A Chain Of Local Shoe Shops Marketing Essay

In class of familiarising with Online Shoe Shop, we started some feasibleness research about how existing shoe concerns that already use E-commerce plants. We came across many E-commerce web sites that facilitate concern activities.

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By analyzing them, we came to larn about assorted seeable features of each E-commerce web sites.

Each sites provides lists of basic shoe classs like –

Work force ‘s places

Women ‘s places

Childs places

Sports places

Girls places

Boys places

Each shoe classs represented basic features like –


Gym shoes




Some similarities from assorted web sites are as follows –

Each site provides basic shoe information with foregrounding images of places available from the concern.

Distinctive and targeted places characterized on the footing of gender, age, size, manners, classs, etc.

Each site provides links to think of branded places.

Synergistic images to aim single or all types of clients.

A hunt box.

Membership enrollments and subscriptions for free catalogs and newssheets on shoe manner.

Quick links and references for client services

Minutess, bringing and transportation information

A registered hallmark for the web site and the company.

Some typical characteristics were besides seeable from every site such as –

Different particular offers and fillips.

Different dealing processing methods

Different cargo processs and waies

Such information were acquired after researching some of the undermentioned e-commerce web sites –

Fig. www.shoebuy.com

Fig. www.shoe-shop.com

Fig. www.shoes.com

Fig. www.shoesforcrews.com

Fig. www.shoemall.com

Fig. www.shoe-sell.com

Undertaking 2


Start – End Date

Undertaking 1

1 twenty-four hours


Undertaking 2

1 twenty-four hours


Undertaking 3

4 yearss


Undertaking 4

3 yearss


Undertaking 5

4 yearss


Undertaking 6

2 yearss


Undertaking 7

1 twenty-four hours


Fig. Time allocation chart

Undertaking 3

Undertaking 4

Selling is the procedure of placing consumer demands and fulfilling them in the most efficient mode. Marketing mix is the integrating of the combined factors of cardinal elements of selling that can be varied to run into consumer demands more efficaciously. The cardinal elements of marketing include – Merchandise, Price, Promotion, and Place.

In developing a successful selling activity it is critical that each elements of selling tantrum together into coherent and incorporate program. In developing and using ecommerce for Special Shoes, we need to incorporate all our offline and offline selling activities to convey out the maximal benefits in pulling and supplying consumer demands.

The selling mix can be summed up with the undermentioned examples-

By implementing selling component like by taking into history the Product such as Kids places and accordingly incorporating it with Promotional activity such as, puting advertizements of Kids places in Kids magazines, the overall result of selling activity can be improved.

Consequently by interacting offline and on-line selling activities, we can besides be benefited in keeping market growing. For illustration, every-time a new or bing client makes a dealing while being physically present at any concatenation shops, our gross revenues individual can inform them about the new up-coming e-commerce web site, the installations it will supply and the benefits the clients can get from our site. This signifier of viral selling can inform, promote and convert clients about our merchandises.

Activities to be performed online:

In heightening our overall concern activity, the Particular places can accommodate the undermentioned online activities-

Online web logs can be used to help clients in informing about places classs.

Podiatry advices may be highlighted as our particular characteristic in good reputed web sites and can help in pulling consumers all around the Earth to do repetition visits to our web sites.

Customers can be on a regular basis sent catalogs and magazines via electronic mails to inform about latest updates of theoretical accounts of places being produced.

Customers can be enlightened that our Particular shoe e-commerce web site provides the installation of inquiring information in the signifier of Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) and forums. In this manner the clients can easy acquire entree to all relevant information they need by merely dropping by their questions and orders, and this can help in our promotional activities, and fulfilling consumer demands.

Customers can be targeted with on-line competition in web sites and provided with particular gift verifiers for victors of competition, and places can besides be promoted via these competitions.

Offline selling activities:

Concurrent with on-line selling activities, we will necessitate to utilize offline activities in order to advance our merchandises. Below the line promotional mediums can be used to go on selling activities offline. Some of them can be suggested as-

Newspaper articles can be used to continuously inform clients about our merchandises.

Sponsorships and seminars on podiatry advices can be conducted at celebrated infirmaries or medical centres and at the same merchandises can be advertised.

Billboard advertizements and text messages about merchandise information can help in set uping better trade name individuality and connect to the heads of the consumers.

On class of supplying podiatry advices, some needy and hapless can be provided with free places and gift verifiers. This can move as a corporate societal duty and can besides be used to advance our merchandises to the attendants of the seminars.

Customers can be provided with money off vouchers while they visit our concatenation shops and this can move as an inducement for consumers to buy or reiterate purchase to our concern.

Points of gross revenues shows and attention-getting shows at local retail shops can develop and pull client attending.

Addressing new and bing clients:

In advancing our concern and deriving attending of new clients, we would necessitate to turn up our web site on top consequences questions at good known hunt engines.

Plan and implement sole selling runs like attend manner carnivals, give regular TV-commercials send text messages utilizing the aid of nomadic operators to pass on with all types of clients around the Earth.

To derive maximal exposure, societal networking web sites like – facebook or chirrup can be used to advance our places. Ads can be placed on such sites which are most often visited by many consumers, and can propose links straight to our e-commerce web site.

The key to success in our concern can be highlighted with the alone merchandising point of supplying Chiropody advices for free to clients for whoever visit and ask for it from our special-shoe ecommerce web site. Particular seminars on pess related jobs with advices from professional physicians on Podiatry can be conducted at different parts. In such programmes, promotional activities can be conducted, and will surely assist us set up a reputed facet in the heads of the consumers.

Particular booths at some reputed infirmaries with professionals reding on pess related jobs can acquire consumer consciousness.

Gross saless publicities like money off vouchers or price reductions can be used as an inducement for new clients to acquire attracted to our merchandises and exchange off from a competitory trade name. These strategies may good fulfill bing clients to do repetition purchase and aid in set uping better dealingss with our company.

Existing and regular clients can be provided with trueness cards which will make a clients belief and trust in the company.

Effective market research:

On presenting e-commerce web site, opens the door for convenient and effectual research processs to Special Shoes. Each clip a client visits our web site, make any questions and use for dealing, we can garner and roll up as much information about clients. Besides during clients enrollments and subscriptions into our web site, they are made to give some personal information about them, which we can retain back. Information may include – consumer ‘s gustatory sensations, age, manner, gender, penchant about places, reactivity to particular fillips etc. Customers can besides be provided with remark boxes or particular ordering possibilities and leave remarks or suggestions for our concern productions. These information may help us in fixing consumer profiles, and can assist us in acquiring to cognize about them. In response to such resources, we can so be after our selling schemes to pull and fulfill consumers. We can besides utilize their information to pass on and set up a concern relationship with them.


Podiatry advices can assist us extinguish pes related jobs faced by the people in the society. By connoting podiatry advices, we can convert clients who face pess related jobs to get down have oning places once more. We can plan particular places for those with pess related job, and besides provide free podiatry advices to concern clients that pess related jobs can be avoided and that places can be worn.

Undertaking 5

Search engines and its utilizations:

Search engines are particular web sites that concentrates on taking in questions from users, and in response, provides relevant sites consequently to the hunt questions. For online clients, hunt engines provide an ideal platform to turn up their coveted merchandises and assist them make the web sites to purchase the merchandises. It reduces web shoping times and can by and large supply any sort of consequences asked by its users. Although the cyberspace posses a broad web of information for clients, hunt engines sorts out merely what is relevant and helps clients to make their coveted mark questions. Therefore, it is of outmost importance for an e-commerce web site to choose an appropriate hunt engine for its promotional activities, and turn up its reference in a desirable place, from where, clients can easy turn up and entree its characteristics during their questions.

Search engine positioning refers to holding the web-address listed near the top most replies of each and every hunt question. Some of the popular hunt engines are as follows:






To assist turn up any web site, these search engines provide non-stop services to clients and facilitate changeless consequences. Each hunt engine besides has its ain features and processs of associating the hunt questions, but the ultimate consequence ever comes down to a list of consequences of links demoing all possible and relevant web sites harmonizing the hunt standards. They by and large use keywords to turn up and demo consequences.

Sing the illustration –

Suppose a concern named “ Free Music ” runs an e-commerce web site and has placed their nexus to a top reputed hunt engine. Therefore, any clip, a user types the keywords – “ free music ” in that peculiar hunt engine, it is most likely, the web reference of the company named “ Free Music ” is traveling to first consequence of the searched question. If that ‘s the first consequence, the client may make up one’s mind non to look for other consequences and straight snap into the nexus of the “ Free Music ‘s ” , and view their web site.

The faster and the convenient consequences that the clients will acquire from the hunt engines, will let us to clients to make and see our web site. The easier the clients locate our web site, the faster they connect and visit our site, and in this manner acquire to larn about the site.

Therefore, in turn uping our e-commerce web site, positioning the web site on the top hunt lists is important to improvize the success and failure of our concern.

Search engines at recent times are referred as the most viewed web sites all around the Earth. Harmonizing to Google ‘s statistical analysis, its website www.google.com receives around 2 Billion hunt questions in every 24 hours. Search engines, such as GOOGLE, uses rankings of sites with most links of other web sites, as it provides them to gain more gross from each chink any client ‘s makes from the Google ‘s web. Therefore, in order to do our site easy locate-able, we need to plan and pull off its content in our web site such that it is positioned at the top consequences of the hunt questions made by the hunt engines.

Domain names:

Domain names are used in turn toing any web site. There purpose is to supply recognizable names and individuality to addressed cyberspace web sites. A well-explained sphere name can supply an penetration about what contents any peculiar web site can incorporate. Thus in calling our Particular Shoes web site, we need to see all pin-point combinations that can impact and interact with our clients.

3 proposed sphere names could be –




From the above mentioned sphere names, we decide to take the sphere name – www.specialshoesforall.com

This sphere name is being elected on the footing of its initial ticket – “ particular ” , and the stoping tag – “ forall ” . Any client seeking to turn up particular places will seek with the keyword Special on the hunt engines. Although, at times, the word “ Particular ” is used to depict the handicapped people, therefore, the terminal ticket of “ forall ” which will mean that this places are targeted to non merely handicapped people, but besides for all sort of clients.

Undertaking 6

Supply concatenation direction:

Supply concatenation direction defines the web of interconnected constituents of planning, planing, put to deathing, commanding and monitoring of supply concatenation activities. It is the systemic, and strategic coordination of traditional concern maps within a company and its concern supply concatenation, in order to maximise client value and accomplish a sustainable competitory advantage.

Supply concatenation direction can help in accomplishing high degree of client service. Some processs are briefly explained below-

Warehouse stock direction: In guaranting that supplies from warehouses are in perfect modus operandi to run into demand, warehouse direction plays a polar function in the success of the concern. Certain state of affairss may originate when a retail mercantile establishment may run out of stocks and cause consumers dissatisfaction. Therefore in such state of affairss it would be necessary in keeping and commanding stock degree, necessary supply from manufacturers, and supplying supplies information. Once all these information with the warehouse can be maintained and controlled from one cardinal office, this can hike the concern public presentation in fulfilling client demands at retail mercantile establishments.

Customer relationship direction: This can be considered as one of the most of import facets of supply concatenation direction as it emphasizes entirely on the most of import client of the concern – Customers. Customer services interacts and maintains client information, and hence real-time interaction with client about handiness of merchandises and company ‘s distribution operations may fulfill clients positive feeling of being a portion of the concern, and assist to keep the common bonding with the concern.

Tracking bringings: Keeping client ‘s religion on the concern can be achieved by supplying goods and services at the clip they demand. Tracking bringings concerns motions of finished merchandises to clients. By maintaining path of bringing new waves utilizing the pilotage system called GPS, and by keeping links between makers, jobbers and retail merchants, merchandises can be supplied to clients right on clip for when they want.

Manufacturing direction procedure: The fabrication procedure green goodss and supplies merchandises to distribution channels. In keeping equal supplies to retail mercantile establishments, the fabrication procedure must be flexible and should be able to react to market alterations to suit mass customization. Planned activities, scheduled transits, and co-interaction between makers and natural stuff suppliers may help in supplying retail merchant with changeless supplies of merchandises. With a steady supply of merchandises at retail mercantile establishments, the retail merchants can fulfill the clients and maintain the bing relationship.

Keeping demand fluctuations: Production determinations of every concern depend on measure demanded by clients. Demand from clients varies from clip to clip depending on seasonal alterations or manner alterations or other influential factors. Thus it is necessary to foretell how much and when demand can fluctuate and so make up one’s mind on end product measure. However, each retail mercantile establishment should ever keep a certain sum of excess stock degree, in order to guarantee that during fluctuations of demand, consumers are non disgruntled because of absence of stocks at retail shops.

Undertaking 7

Refund policy: In instance of a client anticipating a refund due dissatisfaction or defects in the merchandises, we will keep refund policy and look into that if the client has maintained the bing refund day of the month and follow up refund as per bill question.

The postal service must be charged and the client has to pay for this extra charge, but our company will seek its best to keep and follow up refunds.

In the instance of exchange policy clients may be allowed to interchange their merchandises with other merchandises but merely within the scope of merchandises that are subjected to exchange. However if the merchandises value does non fit with the new merchandise harmonizing to the clients demand, so, clients will hold to precisely that excess sum that adds up for the exchange.

Tax returns policy: In instance of returns policy, client anticipating returns will hold to use and follow our postal reference and processs, and will be subjected to shipment charges as per service required.


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