A Brief Summary Of Chinua Achebes Life English Literature Essay

Chinua Achebe – in full Albert Cinualumogu Achebe – was born at the 15. November 1930 in Ogidi in South-east Nigeria. His male parent was a instructor at an evangelical Christian missional school. His parents christened him Albert from Prince Albert, hubby of Queen Victoria. They installed in him many of the values of their traditional Jgbo Culture.

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1944-47 i? He attended the primary school, before he went to the Government College in Umuahia.

1948-53 i? He was educated at the University College of Ibadam, where he studied English, history and divinity.

1953/54 i? He worked as a instructor

1954-66 i? He worked for the BBC and subsequently for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation in Lagos.

1967/70 i? He was the particular representative of Biafra. He became engaged in the Struggle for independency of the province of Biafra.

1970/71 i? He began to learn African literature at the University of Nigeria.

1972-75 i? He taught at American Universities ( e.g. Amherst / Massachusetts ;

Storrs / Connecticut )

1976-90 i? He went back to Nigeria and taught at the University Nsukka.

1990-97 i? He had a awful route accident and confiued to a wheelchair. He went back to the USA and taught at the Bard College.

1998 i? He was guest lector at the Harvard University in Cambridge.

2002 i? He got the Peace Prize from the German book trade.

Now i? Chinua Achebe lives in the USA.

The narrative played in the epoch of Cross- Culture Experiences: Passage and Conflict. The white people have non learned to understand the native people. The white people took no notice of their civilization, so the indigens got in problem with the white people.

In the narrative the indigens pulled a school constructing down and tread all the flowers down in relation with the barbed wire around the fresh way.

2. Summary of aˆzDead Men ‘s Way ”

The short narrative “ Dead Man ‘s Path ” written by Chinua Achebe, 1953, of the book “ One Language many Voices ” is about a adult male called Michael Obi and his married woman Nancy who try to take a Cardinal school in Africa. But there ( are ) many jobs with an old way, the “ Dead Men ‘s way ” , which cross the school premises. The whole narrative trades with the scene and the civilization of the indigens, the biggest topics in narrative.

Michael Obi is the schoolmaster of the Ndume Central School. He gets an order to reform the fusty school in the vicinity shrubs, Africa, into a modern and beautiful school. His married woman Nancy in infect by his passion for modern methods for a long clip. They stick together and work hard to better the school. So they are saw tonss of flowers, clean up up the whole school and construct a biting wire around the way. This was a large error, because they take no notice of the civilization of the indigens, who lived in a small town near the school.

This is a large error because they do non follow the civilization of the indigens, who live in a small town near the school.

In this manner the struggle with another of import individual is ineluctable. Days subsequently the small town priest, name Ani, come to school and give Obi message about the way and the civilization of the indigens from the small town. He pleases him to take the barbed-wire off, so that the people can take the way of their ascendants, but Obi is non involvement in it. The village-priest travel off and some yearss nil happen. One twenty-four hours Obi wake up and the school he have improve is merely a ruin. The flowers are trample, the barbed wire around the way is destroyed and one school-building is pulled-down. This twenty-four hours a white adult male comes to inspect the school. It is a bad study for Obi and Nancy, but what go on with them?

3. Identify devices of reductionaˆ¦

General information about “ Short Story ‘s ”

Short narratives exist for a long clip.

In the fifteens century the first short narratives were written and frequently the hapless people like husbandmans read it. The husbandmans had a bad clip, because they had non adequate money and have to give up tonss of resorts to their Masterss. So they read the narratives to entertain themselves and to bury bad state of affairss.

The short narrative “ Dead work forces ‘s way ”

A short narrative is set at merely one topographic point. In the short narrative “ Dead work forces ‘s way ” it is set up at the cardinal school near the vicinity in Africa. No individual has left the scene. There is for illustration the priest, who comes from a small town, but his action plays merely in the school. It is of import, excessively, that a short narrative merely contains one state of affairs. You have no information what happened before the narrative has started and what happened after the terminal. So you can non happen out what happened with Mr. Obi, Nancy and the school after the Supervisor has inspected the destroyed edifices. But in our manner the narrative contains non merely one state of affairs, because the scene is change and so the state of affairss of the people, excessively. Another point is, that the in the chief characters and peculiarly the scene in this narrative described exact. The other characters, like the married womans in the narrative, are spoken really rare, you can see at page 110 line 13 “ The married womans of the other instructors would envy her place. ” In the short narrative the scene plays a peculiar function and is so described really good, to give the reader tonss of information about alien civilization and living-standards. The most of import point of a short narrative is the message of the writer. So this narrative will inform us in our thesis about the alien civilization and living-standards and those aliens must accept it. They can non make all the staff they have in their caput, before they talked with the indigens because it is in this manner non their state.

4. Describe the Settingaˆ¦

In the narrative aˆzDead Men ‘s Way ” the scene alteration themself, from fusty to beauty and than into ruins.

First there was an fusty, untidy school in Africa, Nigeria with there less educated 1s. Then a white adult male with a publicity to a schoolmaster and his married woman came to school in Africa. It was the Ndume Central School and the characters called Obi and Nanny. They accepted to turn this untidy topographic point to a topographic point of beauty. So they built a fencing about, tidied up the whole school and works new flowers. The school compound was now a topographic point of beauty and the garden from Nancy came with the rain to life. All the flowers blossomed. There were blossomed beautiful hibiscus and allamanda hedges in tonss of different colorss on the school premises. That was surrounded of the rank vicinity shrubs. It was an about obsolete way from the small town across the school compound. Where the way entered and left the school premises was a fencing with biting wire. After a clip the priest of the small town came to school and told them the history of the old way. Mr. Obi had built a fencing with biting wire around the way, which cross the school compound. But Obi did non accept destructing the fencing around the old way. So the old priest went off and some yearss nil happened. After a clip Obi woke up and the school was merely a ruin. The hedges were torn up, the flowers were trampled and one of the school edifices pulled down. It turned into a topographic point of horror.

The scene contributes to the ambiance and the manner of life to stand for it.

The narrative “ Dead Men ‘s way ” is coined by the scene since the scene changed three times in the advancement of the history. Furthermore the fit adjectives contribute to conceive of the narrative, the scene and the characters in the head. So you can besides state that the scene is really nonliteral described.

“ Beautiful hibiscus and allamanda hedges in superb ruddy and yellow marked out the carefully tended school compound from the rank vicinity shrubs. ”

( book p.111 / l. 40-42 )

5. Identify the storyteller ‘s point of viewaˆ¦

The narrative “ Dead Men ‘s way ” is written in the 3rd – individual position.

“ He was appointed schoolmaster of Ndume Central School in January 1949. ”

( book p.109 / l.2-3 )

There are many grounds, why the writer takes this signifier. The all-knowing storyteller knows everything. “ Her small personal bad luck could non blind her to her hubby ‘s happy chances. ” ( book p.110 / l.23-25 )

So he can depict the whole characters and know their ideas. “ She began to see herself already as the admired married woman of the immature schoolmaster, the queen of the school ” ( book p.110 / l.10-12 )

The consequence for the reader is that they can happen out the ideas from the characters, besides they can see the ‘future ‘ from the characters ( What they will make or respond at something )

The reader has the feeling that the priest destroys the school with the small town people because this behavior was a small spot angry.

6. Word picture

Michael Obi

Mr. Obi is the chief character. He is merely a 26 old adult male, but looks like 30 or more. He is stoop-shouldered and drag his leg. In his present position all his bodily strength seem to hold retire behind his sunken eyes, giving them an extraordinary power of incursion. He has married his married woman two old ages ago. He is the schoolmaster of the Ndume Central School since January 1949 and his married woman helps him by this connexion really good. The writer argues that the chief character is egoistic, when he is entirely concern with his ain demands and wants. He sees the first piece of grounds of this self-centeredness when Michael and his married woman talk about the school and the married womans of the other instructors. So they work together to making the beauty school which was before a fusty and untidy school. It is besides explain that we see the 2nd piece when Michael and one of his instructors are speaking about the park.


Nancy is the married woman from Michael Obi. She becomes wholly infected by Obi ‘s passion for modern methods and his belittling of these old and overage people in the instruction held who would be better employed as bargainers in Onitsha. So Nancy is easy to convert. Michael infected her in their two old ages of married life. She sees herself now as the admired married woman of the immature schoolmaster, the queen of school. She wants to put new criterions because of that the other married woman ‘s of instructors envy her. Sing that Nancy feels himself better than others married woman ‘s or individuals.

The Priest

The priest of the small town is called Ani. He is an old adult male and walk with a little direction slood. In the narrative he has the direction to inform Mr. Obi and Nancy about the old way. This way is blocked for the native people and the shades of the ascendants. In our sentiment he has an ellect severely laugh and he is arrogante.

“ ‘I have no more words to state ‘ , said the old priest already outside. ”

( book p.113 / l.39 )

The function from Michael Obi

Michael Obi was really avid, in order to reform and construction the school. He invested a batch of clip and Energy in the school. Through the ardor, he do non demo sing for the foreign civilizations, the yesteryear and the ascendants who has used the way. So he seals the evil fate for his school.

7. Remark on the short narrative ‘s themeaˆ¦

Christian R.

My thesis to the subject “ Colonialism ” is that is non right to make something like this. The colonial powers exploit the mineral resources from the colonial states. In the colonial states the indigens ‘ civilization and the indigens were oppressed. The indigens had to talk the linguistic communication of the colonial powers. That is non right, everybody has the right to populate their civilization and talk their linguistic communication in their ain state. In the narrative the white people ignore the civilization from the indigens, refer to destruct the school. The commercialism is authorized in order to demo the white people or the colonial powers what can happened when person oppressed the civilization from the indigens ‘ people.

All in all I ‘ am against the Colonialism epoch and hope that something like this ne’er come back.

The writer of the narrative “ dead work forces ‘s way ” used many suited adjectives, so you can conceive of the scene, the characters and the ambiance from epoch of colonialism good in your head. Although the narrative is short, however the writer brings the message to reader how the colonial epoch was and how the indigens feel about it. So in my sentiment the writer has written a good narrative.

Christian K.

In my sentiment the short narrative aˆzDead work forces ‘s way ” described the confederation between the indigens and the colonial powers, really good. The short narrative gives us much information about the civilization of the indigens in Africa, which is non accepted by the white men. “ ‘I am regretful, ‘ said the immature schoolmaster. ‘But the school compound can non be a thoroughfare. It is against our regulationsaˆ¦ . ‘ ” ( book p. 112-113 / l. 34-38 )

This is an of import portion, because it tells us the bad state of affairs and the suppression of the indigens. You can see that the indigens learned a batch of things from the white work forces, for illustration the linguistic communication. However the white work forces were non interested in the wonts of the indigens.

So I think that the colonialism and the suppression of the indigens was a dark side in the history of the worlds.

I hope that this dark clip ne’er comes back.

So I come to the decision because of the adjectives in the narrative, which could give me a large position in the of import state of affairs.

Literature cogent evidence

We have merely used the book and our caputs! We know a batch of things about the Colonial epoch from the history lessons.

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