A Biography On The Poet Robert Frost English Literature Essay

Frost is a noteworthy American poet and/ or writer evidenced chiefly by the matter-of-fact portraiture of the American rural-life. His literary work is distinguished by the impressive domination of American conversational linguistic communication every bit good as address which he clearly demonstrates. Borrowing from rural life scenes in England, His poesy greatly scrutinizes the societal every bit good as idealistic subjects widespread in our society. Robert T is a force to reckon-with in the literary field as he was popularly quoted by several people from creative persons to assorted outstanding personalities. This poet was honored and privileged throughout his life. For case, Frost scooped four Pulitzer awards under his name. In an Anthology of American Poetry where Robert Frost ‘s poesy is greatly critiqued, it is revealed that endangering undertones are exhibited which were pessimistic behind the capturing rural frontage presented by the author ( Parini 432 ) . More frequently than non these undertones are either non recognized or even under-analyzed.

This papers examines Robert Frost ‘s historical and biographical properties which chiefly shaped his calling as a poet and dramatist. Analysis of the verse form, “ Road Not Taken ” will be done.

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Biography of Robert Frost

Robert Frost was born in the twelvemonth 1874 and died in the twelvemonth 1963 aged 88 old ages. His male parent William Prescott Frost was a journalist who chiefly influenced his composing calling. Frost was brought up in the metropolis but subsequently was aligned to rural life where he greatly attributes his poesy. After go toing Dartmouth College, Frost was involved in such occupations as instruction, newspapers bringing and visible radiation bulb fibril modifier in a local mill. Frost admitted that he was ne’er satisfied while set abouting these occupations as he felt his satisfaction lied in being a poet. Robert Frosts foremost verse form was titled “ My Butterfly: An Elegy and was published in the local daily ( Thompson 65 ) . Robert Frost enrolled in Harvard University for broad humanistic disciplines surveies but subsequently on quit due to household duties. This is when he every bit involved in farming at Derry, New Hampshire. He wrote and produced several celebrated verse forms like “ Tree at window ” every bit good as “ Repairing Wall ” during this period.

In the twelvemonth 1912, Robert Frost quit agriculture and resettled in Great Britain. He published his first poesy book titled, boy ‘s will in the twelvemonth 1913 owing to the of import familiarities he has established while in England. Edward Thomas, Ezra Pound every bit good as T.E Hulme had important influence in Robert Frost ‘s poesy calling ( Thomson and Winnick 25 ) . For case, Pound was the first American to compose a positive reappraisal of Roberts ‘s poesy. Immediately after the oncoming of World War 1, Robert went back to America where he bought a farm and established his calling in authorship and lecture. During his learning stretch at Amherst College in Massachusetts, Frost encouraged his pupils to set in composing the human voice sounds. Robert Frosts place is today maintained as a museum and poesy site referred as “ Frost Place ” .

Robert Frost was so an academician who received over 40 honorary grades from different establishments like Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, Dartmouth College every bit good as Harvard University. An original aggregation of Frost paperss consisting of manuscript verse forms, exposure, correspondence, ocular every bit good as audio recordings can be found in Jones Library at Massachusetts at the Particular Collections Department. Robert Frost performed the verse form “ Gift Outright ” during the startup of US president John Kennedy in the twelvemonth 1961. He was so the greatest poets of his coevals.

Motifs and Symbols used in Robert Frost ‘s poesy

Frost was a popular poet who was extremely celebrated by many people due to the odd excellence in the American poesy annals. In order to accomplish this iconic excellence which made him derive acknowledgment and the position of a life fable, Frost used several motives and symbols in his poesy. For case, Youth issues appear conspicuously in his verse form. Boy ‘s will obviously explores the concerns and development of a lone young person as he looks to reply the inquiries environing his vernal life ( Thomson and Winnick 326 ) . As Frosts poetic linguistic communication became continually jaded and didactic, his verse form reveals youth as a clip marred with unbridled freedom which is finally lost as a individual develops.

Loss of artlessness is another motive which Robert Frost greatly delved in particularly after World war since he witnessed the physical and psychological wounding of the people. “ Birches ” and “ Desert topographic points ” attest to this. Discovery of ego particularly through nature is another subject which Frost has extensively delved in. Presentation of natural phenomena or capable interacting with a human talker is a common happening in his poesy. Through such interactions with nature as manual labour and typical geographic expedition, Frost gives the readers of his poesy a opportunity to accomplish ego cognition and personal growing. In the verse form “ Apple Picking ” , the undertaking of reaping fruit is linked to the apprehension of decease. Sound of sense which mostly emphasizes on poetic enunciation is positive and proactive therefore his poesy can be used in mundane address. Meter and initial rhyme characteristic conspicuously in Robert Frost ‘s poesy. Trees, birds, birdcalls every bit good as lone travellers are amongst the widely replicated symbols in his poesy ( Thompson 234 ) .

Frost has widely used New England as his puting throughout his work. The landscape, civilization, attitudes every bit good as history have greatly dominated his poesy. The natural elements found in the verse forms are derived from the local colour, groves every bit good as the little towns found in New England. Speakers undertake such activities as rolling through the dense forests and snow storms, picking apples every bit good as mounting mountains. Thus the poet got inspiration from the day-to-day activities he undertook.

Analysis of the verse form: ” route non taken ”

Robert Frost ‘s verse form “ route non Taken ” is credited as the most analyzed, anthologized and quoted verse form in the history of American poesy. This verse form was published in the twelvemonth 1916 and is published in the Mountain Interval aggregation ( Frost 56 ) . The poem exudes two different signifiers of readings: the actual and implied. The actual reading promotes individuality every bit good as non-conformity. The content of the verse form reveals a formal every bit good as moralistic content. The last three lines of the verse form are most celebrated of the verse form and organize the message of the verse form. Frost himself referred to the verse form as amongst the slippery verse form he has of all time written. This rascality is attributed to the clip frame of the verse form every bit good as the different readings of the words “ sigh ” and “ difference ” . The rubric itself presents an mystery that if the verse form is so about the route non taken, does the author eventually take it or does the route refer to the one which most people take and the poet does non take? Another fast one which lies in the message is the fact that it does non rather matter the route taken since even when a individual looks down to the crook, the existent route to be followed can non be rather chosen.

Robert claimed that this verse form was written as a consequence of influence Edward Thomas with whom he had walked on several occasions with at the forests ( Parini 432 ) . While walking, the two would come across two waies and after taking to follow one, Thomas would be left contemplating on what they had missed after give uping the other way. While many people have continually used the verse form as inspiration to follow such values as ego trust, a closer reading and implied reading proves a different scenario. Frosts purpose was to go through across the message that in all life ‘s undertakings pick is inevitable and the true significance of a individual ‘s pick is seen when you have to the full lived it. Robert Frost ‘s pick of the rubric is first-class as it refers to either the route. The character chose to take the less traveled route therefore his pick was that non ken by bulk of the travellers. Thereby, since he chose the less traveled route, the other route becomes the one non taken.


Robert Frost is greatly concerned with the signifier of the verse form owing to the high degree of regularity exhibited in this verse form. Majority of Frosts verse forms are written in formal manner as he is attributed to the stating that composing free poetry poesy is tantamount to playing tennis holding non set up a net. The verse form has four stanzas each comprising of five lines. All the lines have been capitalized and they flush left. The length of the lines is about the same with a regular rime strategy of ABAAB. Four iambic beats in each line have been exhibited and interesting use of anapaests. A masculine rime is apparent in the verse form due to the last word of the verse form, “ difference ” and “ hence ” which complete the rime strategy.

Contented Analysis

The first stanza brings into the spotlight the state of affairs nowadays. The character of the verse form has been out in the forests walking when he comes across two roads. He spends a considerable sum of clip looking far down the roads to the farthest points which he can make to. He is temped to seek both roads an activity which is so impossible to set about. In the 2nd stanza, the character decided to take the route which was less traveled. Since he had looked at the route which was “ set in the resistance ” , his determination was to take the other way which had less people and traffic. Nevertheless, the poet continues to state that both roads were likewise worn though the 2nd one which he took seemed to be less traveled. He says they were non the same precisely but “ about the same ” ( Lathem and Frost 235 ) .

The 3rd stanza is a continuance of the description of the roads. Possible differences bing in the roads are given. For case the poet noticed that there were newly fallen foliages on the two roads and the foliages had non been trudged on. The character claims that he would travel back and walk on the first route. Doubts exist sing whether it will be possible to travel back and walk on the first route since in life unexpected happenings are continually taking topographic point. One thing is invariably taking to another and the clip span is so short to maintain altering the roads. The Forth stanza is so the key to the rascality evident in the verse form. The character says that he shall be stating it with a suspiration that when the roads diverged he take to follow the less traveled route and this made all the difference. Peoples who interpret the verse form to mention to non conformance see a positive facet in the difference. Nothing in the verse form signals a positive difference experienced by the poet since he has non yet experienced the difference. The non discerning reading takes the suspiration to intend a nostalgic alleviation which is non true. The sort of suspiration experienced by the character is non clearly demonstrated by the author. In instance the author was suspiring with alleviation so he was no uncertainty happy that he took the route which he took. If the suspiration is of sorrow so the character is no uncertainty unhappy about the result of the path which he took. It can be concluded that the talker is non cognizant of the sort of suspiration he has given. The rating of the suspiration every bit good as the sort of difference which his pick of the route will be revealed will be made apparent in the hereafter. Thus it is true to reason that the of import lesson of the verse form is that the picks we choose to do will be made apparent in the difference demonstrated on how our hereafter turns out. The clip frame in which the verse form is written makes all the difference in doing the significance of the verse form evident. The character has to populate his pick of the route in order to find the difference to be exhibited.


In a turn of dry representation, several subjects are exhibited in the verse form. In line 19, individuality is revealed as the character chose made a personal pick on the sort of route he chose to go in. He carefully decided on the route to take by taking equal clip to do his determination. In line 3-through-4, the character spent a batch of clip in make up one’s minding the route to take. The character besides committed in following his pick of route and does non hold 2nd ideas sing it. His committedness is demonstrated in the pick of the less traveled route which may be non a favourite to a bulk of the people due to the tests and hazards presented.

Poem Interpretation

Actual reading

The most common reading is based on the verse form as an inspirational with critical lessons in issues of individuality every bit good as non-conformism. The rubric of the verse form by and large refers to the route which the character failed to take. The character ‘s pick to go on the less traveled route is a clear presentation of the importance of exudating personal freedom every bit good as independency when doing determinations. The poet wanted to exemplify that one time an single chooses to follow a peculiar path, no sum of coercion make him turn back. Though waies can be changed at some point of 1s life, the past experiences can non be changed neither can they be erased. The poet seems to show the demand to do the right picks at all times and careful consideration of the picks to do demand be undertaken. What the other way in shop is unknown and an person may repent non of all time cognizing what the route he chose non to follow holds ( Lathem and Frost 235 ) . The exercising of personal freedom makes is worthwhile to hold taken the sort of pick return.

Dry reading

Most critics hold that Robert Frosts “ the route less traveled ” is an dry presentation of a individuals sorrow and single myth doing particularly when apologizing the sort of determinations made by a individual. The concluding two lines of the verse form are dry as the pick made by the character did non do any significant difference. Since both waies are about the same covered with foliage and being every bit worn, the future resettlement will, delight the less traveled route. The “ sigh ” is dry as Robert Frost said that the suspiration is a private joke to the people who would believe he would populate to repent the manner Frost had conducted his life. The talker of the verse form anticipates future falseness through showing that the hereafter might bewray the determination which he took. Anticipation of compunction is apparent in the verse form since it will be impossible to revoke what will be lost in the other way. Indeed, there is no right way.


Robert Frost is a widely read poet owing to the alone attack used in his verse form integrating the linguistic communication he uses, his wide wit every bit good as frequent desperation. As the verse form “ the route non taken clearly demonstrates, his work was alone with many turns and bends which enabled him to stand entirely due to the independent strength and independency environing them. Frosts poems greatly stress on good signifier and usage of varied linguistic communication. Frosts poesy is non merely memorable and personally identifiable ; it is besides idiosyncratic and entreaties to all coevalss.


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