniques are based on fringy bing hence fixed cost plays a important function company ‘s operating consequences and public presentation. In the long draw fixed cost demands to be to the full observed hence soaking up bing attack is critical to be planned in the long term determination devising program.


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