A Case Review Of The Dollengangers Family English Literature Essay

The Dollengangers were a loving and happy household. Chris had meet Corrine when she was 14. After she turned 18 they eloped. They had four beautiful kids. They all had blond hair, bluish eyes, and just tegument. Christopher was the oldest. He was really bright for his age doing straight A ‘s and wanted to go a physician. Cathy, the following oldest was non every bit smart as Chris was, but she did good in school excessively. She dreamed of going a terpsichorean. The twins were merely four so. Their female parent stayed place, and their male parent was a gross revenues adult male who was gone most of the clip. The kids could n’t wait till he came place ever conveying them a gift. Then one twenty-four hours their male parent was killed in an car accident, and that ‘s when the horror began.

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After their pa was killed, their house was reposed. Corrine called her female parent, who allowed them to come unrecorded with them. Corrine told the kids how rich their grandparents were, and they would ne’er necessitate anything once more. She told them their new place would be the grandest they of all time lived in, but they would hold to be locked up in one room boulder clay she won her male parents bosom back.

When they arrived in the center of the dark, their grandma was at that place to allow them in. All four of the kids were led up to a room they would portion. The loft was attached to this room, and by the nexted forenoon, their grandma and female parent came to their room. She laid the regulations down. She told them the were to cite the bible every twenty-four hours, be modest around each other, no looking at each other, no musss, and non to speak to her until she spoke to them foremost. Chris and Cathy were confused, so after their grandma left Corrine explained all of it to them.

When she was immature, 18, she eloped with their male parent who was really her half uncle. Their pa was their gramps ‘s brother. So she was wrote out of her male parent ‘s will. She told them she had to win her pas bosom back to inherit the money, but he did n’t cognize about them. He said that if Corrine had kids they would be the spawns of the Satan. Corrine told the kids they would merely be locked up for a hebdomad to a month. Their gramps was really sick and ready to decease any twenty-four hours now.

As the yearss passed into months, Corrine would see the kids regular. She would convey them many gifts trusting to do up for them being locked off. Their grandma would do inflict hurting when the kids did n’t follow regulations. Cathy loved to dance, so one clip after a shower she stood in forepart of a full-length mirror naked.Thinking that Chris and the twins were in the Attic, she began to dance. Cathy ‘s grandma can in and caught her, seeing Chris in the shadow ; she screamed vial names at her. The penalty was for Chris to cut all of Cathy ‘s hair away. If he refused, she would n’t convey up any nutrient for them for a hebdomad. For two hebdomads, they starved. The twins were so weak. Then one dark grandma snuck in and poured cheapness over Chathy ‘s hair. The kids ‘s female parent rarely visit, when she did she merely brought gifts as if this would do up for their lost female parent.

Old ages eventually passed, its has been two old ages and five month since they were locked up in that Attic. They all where going ill. Cory, one of the twins was the sickest of all. They all threw up and lost so much weight. Chris told Cathy that being locked up was doing them ill. Finally when Cory was on his death- bed their grandma and female parent eventually came. The kids screamed at them to take Cory to the infirmary, but Corrine merely hesitated. Their grandma eventually spoke up and said, “ Corrine we must take him to the infirmary now ” Chris and Cathy stayed up all dark long till their female parent returned to their room with intelligence about Cory. When Corrine arrived, she told them Cory had died of pneumonia and she had to bury Cory under a different name because if their gramps knew about them they would lose their heritage. By now, Chris and Cathy were going leery of their female parent. So when she visited them one twenty-four hours Cathy kept her busy, while Chris stole the maestro key to all the suites including theirs ; mother ever laid it on the tabular array. Chris took the key and pressed it into a saloon of soap and so carved a key from wood, so they could get away the horror. Chris used the key to open their door to research the large house ; he had to happen money they could utilize to get away with.

One dark while looking for money he about got caught by the pantryman and amah. He hid, but what he heard terrified him. The pantryman told the amah that Corrine married and moved out of the house. Her pa had passed off and she was really rich now. The pantryman continued with stating, that the loft was full of mice, and Corrine put arsenic on the nutrient she had her female parent conveying up to the Attic, adequate to kill a 1000 mice. Chris was eventually able to return to the Attic and to explicate to Cathy what he had heard. Cathy asked, “ how could she make this to us. ” Therefore, they knew they had to get away by early forenoon if they wished to remain alive. By forenoon they crepted outside and ran to the train station ne’er looking back. They planned on traveling to Florida. They eventually made it to Florida, and accomplished their dreams, all except one, retaliation.

I truly enjoyed this book because it kept me desiring to cognize what was traveling to go on following. I ca n’t wait to read the following book in the series. I believe this book could be based on existent life these yearss. You do hear sometimes about how parents lock up their childs like animate beings. I cried as I read some of the book. I would decidedly urge it to others.


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