A Brief History Of Call Education Essay

Computers have been used for linguistic communication instruction of all time since 1960s.This period can be divided into three phases: behaviourist CALL, communicative CALL and integrative CALL. Each phase related to certain pedagogical theory. The grounds for utilizing CALL included: A ) Experimental larning B ) motive C ) Enhanced student accomplishment D ) Authentic stuffs for survey E ) Greater direction F ) Individualization G ) Independence from a individual beginning of information H ) Global understanding.The barriers That instructors have in utilizing CALL are: A ) Financial barriers B ) Availability of computing machine hardware & A ; package C ) Technical and theoretical cognition and D ) Acceptance of engineering

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In recent old ages, the usage of technological AIDSs, particularly those related to the computing machines has progressively become a common characteristic of the schoolroom.There is no uncertainty that computer-based direction will busy a more cardinal function in the 2nd linguistic communication schoolroom in the hereafter. However, as we thirstily explore the potency that this new engineering has to offer to linguistic communication acquisition, we should non lose sight of fact that it is the instructor, non the engineering, who determines the quality of the acquisition that takes topographic point in the schoolroom ( Richards & A ; Rogers, 2002, p.361 ) . Although the capacity of the Internet for educational usage has non been to the full discovered and the mean schools provide limited usage of computing machines. It is obvious that we have a new information age in which the nexus between engineering and TEFL have already been established ( Lee, 2000, p.1 ) .

Warschauer & A ; Whittaker ( as cited in Richards & A ; Rogers,2002, p. 368 ) stated that instructors have been utilizing on-line communicating in the linguistic communication schoolroom since 1980s. From an probe of the experiences of tonss of instructors around the universe who have used the Internet in linguistic communication instruction, a few common guidelines emerge that can help instructors in successfully be aftering and implementing network-based learning undertakings. Presents, the Internet is deriving more popularity in foreign linguistic communication instruction and more pedagogues and scholars are encompassing it.The consequences can assist scholars to understand better the function of CALL and to expect the barriers of CALL plan they may confront.

A definition of CALL

Davis ( 2002 ) stated that “ Computer Assisted Language Learning ( CALL ) is frequently perceived slightly narrowly, as an attack to linguistic communication instruction and acquisition is used as an assistance to the presentation, support and appraisal of stuff to be learned, normally including a significant synergistic component. Davis ( as cited Levy,1997 ) defines CALL more compactly and more loosely as “ the hunt for and survey of definition is in line with the position held by the bulk of modern CALL practicians ” .

A brief history of CALL

CALL ‘s beginnings can be traced back to the sixtiess. Up until the late 1970s CALL undertakings were defined chiefly to universities.In the early 1970s, the reaching of the personal computing machine ( personal computer ) brought calculating within the scope of a wider audience, ensuing in a roar in the development of CALL plans and a bustle of publications. Early CALL favored an attack that drew to a great extent on patterns associated with programmed direction ( Davis, 2012 ) . Harmonizing to Warschauer & A ; Healey ( 1998 ) the history of CALL can be divided into three chief phases: “ Behaviorist CALL, Communicative CALL and Integrative CALL ” . Each phase corresponds to a certain degree of engineering and pedagogical theories ( Lee, 2000 ) .

Behaviorist CALL

In the 1960 ‘s and 1970 ‘s the first signifier of Computer- Assisted Language Learning featured insistent linguistic communication drills, the so called drill-and-practice method. It was based on the behaviourist larning theoretical account and as such the computing machine was viewed as little more than a mechanical coach that ne’er grew tired ( Lee, 2000 ) . Drill and pattern courseware is based on the theoretical account of computing machine as coach ( Warschauer, 1996 ) . In other words the computing machine serves as a vehicle for presenting instructional stuffs to the pupils. The principle behind drill and pattern was non wholly specious, which explains in portion the fact that CALL drills are still used today. Briefly put that principle is as follows:

A computing machine is ideal for transporting out repeated drills, since the machine does non acquire bored with showing the same stuff and since it can supply immediate non-judgmental feedback.

A computing machine can show such stuff on an individualize footing, leting pupils to continue at their ain gait and liberating up category clip for other activities.

Based on these impressions Behaviorist CALL was first designed and implemented in the epoch of the mainframe and the best -known tutorial system, PLATO, ran on its ain particular hardware including cardinal computing machines and terminuss. The PLATO system included vocabulary drills, brief grammar accounts and drills, and interlingual renditions trials at assorted intervals ( Warschauer, 1995 )

Communicative CALL

The 2nd stage of CALL was based on communicative attack to learning which became outstanding in the 1970s and 80s. advocates of communicative CALL rejected behaviourist attacks at both the theoretical and pedagogical degree.One of the chief advocators of this attack was John Underwood, who in 1984 proposed a series of “ premises for communicative CALL ” ( Warschauer,1996 ) .According to Underwood, communicative Call:

Focuss more on utilizing signifiers instead than on the signifiers themselves.

Teachers grammar implicitly instead than explicitly.

Allows and encourages pupils to bring forth original vocalizations instead than merely pull strings prefabricated linguistic communication.

Does non judge and measure everything the pupils nor honor them with congratulatory messages, visible radiations or bells.

Avoids stating pupils they are incorrect and is flexible to a assortment of pupil responses.

Uses the mark linguistic communication entirely and creates an environment in which utilizing the mark linguistic communication feels natural, both on and off the screen.

Will ne’er seek to make anything that a book can make merely every bit good ( Warschauer,1996 ) .

Stevens stated that “ All CALL courseware and activities should construct on intrinsic motive and should further interactivity – both learner- computing machine and learner- scholar ” ( Warschauer,1996 ) .

Harmonizing to Healey, Johnson ( 1995 ) several types of CALL plans were developed and used during this the stage of Communicative CALL. First, there were a assortment of plans to supply accomplishment pattern, but in a non-drill format. Examples of these types of plans include courseware for paced reading, text Reconstruction and linguistic communication games.This type of CALL represents an extension of the computing machine as coach theoretical account ( Warschauer,1996 )

Taylor suggests that good Tutor package can orient its public presentation to provide for a broad scope of different scholar demands. He identifies a figure of issues about utilizing computing machines as Coachs alternatively of utilizing human Tutors. The two he focuses on are:

The length of clip it takes to plan a good computing machine coach, due to the sum of item that you need to include, peculiarly about the ways in which to react to different pupil reactions. You would non necessitate to stipulate this degree of item to a human coach because they would improvize as they went.

There is a greater demand for individualisation when utilizing the computing machine as a Tutor than when a homo is learning. Worlds tend to learn a whole group whereas a computing machine coach tends to work with one person at a clip and therefore has to orient its tutoring to each person.

Taylor identifies some reviews of utilizing computing machines in the Tutor manner, but argues that no-one would reason that the Tutor manner did non hold a important function to play in instruction. ( Intertwining, 2002 )

Harmonizing to Healy and Johnson ( 1995 ) , the intent of the CALL activity is non so much to hold pupils detect the right reply, but instead to excite pupil ‘s treatment, composing or critical thought.Software used for these intents includes a broad assortment of plans which may non hold been specifically designed for linguistic communication scholars plans ( Warschauer,1996 )

Briefly & A ; Kemble ( 1991 ) , Taylor ( 1980 ) cited that the 3rd theoretical account as the computing machine as tool and Taylor & A ; Perez ( 1989 ) every bit computing machine as workhorse. In this function, the plans do non needfully supply any linguistic communication stuff at all, but instead empower the scholar to utilize or understand linguistic communication. Examples of this theoretical account include word processors, spelling and grammar draughtss ( Warschauer,1996 )

Integrative Call

Warschauer ( 1996 ) stated that the following CALL is based on two of import technological developments of the last decennary – multimedia computing machines and Internet. Multimedia engineering – exemplified today by the CD-ROM allows a assortment of media ( text, artworks, sound, life and picture ) to be accessed on a individual machine. It seeks both to incorporate the assorted accomplishments of linguistic communication acquisition ( listening, speech production, composing and reading ) and to incorporate engineering more to the full into linguistic communication instruction ( warschauer & A ; Healey, 1998 ) . What makes multimedia even more powerful is that it besides entails interactive multimedia. It provides a figure of advantages for linguistic communication acquisition. First of wholly, a more reliable acquisition environment is created since hearing is combined with visual perception, merely like in the existent universe.

Second, accomplishments are easy integrated, since the assortment of media make it natural to unite reading, composing, speech production and hearing in a individual activity.

Third, pupils have great control over their acquisition, since they can non merely travel at their ain gait but even on their ain single way, traveling frontward and backwards to different parts of the plan, honing in on peculiar facets and jumping other facets wholly.

Finally, a major advantage of interactive multimedia is that it facilitates a principle focal point on the content, without giving a secondary focal point on linguistic communication signifier or acquisition schemes.

To this terminal the multimedia- networked computing machine provides a scope of informational, communicative and publication tools that are potentially available to every pupil. ( Warschauer, 1996 )

Why usage Call?

Lee ( 2000 ) stated that ” Research and pattern suggest that suitably implemented, network-based engineering can lend significantly to ” :

Experiential acquisition

Harmonizing to Lee ( 2000 ) the Internet provides pupils to derive a immense sum of human experience. Students have the opportunity to larn things by making themselves. They get the ability of making cognition, non merely the having it. Because the information is presented in many ways, users may take whatever they want to research ( Arif Bulut, 2005 ) .


Computers are most popular among pupils either because they are associated with merriment and games or because they are considered to be stylish. Students ‘ motive is increased particularly whenever a assortment of activities are offered, which make them experience more independent. ( Lee,2000 )

Enhanced pupil accomplishment

Arif Bulu ( 2005 ) stated that “ Computer – based direction may be helpful for pupils to beef up their lingual accomplishments by impacting their learning attitude positively and by doing them construct self – direction schemes and increase their self – assurance ” ( Lee, 2000, Skinner & A ; Austin,1998 ) .

Authentic stuffs for survey

“ Computers and the Internet spring pupils the opportunity of utilizing reliable reading stuffs at school or at place ” ( Arif Bulut, 2005 ) . Lee ( 2000 ) stated that “ those stuffs can accessed 24 hours a twenty-four hours and have a really low cost ” .

Greater interaction

Arif Bulut ( 2005 ) says that “ random entree to Web pages break the additive flow of direction ” ( Lee,2000 ) . EFL pupils can chew the fat with people they have ne’er met by directing E-mail and fall ining chat-rooms. Furthermore activities presented on Internet gives the pupils positive and negative feedback by automatically rectifying their rectifying their online exercisings ( Lee,2000 ) .


Bulut ( 2005 ) cited that ” Diffident pupils can profit from individualised and pupil -centered collaborative acquisition. It can besides be realized pupil ‘s full potency without forestalling their equals from working at their ain gait ” ( Hanson,1995 ) .

Independence from a individual beginning of Information

Harmonizing to Lee ( 2000 ) although pupils can still utilize their books but tonss of them do non hold any other beginning of information to utilize. On Internet they can detect 1000s of Information beginnings and acquire different points of position about the topics they study.So Internet provides them to larn in a multicultural universe ( Bulut, 2005 ) .

Global apprehension

Bulut ( 2005 ) cited that ” all foreign linguistic communications should be studied in their ain cultural contexts ” . In a universe where the usage of Internet becomes more and more widespread, an English instructor should ease the pupil ‘s entree to the Web and do them experience as citizens of a planetary schoolroom ( Lee, 2000 )

What can we make with CALL?

There is a broad scope of online applications on the Internet which include lexicons, encyclopaedias, links for instructors, chat-rooms, pronunciation coachs, grammar and vocabulary quizzes, games and mystifiers. The Web is like a practical library that can be accessed by any users around the universe. ( Lee, 2000, p.3 )

Bulut ( as cited in Lee,2000 ) stated that something that most of the pupils would bask is to pass on with electronic pen friends. Teachers should assist their pupils in this procedure. Even two EFL categories from different states can set up to direct E-mail on a regular basis to one another.This can be done rather easy thanks to the Web sites supplying lists of pupils looking for communicating.It is besides possible for two or more pupils to fall in a chat-room and speak online through E-mail.

Harmonizing to Lee ( 2000 ) the utilizations of computing machines for linguistic communication acquisition have been reshaped by the Internet Students have to larn how to cover with big sum of information. Lee ( as cited in Dole, et al. , 1991 ) stated that “ at the same clip, the function of the instructor has changed every bit good. Teachers are non the lone beginning of information any more, but act as facilitators so that pupils can actively construe and form the information they are given, suiting it into anterior cognition ” .

Harmonizing to Lee ( as cited in Brown,1991 ) Students have become active participants in acquisition and are encouraged to be adventurers and Godheads of linguistic communication instead than inactive receivers of it.

Lee ( 2000 ) stated that “ Integrative CALL stresses these issues and to boot lots scholars of a linguistic communication communicate cheaply with other scholars or native talkers ” .

Teachers ‘ barriers to the usage of computer- assisted linguistic communication larning

Harmonizing to Lee ( 2000 ) “ the barriers suppressing the pattern of computer-assisted linguistic communication acquisition can be classified in the undermentioned common classs ” :

Fiscal barriers

Handiness of computing machine hardware and package

Technical and theoretical cognition

Credence of engineering

Fiscal Barriers

Lee stated that “ fiscal barriers are mentioned most often in the literature by linguistic communication instruction practicians. They include the cost of hardware, package, care ( peculiar of the most advanced equipment ) , and widen to some staff development “ . He ( as cited in Froke,1994 ) said “ Refering the money, the challenge was alone because of the nature of the engineering ” .

Exiting universals policies and processs for budgeting and accounting were good advanced for schoolroom direction. Though the initial investing in hardware is high, suppressing establishments ‘ debut of progress engineerings ; but recommends that the cost of computing machines will be so low that they will be available in most schools and places in future. ( Lee,2000 )

Lee ( as cited in Lewis et al.,1994 ) stated that Computer assisted linguistic communication acquisition costs the same as conventional direction but ends up with bring forthing higher accomplishment in the same sum of instructional clip, it consequences in pupils accomplishing the same degree but in less clip. They indicate that in illustrations where costs of utilizing engineerings in instruction are calculated, they are normally understand because the value of factors such as module clip and cost of equipment use is ignored.

Lee ( as cited in Herschbach, 1994 ) argued steadfastly that new engineerings are add-on disbursals and will non in many instances lower the cost of supplying educational services. He stated that the new engineerings likely will non replace the instructors, but will supplement their attempts as has been the form with other engineerings.

The engineerings will non diminish educational costs or increase teacher productiveness as presently used. The figure of scholars or the sum of clip that scholars apply the engineering must be increased well to near the construct of cost-effectiveness. There are other more speedy and less expensive ways of cut downing costs no affair how cheap the engineering being used.

Handiness of computing machine Hardware and Software

Lee ( as cited in Herschbach,1994 ; Miller, 1997, Noreburg & A ; Lundblad,1997 ) said that ” the most important facets of computing machine are hardware and package.

Availability of high quality package is the most urgent challenge in using the new engineerings in instruction ( Underliing this job is a deficiency of what elements in package will advance different sorts of larning ” . He ( cited as McClelland,1996 ) stated that there are few pedagogues skilled in planing it because package development is dearly-won and time-consuming.

Having sufficient hardware in locations where scholars have entree to it debatable and is, of class, partially a fiscal job. Computer hardware and package compatibility goes on to be a important job. Choosing hardware is hard because of the many picks of systems to be used in presenting instruction, the bringing of equipment, and the rapid alterations in engineering.

Technical and Theoretical Knowledge

Lee ( as cited in C.Dede1995 ) stated that a proficient and theoretical cognition is another barrier to the usage of KALL.

Not merely is at that place a deficit of cognition about developing package to advance acquisition, as shown above, but many teachers do non understand how to utilize the new engineerings. Furthermore, small is known about incorporating these new agencies of larning into an overall program indicated that the more powerful engineerings, such as unreal intelligence in computing machines, might advance acquisition of higher – order cognitive accomplishments that are hard to entree with evaluate processs and therefore the ensuing pedagogical additions may be under-valued ( .

Credence of engineering

Lee ( as cited in Gelatt,1995 ) stated that “ we live in a clip alteration, alterations itself has changed ” . Lee ( as cited in Lee Murphy & A ; Terry,1998a ) indicated ” the current of alteration move so rapidly that they destroy what was considered the norm in the yesteryear, and by making so, create new chances ” . Lee ( as cited in Zuber-Skerritt,1994 ) stated that ” incorrect constructs about the usage of engineering bound invention and endanger instructor ‘s occupation and security ” .


Presents, the function of computing machines in linguistic communication instruction has increased. Technological and pedagogical betterments allow us to utilize computing machine engineering in the schoolroom and linguistic communication acquisition procedure. Although computing machines will ne’er replace instructors but they can assist instructors for better linguistic communication instruction. English instructors may hold barriers in utilizing CALL ( as mentioned above )

Prosecuting in computing machine -assisted linguistic communication acquisition is a go oning challenge. Many instructors does non hold adequate theoretical and practical cognition about computing machines.They prefer to learn in traditional method because they need to pass much clip to larn many new things about computing machines. Another barrier is that they wo n’t be able to happen hardware and package for CALL. If they find them it is likely difficult and really expensive to afford. The coevals of motive and encouragement of pupils are the following barrier for English instructors in the usage of CALL. It may be really difficult for instructors to aware the pupils that computing machine is non merely a agency of playing games or chew the fating with their friends but it can be used for linguistic communication acquisition every bit good.

Consequently, it is seen that instructors confront with a batch of barriers to the usage of CALL in categories.


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