A Case Study And Analysis On Apple Inc Marketing Essay

Apple Inc. ( antecedently Apple Computer, Inc ) is a transnational corporation that is established on April 1, 1976 in California and incorporated on January 3, 1977.[ I ]The company for 30 old ages was named as Apple Computer, Inc. but it changed its name to Apple Inc. on January 9, 2007 as it wanted to spread out to the consumer electronics market and make non merely remain in the computing machine market.[ two ]

Furthermore, the company for the twelvemonth 2010 employs 46,600 full – clip employees and 2800 impermanent employees and contractors.[ three ]

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Apple designs, industries and markets a scope of computing machine package, hardware merchandises and personal computing machines. Some of its merchandises are the undermentioned:


Hardware Merchandises



Operation System Software

Displays & A ; Peripheral Products

Selling Tools

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is used inside a company in order to detect its strengths, its failings, its chances and its menaces.

The SWOT analysis is a strategic selling planning tool that is normally used to assist each company understand and analyze its strengths and failings, place the menaces of other concerns and the assorted chances in the market portion. The SWOT analysis is divided in two sectors. The strengths and the failings refer to the company and its merchandises as internal factors, while the menaces and the chances refer to the external factors of the company in which it has no control. In SWOT analysis it is usual to name the strengths, the failings, the menaces and the chances in the same page. This is done by spliting the page into four squares and come ining strengths and failings ( internal factors ) in the top two squares and chances and menaces ( external factors ) in the button square. The SWOT analysis should be brief and interesting and should non transcend more than four or five pages. An illustration of a SWOT analysis is the following 4:

( How to compose a selling program [ electronic resource ] / John Westwood, Westwood, John, 1947, London ; Philadelphia: Kogan Page, 2006, 3rd erectile dysfunction ) ,

( Malcolm McDonald on marketing be aftering [ electronic resource ] : understanding selling programs and scheme / Malcolm McDonald. Publication Info. London ; Philadelphia: Kogan Page, 2008. )





The figure of single SWOT analysis will postpone from company to company. The most common degrees that SWOT should be undertaken are the undermentioned:

For the administration as a whole

For every major Rival

For every major merchandise or service

For every major market portion

The SWOT analysis is used for concern planning, strategic planning, rival rating, etc. This tool is really utile for each company to understand and do determinations in all sort of state of affairss.

( 4, McDonald, Malcolm and Adrian Payne ( 1996 ) , Marketing Planning for Services, Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, pp 77-117 )

A good illustration of Apple to research their strengths, chances, failings and menaces is to develop a Swot analysis for the company.

The Swot analysis for company is showed below:


Apple is bring forthing advanced, quality and easy to utilize merchandises. The invention made Apple such a powerful company. This is obvious if we look its yesteryear: 1970-2001-Apple was doing alterations merely to its computing machines ( face-lift ) , terminal of 2001-Apple introduced iPod, June 2008- Apple introduced the film shows, March 2007- Apple developed Apple Television, June 2007- Apple entered the Mobile Market with iPhone, 2010- Apple introduced iPad.

Every twelvemonth Apple spent about $ 1.5 billion for the development of new merchandises in order to maintain the bing clients satisfied and enroll more new 1s. [ 3 ]

Apple has a really powerful trade name trueness. As it is one of the most profitable and healthy companies in the World, it managed to follow a big sum of loyal clients. [ 1 ]

This happened because Apple sporadically, provides updates to all its application and runing systems non merely for the Mac computing machines but for Iphone, Ipad etc. With this manner Apple keep the clients satisfied and willing to purchase its new merchandises. [ 3 ]

The cardinal success for Apple is its dedicated forces and more specifically the CEO squad. This squad includes all the executive squad ( Steve Jobs, Andrea Jung, Arthur D. Levinson, Millard S. Drexler ) and the employees in proficient, selling and staff places. [ 2 ]

Steve Jobs, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Apple Inc. plays a critical function inside the company. During his absence ( 1985-1996 ) Apple experienced many fiscal jobs. However, when Steve Jobs came back to the company in 1996, he focused on developing new thoughts and in 2001 he introduced iPod which is doing a batch of net income to the company. Therefore, Steve Jobs is decidedly a strength for Apple. [ 2 ]

Apple developed a partnership with IntelA® microprocessors in June 2005. This was really utile for Apple because it is addressed in a wider market. Furthermore, as Steve Jobs specified ‘Intel is the strongest processor roadmap ‘ . Therefore from so until now, Apple computing machines is much stronger and more stable. [ 4 ]

Apple has managed to follow loyal clients through its stable and dependable merchandises. Therefore, in order to do some net income in the debut stage of its merchandise, it announces a pre-order technique in order for the pioneers to pre-order the merchandise and pre-pay it. With this technique Apple addition a big sum of money and put them in other countries.


Apple ‘s hardware and package merchandises and services are really complex and high engineering that most of the times contain defects such as ‘bugs ‘ . For illustration, when iPhone 4G came to production, everyone was kicking about the signal when they make a call. Therefore, Apple introduced an update to repair the job. However, there is no warrant that Apple is able to observe and repair all the defects in its merchandises and services. [ 3 ]

This failure consequences in harming its repute and sometimes losing clients because they are non satisfied. [ 3 ]

In the US, Apple has made a contract with a particular bearer for selling and advancing iPhone. If this bearer can non vie with others in the U.S. market refering the quality, coverage and pricing or if he can non advance iPhone right into the market so as for the clients to purchase it, so this will hold a negative impact on the gross revenues and the net income for the company as it will non sell adequate units. [ 3 ]

Furthermore, as Apple decided to do a contract with one bearer, it will lose the loyal clients from other bearers

Steve Jobs, is at the same time a strength and a failing. During the going of Steve Jobs from the company, Apple was confronting many fiscal jobs because it did non hold any advanced merchandises. Therefore, if Steve Jobs leaves once more from the company so it might confront the same jobs. Therefore Steve Jobs is both a strength and a failing. [ 2 ]

When Apple announced in June 2005 that is traveling to go forth from IBM and to exchange to Intel, some specializers commented that it might lose the loyal IBM clients because the barter would confound them.

Apple has really high monetary values in its merchandises, so it addresses in a low market- portion and non to all clients.


Due to the high competitory market, Apple has to present new merchandises, services and engineerings and heighten bing merchandises and services so as to imitate new and bing clients to purchase the new and upgraded merchandises and services. [ 3 ]

With the success of iPod and iTunes, Apple entered to the Consumer Electronics market. By presenting iPhone, Apple has expanded to the Mobile Communications market. Therefore, now Apple has the chance to spread out to farther markets like place stereo, Television or even a gambling system like drama station. [ 2 ]

Apple made a contract with Intel to put in their processors to Apple computing machines so as to motivate concern to replace Pc ‘s with iMacs. They did this in order for their concern applications to go stable and dependable. The first illustration of replacing their computing machines with iMac is in Japan. Aozona Bank Ltd replaced their computing machines with iMacs. Therefore, Apple has to happen a manner to set up themselves as a major ‘player ‘ in concern applications. [ 2 ]

Apple have to make a scheme that will spread out its merchandise line to other merchandises that is traveling to be less expensive.


The biggest menace that all the IT companies face is the high degree of competition in the engineering markets. The most common characteristic is the monetary value competition. The rivals cut down their merchandising monetary values and sometimes follow the characteristics of Apple merchandises in order to pull more clients. For illustration, Apple has merely late entered the Mobile Communications market, so many of its rivals have greater experience and more resources, so they could supply their merchandises in a lower monetary value with small or even no net income at all.for the company. Therefore if Apple stops puting a batch of money to research and development, it will lose its competitory place in the market.

Furthermore, in these markets the merchandise Life Cycle of all the merchandises and services is highly short e.g. for Mobiles phone their lifecycle is about 6 months. Therefore, each company has to present new merchandises and services. [ 1,3 ]

In 2005 Apple won a legal instance about a web log that pre-introduced new Apple merchandises. With this test, Apple force Bloggers to call the beginning of their information because the company suspected that the information had leaked from its employees. [ 1 ]

Therefore, Apple is ever vulnerable to leaks from assorted employees. This information may reason to the rivals, so Apple will lose its competiveness. [ 1 ]

As Apple is an IT company, it relies largely in economic factors to do net income. Therefore, the economic crisis that exists worldwide is a major menace to all companies but largely to technological companies. This happens as with the unemployment and the lessening of wages ; most clients consider the market of a technological merchandise unneeded e.g. an iPhone, so the gross revenues of the company are traveling down.

Customers will download music from another free online plan without holding to pay anything in iTunes. This will hold an impact on iTunes and on the net income of Apple.

Our registered concern reference is

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A strategic Analysis of Apple Corporation,

Imothy Pivovamik, Jeff Shaver, Adam Silver, Richard Sterling, Dave Strubbe

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Ansoff Matrix

Ansoff Matrix is a good known selling tool which was foremost published in Harvard Business Review. Many companies presents use it in order to assist them make up one’s mind for the development of their merchandise and the market portion. [ 3,4 ]

The matrix has 2 dimensions. The first one consists of bing and new merchandises while the 2nd consist of bing and new markets. Inside the matrix there are four chief classs with suggested adult schemes for each one in order to assist the company set the right way of their concern scheme. The four classs are:

Market Penetration in which the company enter into an bing market with bing merchandises or services.

Merchandise Development in which the company present new products/services into bing clients.

Market Development which the company tries to pull new clients with bing merchandises or services

Diversification occurs when the company tries to capture new clients with wholly new products/services. [ 3,4 ]

An illustration of the Ansoff matrix is the followers:

Ansoff Matrix w500.gif

Apple could utilize each of these four classs in order to pull off its bing merchandises and develop new products/ services

Market Penetration:

In this scheme, Apple could take on selling the bing merchandises, e.g. Mac Computers to the bing markets. More specifically, Apple:

Should seek to increase the market portion of the bing merchandise. This could be achieved by utilizing the appropriate selling tools ( lower monetary values, gross revenues publicity, publicizing ) in order to pull new clients to purchase its merchandises. [ 3,4 ] For illustration, more advertizement or decreased monetary values on Mac Computers could carry new clients that prefer Windows operations system to alter to Macintosh. This is more extremely to be achieved in the grown markets because in there the merchandise is at its lifting phase.

In order to increase its gross revenues and its net income, could carry bing clients to purchase more merchandises. This can be done during an economic grown where clients are willing to pass more money in technological points. [ 4 ] For illustration, Apple could utilize more advertisement or gross revenues publicity to carry clients to purchase an iPhone for all the members of their household. Or Apple could carry bing iPod clients to purchase besides a Mac computing machine.

Should seek to I±IˆI?I?I„I®I?IµI? the leading function in the market by I?I?IZI‡I?I?I?I„I±I‚ all the other rivals. This could be achieved by following an appropriate promotional run. For illustration,

to drive out any rivals in order to hold merely its merchandise in the whole market. It will win this by following a really aggressive promotional run. ( 1,3 )

Merchandise Development

In this strategic option, Apple could make new merchandises for the bing clients. With them, Apple has already a strong relationship, so it knows their demand and specifications for making a new merchandise. Therefore, the company is introducing its merchandises in order to maintain satisfied their clients, beat its rivals and maintain its leading function in the market.

An illustration of this scheme is the iPod. The first iPod that Apple introduced was in October 2001. This was the first amusement tool from Apple for people to utilize in order to hear all the clip their favorite music. However it had a black-white screen and merely 5 GB capacity for vocals. Therefore, in 2003 Apple introduced an iPod with the upper limit of 40 GB capacity. In 2004 it introduced an iPod with a coloring material screen and 60 GB capacity. Nowadays, Apple has created an iPod that has a 3.5-inch ( diagonal ) widescreen Multi-Touch show, Wifi and many other characteristics. These alterations belong to the merchandise development as Apple innovate its merchandises to pull the bing clients and replace their merchandise with the new. [ 6 ]

Another illustration is that Apple every twelvemonth innovate the iPhone. The first iPhone was released in 2007. The following twelvemonth Apple introduced iPhone 3G. In 2009 Apple announce the iPhone 3GS and in 2010 it announced the 4G. All these merchandises are taking to the same market portion, the clients who have already bought the first iPhone and want to replace it with the new 1. [ 6 ]

Market Development

In the Market Development, Apple could utilize different selling schemes in order to sell bing products/services to new markets and increase its net income. It can accomplish that, either by spread outing to other geographical countries or by looking for users with that will utilize the merchandise in a different manner. A common illustration is by spread outing to foreign markets or to spread out from the private sector to the populace. [ 4 ] Some illustrations of Apple are the undermentioned:

Apple did non stayed on selling merely to U.S but expanded on all over the universe and in 2010 it is gaining $ 24,298 from America gross revenues and $ 30,929 from worldwide. [ 5 ]

Another illustration is that when Apple introduces a new merchandise to the market, it leaves the old 1 for some clip in the market in order for the clients with low income to purchase it. With this technique Apple addition a new market and do a little net income.

Another illustration is that Apple in the beginning was merely selling merely to client market but a few old ages subsequently, it expanded to the country of instruction.


This strategic option is the risky of all as Apple has to believe of new merchandises and introduced them into wholly new markets. This option has a really high failure rate as many merchandises fail to come up with the outlooks of the clients, so the company has a loss alternatively of a net income. [ 4 ]

The most recent illustration of variegation to Apple is the debut of iPad in 2010. With this merchandise Apple was taking in capturing the clients who use the Internet all the clip and do non desire to transport a notebook or a netbook with them. With iPad Apple did non come in to a wholly different market because iPad is like an iPhone with a bigger screen. Therefore, Apple knew how to manage this type of merchandise.

Another illustration is the debut of iPhone. In 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone, the first nomadic phone from Apple. With the specific merchandise, it entered instantly to the Mobile market which was wholly new to them and in which did non hold any old experience. Apple knew that it should hold many rivals and it knew that the merchandise will be either a failure or a success. Therefore, with appropriate selling and direction schemes, iPhone proved to be a success.

A much older illustration is the debut of iPod. Apple introduced the iPod in 2001. Like in the instance of iPhone, Apple was come ining here into a whole different country from the computing machine market. It was come ining into the music market and was taking for bing clients to purchase an iPod and for new clients to seek one and besides seek the services of Apple.

Finally, Apple has already entered in the markets of Mobile Communications, Computers, Television and Music, therefore it could put money on making a gambling console, like Play Station 3, in order to come in to the market of bet oning. If it enters this country, it will do a batch of net income because immature people spent a batch of money on bet oning

Market Penetration

Use of appropriate Selling Tools ( advertisement, lower monetary values, etc )

Carry bing clients to purchase more merchandises.

Merchandise Development

Introduction of iPod, the first amusement tool from Apple

Invention of iPhone each twelvemonth

Market Development

Apple expended Worldwide


Introduction of Ipad

Introduction of iPhone

Introduction of iPod

Apple could make a gambling console

Our registered concern reference is

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Merchandise Lifecycle ( PLC )

Another diagnostic tool that is really utile for the company ‘s selling is Product Life Cycle. With this tool, the company is able to find different schemes for a merchandise or service.

More specifically, the merchandise lifecycle has to make with the life of the merchandise in the market, so it is similar to the homo ‘s lifecycle. Worlds during their lives pass trough different phases e.g. birth, grown, adulthood, diminution and decease. The same thing happens with merchandise lifecycle. It passes trough debut, grown, adulthood, impregnation and the concluding phase of diminution cause of some natural confining factors. [ 1 ]

An illustration of a merchandise lifecycle curve is shown the figure 1.

Figure 1 [ 1 ]

Each merchandise lifecycle has 5 different phases:

Introduction: In this phase the company program and develop the merchandise. In this phase the company does non do any net income because the merchandise is new to the market and the clients are cautious of purchasing it. Some companies eg Apple, denote their merchandise before it is introduced in order for the early adoptive parents to preorder it and do some money. By and large, this phase is really hard for each company and has to ‘play ‘ with the selling mix ( monetary value, publicity, merchandise, distribution ) in order to do some net income. [ 1 ]

Grown: In this phase the gross revenues are increasing as clients become cognizant of the merchandise and start to purchase it. If the merchandise proves to be a success so more clients will purchase it and the company will do more net income. [ 1 ]

However, non all merchandises reach this phase. This is because in this phase it starts the competition. Therefore, besides in this phase the company should develop a smart selling mix so as to pull more clients. [ 1,3 ]

Adulthood: This phase is the most profitable of all. Gross saless continue to increase but the cost for the company is diminishing as the advertizements expenditures diminution because clients know the merchandise. [ 3 ]

However, competition is increasing and when the markets are full ; the grown of the merchandise begins to worsen. [ 1 ]

Therefore, during this phase, the company should do some extremist alterations refering the selling mix in order non to lose clients.

Impregnation: This is the phase that the market is full of companies viing for the same merchandise and the gross revenues are diminishing.

Manufacturers attempt to distinguish merchandises and trade names are the key to this. Price wars and intense competition occur. At this point the market reaches impregnation. Manufacturers begin to go forth the market due to hapless borders. Promotion becomes more widespread and uses a greater assortment of media. The rate of gross revenues grown finally degrees out. By and large, there are excessively many houses viing for excessively small concern at this phase. As a consequence, monetary value wars may interrupt out and there are casualties or tactical backdowns among the competitory companies. [ 2,1 ]

Decline: In the concluding phase, the merchandise has come to its diminution as there is a downswing in the market. This means that the market is full of more advanced merchandises in more attractive monetary values. [ 2 ]

The restrictions of PLC are that this tool is non the same for all merchandises e.g nomadic phones have shorter lifecycle than cars. Its merchandise has a alone lifecycle e.g some go from debut to worsen. Therefore is really hard for the selling directors to foretell in which phase is the merchandise. The most common is that when gross revenues peak and so diminution, the directors conclude that the merchandise is in the diminution phase. Furthermore, some merchandises do non see any diminution like Coca Cola or Pepsi. These merchandises are in adulthood for many old ages, so the company has merely net incomes from these. [ 2,3 ]

To sum up the PLC is ideal as a descriptive theoretical account as it focuses on the hereafter gross revenues and understanding the kineticss of the market. [ 1 ]

1 ) McDonald, Malcolm and Adrian Payne ( 1996 ) , Marketing Planning for Services, Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, pp 77-117

2 ) Our registered concern reference is

PO Box 475, Chichester, PO18 8WX, United Kingdom, hypertext transfer protocol: //marketingteacher.com/lesson-store/lesson-ansoff.html

3 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //www.netmba.com/marketing/product/lifecycle/

After the developing new merchandises and merchandises portfolio, Apple should utilize a tool in order to pull off these merchandises.

The Boston Consulting Group Box ( “ BCG Box ” )

The Boston Matrix is another utile tool for the selling directors in order to be after the merchandise portfolio of their company. The merchandise portfolio is divided into the merchandises that generate hard currency and the merchandises that do non. Then the directors will utilize this theoretical account in order to see which one green goods hard currency and do net income to the company and which are non. [ 2 ] Therefore, the company can measure if its merchandises are healthy

The BCG Box uses a signifier of a two- dimensional matrix. The two axes are the market portion, which indicates the strength or restrictions of the market and the market growing rate.

In order for person to utilize the matrix, he should split it into 4 quarter-circles, stars ( high share/ high market grown ) , hard currency cattles ( high market share/ low market grown ) , Canis familiariss ( low market share/ low market grown ) , inquiry Markss ( low market share/high market grown ) , like the matrix in Figure2. Furthermore, he should utilize circles for each merchandise or merchandise portfolio of the company. The size of the circle indicates the size of the gross revenues or net income for the peculiar merchandise, merchandise line or concern unit. [ 1,5 ]

In order for Apple to use the Boston Matrix and pull off its merchandises, it should split its merchandise portfolio into 4 classs make up one’s minding which of them are Canis familiariss, stars, hard currency cattles and inquiry Markss.

Figure 2

Stars: Stars are merchandises that are in high growing market with high market portion. As Tony Proctor said ‘stars are tomorrow ‘s hard currency earners ‘ . This means that stars make a batch of net income for the company but in order for the company to maintain these merchandises to this phase, it must pass a high sum of money on them. Therefore, stars are impersonal from the point of position of hard currency coevals. [ 1,2 ]

iPhone is an illustration of the star merchandises that Apple has in its portfolio. iPhone in its grown it generates a batch of gross net income to the company but it needs besides a batch of money in order to alter it to hard currency cow. When it reaches the adulthood phase and alteration to hard currency cow it has merely net income to the company without any disbursals for investing.

Cash cattles: In this phase are the mature merchandises with low growing and high market portion, so this country is the most profitable of all as they generate a batch of hard currency that can be used in bettering other countries or in providing research and development of new merchandises. The company have to put merely a little sum of money to maintain them where they are. [ 1,3 ]

An illustration of hard currency cow is the iPod. Despite the fact that Apple does non do considerable alterations to the specific merchandise, clients prefer it and purchase it. In 2010 Apple sell 8,274 units without doing considerable alterations.

Another illustration is iTunes. Customers from iTunes can buy many vocals, pictures and presents even books. Apple all these old ages made minor alterations to iTunes but clients continue to purchase from at that place. Therefore, iTunes is a really profitable programme for Apple without any cost for investing.

A instance in point is Apple Computer ‘s flagship merchandise called the iPod, which occupies a dominant 73 % portion the portable music participant market ( Cantrell 2006 ) . Analysts believe it is the drift for Apple ‘s fiscal metempsychosis 40 % of Apple ‘s gross revenues is attributed to the iPod merchandise line ( Cantrell 2006 )

Dogs: These are merchandises with low market portion and low market growing. These merchandises are wholly profitless for the company and have no hereafter. The best thing each company should make is sold off these merchandises. [ 1 ] However, many companies that have dog merchandises have to believe carefully earlier divest them because they might be a portfolio of other merchandises which might be stars. So if the clients that buy with the stars besides the Canis familiariss, they will halt purchasing both of them and the company will lose money.

Many companies like Apple do non hold many Canis familiariss ‘ merchandises because they are IT companies and they innovate their merchandises really frequently in order non to lose their place on the market.

One illustration is the iPhone 3Gs when Apple released iPhone 4G.This happens to all of the merchandises of Apple. When it releases a new merchandise, it leaves the old 1 for some clip in the market with a really low monetary value. This is a dog merchandise.

Another illustration is the iPods shuffle that does non hold any screen. These are merchandises with small or no demand on the market because most of the clients buy the iPod with a screen. Therefore, these merchandises make small net income for the company, so they are Canis familiariss.

Question Markss: These are merchandises with low market portion but high market grown. These are besides unprofitable for the company as they are low market portion and the company have to put a batch of money to turn their market portion. Therefore, selling directors have to believe really carefully which 1s they should put in. If they invest in a profitable merchandise so it will go star and afterwards hard currency cow or else they will go Canis familiariss. [ 1,3 ]

An illustration of inquiry Markss is the Mac Computers. Most people worldwide prefer to purchase a computing machine with a Windows operation system alternatively of Macintosh, so Apple has to put a batch of money, as they are really complex merchandises with high engineering in order to alter them into stars.

In General each company have to possess at least one hard currency cow in order to do net income and put it to other countries, like stars so as to go a hard currency cow. If a company has many Canis familiaris merchandises so the best solution is to either change over them to stars or despatch them. There is the possibility for a company to hold inquiry Markss. If that happens, so either it should money to alter them to stars and so hard currency cow or allow them go Canis familiariss and dispose them. [ 1 ]

However, despite for all the positive consequences that Apple could hold with BSG matrix, it has many restrictions.

First, the matrix assumes that every merchandise is independent from the merchandise portfolio of the company. This is non all the times true as many merchandises depend from others and if the company see a merchandise Canis familiaris and deprive it, so it will make a job to the other merchandise.


The restrictions of BCG matrix are that the higher rates of net income do non ever related to high rates of market portion. Furthermore, it is normally applies to merchandise lines alternatively of merely a merchandise. Finally, the chief job with these tools is that they are non ever accurate. [ 2 ]

1 ) Strategic selling [ electronic resource ] : an debut / Tony Proctor, Proctor, Tony, London ; New York: Routledge, 2000.

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Swot analysis:

Use SWOT analysis for concern planning, strategic planning, rival rating, selling, concern and merchandise development and research studies.

The SWOT analysis is an highly utile tool for understanding and decision-making for all kinds of state of affairss in concern and organisations.

You can so try to work your strengths, get the better of your failings,

hold on your chances and support yourself against menaces. This is one of the most of import parts of the planning procedure. SWOT analysis asks the inquiries that will enable you to make up one’s mind whether your company and the merchandise will truly be able to carry through your program and what the restraints will be.

In order to pull off and develop single merchandises and merchandise portfolios, apple has to utilize many selling tools so as to place its failings, menaces and assorted chances for the hereafter.

First of wholly, the selling squad of apple has to utilize the SWOT analysis for the company in order to detect the strengths, the failings, the chances and the menaces of the company.

The best known hardware merchandises are the Mac computing machines, the Iphone, the IPod and the latest success, the Ipad. As for the package, Apple designs the Mac OS X Operating System which is for the Mac computing machines, the iTunes media browser, the iLife which is a multimedia package for organizing, redacting and printing exposures, films and music, the iWork which is an office suite type of applications, the Aperture which is a professional picture taking tool, the Final Cut which is a redacting tool as you can cut assorted scenes of a picture, the Logic Studio which is a music production tool and eventually the Io which is an operating Mobile system.i

Selling Tool

Porter matrix

Ansoff matrix

BCG matrix

Directional policy matrix

Gap analysis

Selling audit

Market research

Market cleavage surveies

Gap analysis

Product life rhythm analysis

Diffusion of invention

Ansoff matrix


Market research

Cano Model

Malcolm McDonald on marketing be aftering [ electronic resource ] : understanding selling programs and scheme / Malcolm McDonald. Publication Info. London ; Philadelphia: Kogan Page, 2008. )

Quality Functional Deployment

I¤I? Quality Functional Deployment ( QFD ) I±I?I±IˆI„I?I‡I?I·I?Iµ I?I?I?I‰ I?I„I? 1985 I±IˆI? I?IµI?I¬I»IµI‚

I™I±IˆI‰I?I?I?I­I‚ IµIˆI?I‡IµI?I?I®I?IµI?I‚ I‰I‚ I­I?I± IµI?I?I±I»IµI?I? I±I?I¬IˆI„I…I?I·I‚ I?I­I‰I? IˆI?I?ISI?I?I„I‰I? I® I?IµI»I„I?I?I„I?IˆI?I?I·I?I·I‚

I…IˆI±I?I‡I?I?I„I‰I? IˆI?I?ISI?I?I„I‰I? . I I?I»I? I?I?I?I„I?I?I± I…I?I?I?IµI„I®I?I·I?Iµ I±IˆI? I„I?I‚ IˆIµI?I?I?I?I?I„IµI?IµI‚ I?IµI?I¬I»IµI‚ IµIˆI?I‡IµI?I?I®I?IµI?I‚

I±I?I¬ I„I?I? I?I?I?I?I? I?I±I? I±IˆI­I?I„I·I?Iµ IˆI?I»I»I?I?I‚ I?IµI?I?I?I?I‚ I?IˆI±I?I?I?I‚ I±I»I»I¬ I?I±I? IµI‡I?I?I?I?I‚ .


I¤I? I?I?I?I„I­I»I? A«KANOA» , IˆI?I… I±I?I±IˆI„I?I‡I?I·I?Iµ I?I„I· I?IµI?I±IµI„I?I± I„I?I… 80 I±IˆI? I„I?I? I?I±I?I·I?I·I„I® Noriaki

Kano, I?I?I·I?I¬ I?I„I?I? IµI?I„I?IˆI?I?I?I? I„I‰I? I‡I±I?I±I?I„I·I?I?I?I„I?I?IZI? I„I?I… I?I­I?I… IˆI?I?ISI?I?I„I?I‚ I„I± I?IˆI?I?I± I?IµI‰I?I?I?I?I„I±I?

I?I·I?I±I?I„I?I?I¬ I±IˆI? I„I?I…I‚ I?IµI»I»I?I?I„I?I?I?I?I‚ IˆIµI»I¬I„IµI‚ I® I‡I?I®I?I„IµI‚ I„I?I… IˆI?I?ISI?I?I„I?I‚ . I“I?I± I±I…I„I?I? I„I?I? I»I?I?I? IµI?I?I±I? I­I?I±

IˆI?I»I? I‡I?I®I?I?I?I? IµI?I?I±I»IµI?I? I?I?I± I„I·I? I±I?I?I?I»I?I?I·I?I· I„I‰I? I?I?IµIZI? I?I?I± I?I­I± IˆI?I?ISI?I?I„I± I?I±I? I±I?I?I?I· IˆI?I? I‡I?I®I?I?I?I?

I?I?I± I„I·I? I±I?I¬IˆI„I…I?I· I„I·I‚ I­I?I?I?I?I±I‚ I„I?I… I?I­I?I… IˆI?I?ISI?I?I„I?I‚ .


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