2014 screw press equipment that moment where are you

2014 screw press equipment that moment where are you?
Hey there! Where are you, are doing, and how is the mood? Perhaps no one cares about your own “at this moment.” However, we care.
? Screw press we brought on by something seemingly simple, in fact, is that. When we bought it used to eat the oil in the market, good easy ah! I do not know what we bought vulgar oil meets the health and safety of eating it? We are not sure of the answer.
We FIRST spiral press it to meet everyone’s needs, better achieve everyone’s satisfaction. For the press is the process for vegetable oil extraction from plants, that is, we usually say press law. For press press law is our old press law it! The reason why this method have been for so long, it is because of this approach is that it squeezed out of oil, is natural. Over time we change, screw press is constantly updated. We Hengtong have been in continuous efforts, our automatic press constantly updated, when I press the company after years of continuous improvement, customer satisfaction reached it. Old press law, require the operator to pay a heavy physical labor. The squeeze had greaves (cake), the residual oil content is very high, thus wasting extremely valuable oil resources. The press law is modern industrialized automated operation, but residual oil content in diesel problem is not resolved, its productivity is relatively high, the oil rate is relatively high and high nutritional value, the squeezing of oil no the presence of any impurities.
Screw press of the press law is an ancient manual to motorized style now, give us a lot of benefits, I FIRST want to do our best to make more friends to visit our factory. FIRST Zhengzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. welcome your calls. More Consulting welcome to visitwebsite: http://www.oilpressline.com
http://www.xfmill.com/ http://www.oilpressworld.com/http://www.soybeanpress.com/http://www.peanutoilmill.com/

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